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[올댓퍼포먼스//요청!!]현직 안무가가 본 월드클래스!! BTS-블랙스완연습영상 리액션&리뷰!!// 마! 이게 리뷰다!!

This video of the practice was good definitely really moving or something like this, like control or action. I love these parts.
That’s place are bright. so good! I got goosebumps. I’m a dancer. Each and every one of them dances so nice. No matter what layer you dance, I think you’re gonna be really good at it. Some members are not majors to dancing, but those are so good. This means they’ve practiced a lot./ Yeah There’s something I explained earlier. right? I tell you that It’s like a music video.
I’ll show you these part. At the beginning of this. As I explained in the previous video, at the beginning and the end. There’s this part that goes the same way and then comes back to the same line. after this part Okay, here’s the part. Ah! Let me explain this first.
Now, there was this guy who asked me about this. Let me tell you something about this. Jungkook is the main part of the show. The center is doing solo. Other members are filling the area.
It’s like this. This part is intro, So When they stand up and dance like Jungkook, it feels a little out of tune with this music. I can feel like I’m running from the beginning. So, these are the things that other people do from the bottom up in the background like this. When Jungkook solos at the center, he feels like a music video at the beginning. It’s like this. There’s something that makes you feel like you’re gonna find something.
Yes, it is. If you look at it like this, You can save the political parties more and more, and then come back together. I think it’s because I can save more of these main parts. Well, choreograhers have some devices like this. A lot of choreographers can use… I can see that he’ve been thinking about choreography a lot. Now, if you think about what I’ve explained, you’ll feel more about this. Now, there’s something that I’ve explained earlier. I saw the dance practice video, and I saw that the choreography was like a music video. These are the parts. Can you see here? Here, do you see the hand grips? Ah~/ Here are the parts that you hold in your hands. Back here.
I can’t see it well from Jungkook, but there are some parts that hold hands like this. But this is a really good detail.
This music beat. It’s. He’s holding hands Especially! Two really good dancers, Jimin and J-Hope, are really good at this. You can see it’s really fine.
to the fingertips to the fingertips/ it’s important. /He was really good at expressing it’s been expressed. He’ll go like this.
I just feel like I’m falling out of the background and I’m getting out of here. So, the copper wire doesn’t just move. It’s not just a music video. I could see how well you made it after watching the movie go like a movie effect. It’s like this. It’s like watching a musical. they did the same thing here. Oh, oh, how is it going? It connects directly from the entry. And then there are the same parts in the second verse. Here at J-Hope’s part thi’s part a composition.
I feel like I’m doing a little production. This is what makes him stand out.. by doing that
This part is more like a music video. It feels like one organism is moving.
Like the effect of any one music video. You know, I’ve seen you express it so much more. In fact, even if you decorate them one by one, the center must dance more better.
You’re supposed to be good at making gestures or something. That’s right. IHe is very good at it. HE really good at it.I may be good here, but if no one else can, this part can feel broken It’s getting really awkward. That’s right. It doesn’t mean anything. Each member expresses it well. That’s what it’s like to live again.
Now, even when you get out of here, make it feel good.yo And you can see, two of you get out of here first. Yeah.
/ Two of you get out of here first. It’s the same feeling that goes on, it gets out, it gets out.
And in the meantime, I’m going to connect you right now. by eye contact The connection is so natural. It’s like he knows the camera’s coming in like this. /That’s right. Here already have a camera. If you look here, he is acting like he have a camera in front of him I thought it was real. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Dancers study a lot by watching the performances and gestures that singers do. So I think there’s a lot that’s very helpful. Yeah, and now we’re gonna get to J-Hope. And then, after that, all the way in. I’m going to look at these parts through this video. more and more Oh, I could feel that it was made better like a music video. Yes. so that the moving and the switching parts can be used.
I could see he cared a lot. It’s fun, isn’t it??/ Yes! It is fun. Oh!!! Feng Feng-feng!
he is doing great here. right? Actually, I can’t see this part well previous one. Oh, Let’s see Jimin Wow, this is power!Wow, that’s awesome. Power Jungkook, the main character here, save the part Actually, I can’t see this part well previous one on James cordon Show / Yeah. But now that I’m here, I can see that they’re really good at expressing it. Yeah. But even in the midst of this, Jimin is really strong!Haha! This isn’t normal. Here. / Wow. James Corden show was so small that the movement of the Jimin was very short. Yes, it was. But since you can stand up right here, if you look at it like this, you can see it.
