1 MINUTE