It’s got a pretty long circle. But this is what we’re… You’ll know when you practice. You’ll change it when you’ll change it.
It works. But this one! He knew it, and Jimin caught this It’s free-style up to this point, and he think it’s a little bit far, so he’s going to make a big move. But he wasn’t embarrassed. he was relaxed. he was really good at this. I think V’s style suits you very well. It’s beautiful. I thought about this. It’s not easy for a hairband to fit in, but… Oh, we can look like prisoners if we use it. And I’m surprised that they’re so good at looking at this.~/Yes But when I saw J-Hope’s eyes here, I felt that he was really good. If you look here, It’s just, it’s just a spill. Depending on whether you look at it or not, you might feel different now, but if you look here, Can you see how it’s going?
Here’s the line and the eyes. Right at the front of Maine. Even though I’m looking at her, I’m not awkward at all. I’ve seen her express herself naturally. Oh, he’s so good at sight processing and expression. I was a little surprised here.
They’re all professionals. They’re great dancer. Of course, other people are good at it, but he is really ahead here. The people in front of you have to be good at expressing themselves. /Yeah. /You’ve been great. So Jungkook is here more…
Yeah, we can save this place more. Usually, when dancers do choreographing, I’ve been listening to the sauce, the vocals, and all this, and I’ve been making dance moves.
If you look at this dance, There’s some kind of sauce or session for singing. Tr륵k Well, you know, bumps and stuff. You got it all right. That’s amazing. I can’t keep this feeling alive, but I can’t keep it right. It’s a tough job
Getting this right is a really good practice. Now, after I found out who the choreographer was, I saw some videos. The choreographer has diffrent feeling. When we make choreography, we have a some moving way Other… He usually show unique performances. He is really good at it. But when Blackswan was choreographed, You know,I think he made this to think hard
It was the same. It’s a bit different from the usual dance style, but it’s also similar. He is very good at it to save a lot of performances. I could see he was thinking about it. Are you okay? Yes, I do. It’s a bit of a distraction. ᄏ(Recording long hours in the early morning;) It’s dawn. Dawn Gamsung…😁😁 Now, the part that you asked me to do this skateboarding. This is the part. Like I said in the first video. Actually, That is foreign youtuber saw this part,
He just spoke intuitively after watching it. I can’t stop thinking about Skate haha Yeah, but if you look carefully, I feel like He is getting through this.If there’s an obstacle in front of you, you push it like this. It’s like a gesture to move on somehow. Usually, we use this a lot in choreography. It’s more and more dramatic here now. To save Jimin’s performance, as you can see It’s like he’s trying to get through and get something to the end. Some kind of goal. It feels like that, right? Yeah, well, the ARMYs know better
You know the things. Yeah, I did this for the performance. I think you can think about
And besides that, if you look here, Now, what I’ve learned from this is actually this part of the way. You know the skateboarding part Not this part Jimin, but this part wasn’t visible. The rest of the members are doing this. But if you look here, in the same way Look~ I felt like I was holding onto something, so I shared it here. Like this. Let’s guess where Jimin gets through this. as you can see Yeah yeah yeah they put it this way. So And now Jimin can save a lot more on the way to this. so that I can express myself they helped him out here. But that’s what this is. I can’t see this well at the James Corden show.
That’s right. So this is where we’re going. I didn’t know what you were doing. Through this video…
I could see, “Oh, I’ve saved you so much.” That’s right. I think it’s too descriptive now./
LOL I heard that you’re having a lot of fun watching this, so I’m working on it. I don’t know if you’re good. Haha, haha, hahaha A lot of people are watching this. I’ll be able to see my movements better than the previous video. We also feel that these dances are very important to support with serve. Right. I think you’re picking up that part. Actually, it’s just Maine. When we choreographed a dance and composed a song, we wanted to support the main character. How to do it, how to save it. I care a lot about that, so if you watch it with me, Thank you so much.
That’s what I’m saying. Thank you. All of a sudden? LOL What are you thankful for?LOL Oh, thank you guys. Oh, for letting us have this time?Yes! lol Thank you very much. Haha Then thank you together.😆😆😆😆😆
haha haha haha haha haha haha haha Thank you~ Did you guys see any good points? I’m a dancer, so In this clip, if I watch the dance, it’s really amazing. I like dancing so much
It’s like base expressions and snap representations. It’s supposed to be visible in every movement, and every single one of them is so good at dancing. There’s so much to learn. Maybe if you dance and sing like this, I’ll… I don’t think I can do.Haha
It’s really hard to sing while dancing like this. It’s just hard to dance.
It’s not easy, so I told you before. As the number of years increases, other idol groups become more skilled. That’s right. There are a lot of people who do it because they have to sing. they’re good at singing, but now I’m trying to perform like this to prepare for the perfect stage. they’ve been trying so hard. they practice a lot. That’s right. A lot of effort and sweat Blood, sweat, tears, and tears.
LOL Oh, so, like this.>? Ah. Wow, did you see V’s face? Oh, my face! I was surprised!! Wow~ This quick control!! Super SEXY~🤩 It’s really…
I told you everything with my face. I’m not actually putting my hands in here anymore. I saw it in the first video, and now, clearly on the James Corden show! V put his hand in it.
That’s the killing point. You didn’t save him here. And Jin is much better at dancing because he’s free in his clothes. Wow, the dancing ship! You can see this. What J-Hope’s really good at is what she’s doing right now. Other people will naturally lead. by gesture Yeah, right? He’s been so natural. I made a good dance. I It is so pretty. Here, here, here, is one of two parts that clearly show the main dance. in the first verse Jung Kook Hold it when you say “catch it!” Oh! That’s right. I was going to talk about that.
Hold on! Hold on! Yeah, I guess that’s what they did. Yeah, really, really. I mean, this is actually the other video of the choreographer. It’s a little different from the choreographer’s.
This performance was created by the choreographer. BTS Is More and More BTS, begrudge!
I’m going to modify myself a little bit more and make myself feel better. Didn’t you feel like this after practicing like this? I think that’s why I’m so good at bulletproofing. You choreographed it well, but you maximized it more intrepidly./ In fact, as with this dance, there are a lot of choreography that say it’s tough to see, but it’s a little bit different. I think it is really tough.
Of all the details of the choreography…? Are you saying it’s tough?LOL
That’s right, h 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Because it requires expression, so it’s harder. Just.
It’s not like dancing, it’s just a little bit of acting, it’s more like expressing things. It consumes a lot of energy.
More than just regular hip-hop. / Yeah. Works, breaths, yes. It’s a work. It Right. It’s a work, really.
This is the main album, which song will be released. I’m curious and excited.
This dance, this performance, I think it came out well in the dictionary.
So I am looking forward to it. A lot of other people are watching this on the 21st. At 6 o’clock, we’ll have our new album, the music video.
They asked me to do the broadcast right away.~ And I’m looking forward to it. I’ll try to do it I’m going to wrap this up. I reviewed the first video and then the practice video. I’m curious how it was. Any comments or Jane would be nice to hear from you. I’d appreciate it if you could write a lot of support and comments. How did you feel today? We’re doing this together. Uh, I’m personally… When I saw it, I wanted to be a little more professional. Actually, the last video was like that, and I didn’t want to talk. I’m gonna focus on this video. So I can’t remember what I’ve been doing since I’ve been doing this. But there’s a lot of stuff that’s been shown in the last video. Dancing and things like that are so… outstanding… cool… I think that’s about it.
But I’m happy to have this time.
It was time. /Oh, yes, good. Our popular girl, Hamchi. Uh, I think the video is better now than when I first reviewed it. I thought I saw more of the choreography.
But it was so cool that today, as a fan, Yes, as a fan. with a big bang of hearts, haha I heard you went in earlier.
Yes, it just went in like this. Well, he saw them and said he liked them. All right. We’re… Yes, it is so cool, and first, I should go practice. Oh~~~/Yes, practice is boiling up.😆🔥 My appetite for practice is boiling. Yeah, I think it’s so cool I think I have to work hard./Yes/I feel that way! So, to wrap up, the next video is one of the biggest shows in the United States. I’d like to introduce you to a performance at Super Bowl, but it’s not really a formality. Isn’t it time for BTS? I was thinking.
But this time, after seeing what other people have done, I think maybe the next Super Bowl will performed BTS I’m leaning a little bit and thinking.
Ami fans will be excited, right? Please look forward to our next video!! Today, I had to shoot this early in the morning, in such a hurry. Thank you both very much for lending me this studio. Maybe there’s a little bit of us talking too much. Yeah. In the first video, he said he was calm and happy.
Today was a little too much, wasn’t it a little too high? I think it could be fast, but yes, we are early in the morning. Actually, we’re not experts at filming. I’m sure all the viewers will understand.
I think they’ll cheer you on. Heart💕/
I will try to make progress in the future. 😆😍 Thank you. I’m glad I got this video.
You’ve been supporting me so much, so this is how I ended up filming. So thank you so much. Thank you.😊😊 Lastly, should we do this?/Yes! Now that we’ve guessed it, can we do it well?Yes! Of course. Okay, one, two, three Like/Subsc…?? LOLKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK You’re a little distracted, Gat… Again! You’ve come to your senses, haven’t you?LOL
Yes, I am sorry. It’s dawn now, again.
One, two, three Subscriptions and Like, notification settings~!!😆😆😆😍😍 Thank you. I like your letters, too.~~😍😍💕
Yes, please leave a lot of comments.😊😊 See you later~Bye~

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    다른 분들이 댓글창에서 이미 언급했던 부분은 넘어가고 제 개인적인 의견을 말씀드리자면, 영상 보다가 일시정지 누르고 조곤조곤 설명하는 부분이 너무 좋았어요
    영상에 제대로 집중해서 보신다는 게 확 느껴졌거든요
    다른 리액션 영상들은 (물론 리뷰가 아니라서 그렇겠지만) 오버스러운 리액션이 중심이다 보니 오히려 영상에 집중하지 못하고 디테일한 부분들을 너무 많이 놓치는 게 정말 안타까웠거든요
    단순 리액션 영상은 포징(pause) 없이 쭉 보면서 흐름이 끊기지 않는 것이 좋겠지만, 리뷰 영상은 디테일을 놓치지 않는 구성이 더 좋은 것 같아요

    괜히 다른 리액션 채널들 때문에 눈치(오버스러운 리액션을 해야 돼!!!! 같은)보시는 일은 없었으면 좋겠어요
    지금 영상들의 단백, 진지한 컨셉이 너무 좋아요

  • 오늘 3편에 걸친 리액션 정말 좋았어요👍👍👍~
    확실히 전무가님들이라 디테일하게 얘기해주시니 이해가 더 잘 되네요. 참 그리구 21일 컴백날 전체 음원 뜨고 28일 공식뮤비 나옵니다. 감사해요^^

  • 안무가님 지민이 디테일 잘 설명해주셔서 감사합니다 발끝도 자세히 봐주세요 안무영상만
    백번본거같아요 저도 현무 배우는입장에서 기본기와 표현력에 감탄을 금치못합니다

  • 세분 합이 정말 귀여워요ㅠㅠㅎㅎㅎ 늦은 새벽에 리뷰하시느라 고생하셨습니다! 그것두 3부로 나누어서ㅠㅠ👏👏
    안무의 섬세한 부분들을 하나하나 보시며 설명해주려 노력해주셔서 감사해요!🤗 덕분에 미처 못 봤던 부분들을 알 수 있었어요! 영상 잘 봤습니다:)

  • 일반인의 눈이 아니라 전문가적으로 설명해 주셔서 신선하고 도움이 되고 좋았어요!!!! 감사해요

  • 이 안무는 브라질 안무가가 짜주신 거라고 들었어요 방탄안무는 안 빡센게 없어요ㅜㅜ 그러면서도 항상 라이브로 소화하기 때문에 연말무대때 서너곡 연달아하고 나면 거의 탈진 직전까지 가지요 방탄이 무대에서 늘 변함없이 열정을 쏟아붓기 때문에 팬들은 자부심을 안 느낄수가 없어요
    다 보시고 나서 연습욕구가 오른다고 하시는거 보고 많이 흐뭇했습니다 방탄을 보고 나면 모두들 그러거든요 아! 나도 열심히 살아야겠다 라고요… 현생이 있으실텐데 시간쪼개서 새벽에 촬영하시고 편집하시고 수고해주셔서 감사합니다
    다음번엔 음악소리 초큼 낮추고 말씀소리 초큼 더 키워주시면 좋을것 같아요 좋은 말씀 하나도 놓치고 싶지 않은데 안무영상 켜진 상태에서는 음악소리가 너무 커서 말씀하시는게 잘 안들리더라구요 그리고 영상길이는 제가 수많은 영상들을 보면서 느끼는건데 10~15분을 넘지 않는게 좋지 않을까 합니다 이건 완전 제 의견이니 참고만 해주시길…^^

  • '블랙스완' 안무를 이해하는데 도움이 많이 되었습니다. 멤버 모두가 완벽한 무대를 만들기 위해 최선을 다했다는 것을 더욱 더 알게 되었습니다. 그 동안은 정국보며 감탄하느라 시선이 골고루 안갔는데~

  • Reviews and reactions videos are different I think Reviews are made by professionals and reactions are made by non professional and also by somehow professional people looking to promote themselves and their services or non professional who want to profit using Bts videos. Either way while you enjoy some videos is good to hear that your bias is being appreciated, my bias is KimTaehyung 🙂

  • 안무 전문가 댄서들이 리액션이
    우리랑 별 다르지 않아 좀 갈증이 있었는데
    설명 해설이 전문적으로 들어가니
    참 좋아요.

  • 좋아요, 구독 눌렀어요.
    전 춤 잘 추는 사람들 보는거 정말 좋아하는데요. 생각보다 춤을 속시원하게 분석해주시는 분들이 별로 없습니다.
    이 안무 영상은 풀샷 구도인만큼 안무 전체 구성, 흐름이 잘 보였고, 거기에 대한 설명도 잘 들었습니다. ^^
    근데, 전문가이신만큼 동작의 난이도, 그 동작을 할때 어떤 근육이 어떻게 쓰이는건지, 음악을 어떻게 듣고 있길래 모든 음마다 동작을 싣는게 가능한지 등 나노로 앓고싶어요.
    채널명대로 퍼포먼스들 많이 다뤄주시겠지만, 아마 방탄 영상도 많이 다뤄주실것같은데, 쭉 보시면 아시겠지만 '이렇게 춤 추는 인간들이 한 그룹에 몰빵??' 이라는 생각을 하실 날이 있으실거에요. ㅎㅎ

    댓글이 길지만, 노파심에 조금만 더 할게요.. 처음의 '퍼포먼스를 같이 보고 얘기하고싶다, 알려주고싶다' 이 단순하고 산뜻한 여러분의 열정을 잃지 말아주세요. 적지 않은 방탄 리액셔너들의 부침을 봐왔어요.. 스트레스 받아 하시는 모습들도요.
    얘기 많이 들으셨겠지만, 악개도 있을거고 안티도 있을수 있어요.. 하지만 저처럼 그냥 이런 분석이 고파서 구독하는 사람들이 훨씬 더 많을테니 여러 말들에 휘둘리지 마시고 그냥 즐겁게 해주시기 바랍니다.
    하시는분들이 즐거워야 보는이들도 즐거워요. ^^

  • 전문 댄서분들이 자세하게 시간내셔서 설명해주셔서 감사해요 막연하게 멋있다가 아니라 좀 더 전문적이고 디테일하게 쪼개서 설명해주셔서 더 자세하게 보게 됐어요 ㅎ 여러번 반복해서 봤습니다

  • 안무분석부분이야 전문가들께서 설명해주시니 저야 그저 열심히 듣고 배우고 고개 끄덕끄덕하고 봤습니다.
    이 영상 나름 아미라고 30번쯤 봤는데 리액션 보고나서야 알게 된 부분이 너무 많아서 또한번 탄이들의 디테일에 놀라고 이래서 전문가리액션이 중요하구나 생각됩니다.
    세분 앉아있는 화면을 보는데 예쁜분.잘생긴분.귀여운분 이렇게 나란히 계시네요.
    주안님 목소리가 얼굴이랑 찰떡.너무 좋으시네요.
    무대영상이11만회가 넘었던데 구독자수가 1000분이 안되어서 조금 속상하네요.
    울 아미분들이 이 채널 많이 구독해주셨음 좋겠어요.
    근데 햄찌님,주안님,퍼그님 세분 ,
    매번 구독 좋아요 합 틀리는거 컨셉이죠? ㅋㅋ
    이렇게 안맞기 힘든데…

  • 디테일 설명해주신거 너무 다 대단해요! 정말 감사합니다!! 안무 하나하나 잘 뜯어볼 수 있어서 좋았습니다🙊 힘주고 푸는거, 시선처리 하는거, 가사에 맞춘 동작과 서로 얽혀있는 구성 등등 참 알차게 알수있었어요👍👍

  • 방탄소년단이 이 영상을 보면 정말 좋을 것 같아요. 함께 주접(?)떨어주고 환호해주는 리액션영상은 많이 있어서 뻔한데 지난 코든쇼 리액션 영상부터 안무를 짜는 안무가의 입장에서 전체 안무에 대해서 분석해주셔서, 아미로서 그저 미시적으로 멤버들 동작 하나하나에 매료되어 보는 것을 뛰어넘어서 전체적, 거시적으로 블랙스완이라는 작품을 꿰뚫어보고 느낄 수 있게 된 것 같아요. 게다가 옆에 댄서분들도 댄서로서 멤버들의 동작이나 표현에 대해서 느낀 점을 말씀해주시는 걸 들으면서 멤버들이 노력한 디테일을 더 많이 알게되어서 좋았어요. 전문가의 도움(?)을 받아 방탄소년단의 블랙스완을 아는 만큼 보이니 더 많은 것을 볼 수 있게 되고 풍부하게 이해하게 돼서 정말 좋고, 앞에도 한 말이지만 정말 방탄소년단 멤버들이나 안무가분들이 보면 좋을 것 같은 영상인 것 같아요. 하나의 디테일을 위해서 피나는 연습과 엄청난 고민을 하지만, 알아차려주는 사람은 많지 않은데 여기서 수많은 디테일을 알아봐주니 뿌듯할 것 같네요. 정말 감명받아서 댓글이 좀 길었네요 ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 좋은 영상 기대할게요. 감사합니다.

  • 안무연습영상 리액션도 올라왔네요~ 무대영상 리액션때보다 좀 더 자세한 설명들이 가득해서 좋았어요💜 역시 전문가님들의 이런 영상을 보면 제가 미쳐 생각지 못했던 부분들을 짚어주셔서 감탄하고 놀랄때가 많아요ㅇ_ㅇ!! 앞선 무대영상도 몇 번이나 자세히 돌려 보시고 준비하신 느낌을 강하게 받았는데, 이번 영상도 마찬가지인것 같네요. 안무가에 대한것도 다 찾아보시다니…국내외로 현업에 계신분들의 리액션 영상 많이 찾아보지만 이렇게 디테일하고 차분하게 잘 설명해주시는 분들 많이 없는데 정말 감사합니다.
    앞으로도 다양한 아티스트들의 리뷰영상, 다른 유익한 영상들 기대 많이 하겠습니다💜

  • 보컬은 나름 전문적으로 다양하게 분석해주시는 분들이 많아서 좋은데 안무는 다들 일반적인 리뷰들이랑 다를게 없어서 이런 영상이 참 귀하고 좋네요
    춤알못이라 항상 화면센터에 잡이는대로 혹은 멤버 한명에 치우쳐져 보기에 급급한데 포인트로 알려주신 부분들이 정말 큰 도움 됐어요
    지난 안무들에 대한 이런 분석적인 리뷰도 부탁드려요
    정말 기대됩니다 ^^

    구독 눌렀어요~

  • 정말 신경써서 리뷰를 해주시는게 너무 잘 보여요!! 오래 걸리더라도 하나하나 짚어주시고ㅜㅜ정성 들여서 리액션 해주셔서 감사합니다:))

  • 이런식의 설명영상은 한시간도 좋아요👍 몇번씩 돌려보면서 자세히 분석해주셔서 감사합니다~ 댄스기술과 함께 어떤 춤에 대한 스토리 해석같은 것도 전문댄서만의 갬성으로 풀어주시면 좋을것 같아요 ^^

  • 헐 이런 세심하고 섬세한 안무 분석 영상은 처음봐요ㅋㅋ 놓친 안무 부분 덕분에 알아가요 대단하세용

  • 안무가의 입장에서 보는 연습영상 리액션 좋습니다. 보는 관점에 따라서 사람마다 자기가 보는 부분만 보거나, 어떤부분은 놓칠 수 도 있는데 전문가의 전체적인 안무와 동작들.. 음악의 멜로디나 가사 그 음악의 스타일 노래의 속도에 따른 그 작은 차이나 디테일들을 쉽게 설명해주셔서 재미있게 봤습니다. 앞으로도 자주 놀러오겠습니다. ^^
    개인적으로는 방탄소년단 지민은 퍼포먼스를 할 때 음악을 꽉꽉채워서 동작을 쓰고 다음 동작으로 매우빠르게 넘어간다고 생각하는데 처음 코든쇼에서 봤을 때 잘 안보이던 '두욜땡' 부분에서 지민의 팔동작이 크고 우아하면서도 다음동작을 하기 직전까지 놓지지않고 하는데서 또 한 번 감탄을 했습니다. 앞으로 멤버 한 사람 한 사람의 장점도 더 많이 설명해주시고 채널의 발전을 기도합니다. 응원할께요~~~ ^^ 감사합니다.

  • 저는 누군가의 리뷰 영상을 잘 보진 않는데 우연히 안무가님(성함을 잘 못 들었… 이름 자막도 안달아주시고…)의 영상을 보고 안무에 대한 설명이라든가 전문가의 입장에서 본 기술적인 부분이라던가 등등 또 다른 관점을 가지게 된 것 같아서 감사합니다.
    그리고 어색해 하시면서도(첫 영상은 제 손발이 오그라드는줄..) 할 말은 하시는 것 같아 재밌었습니다🤣🤣
    PUG님, 햄찌님의 '말을하기보다 영상에 빠져들게 된다'는 말을 듣고 아미들만 그런게 아니었구나..하며 왠지 더 친근하게 느껴지고 공감하게 되었습니다ㅎㅎㅎ
    방탄영상에 자극받아서 연습하러 가신다는 말을 듣고 뭔가 뿌듯하면서.. 저도 현생을 열심히 살러 가야겠다는 생각이..
    슈가빼꼼을 발견하신 것에 존경을 표하며😆😆
    영상 감사히 잘 보고 갑니다💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 블랙스완 안무영상 아무생각없이 봤었는데 아는만큼보인다고 설명듣고 다시보니 정말 포인트가많네요 이 영상보고나서부터 안무영상보는 관점자체를 바꿔주시네요 그냥멋있다 잘춘다를 넘어서 디테일까지보게되네요 감사합니다 앞으로도 좋은영상 계속부탁드려요!

  • 지민이 발끝으로 포인자세 유지하면서 덜덜 떠는데도 계속 춤추는게 정말 놀랍고..걍 애들 이번에 다 넘 춤신춤왕 천재들이에요ㅠㅠ
    저는 갠적으로 지민이 독무때 발목 끄는 안무가 넘 좋았어요! 가사도 딱 길잃은 내 발목을 또 잡아예예예ㅠ.ㅜ

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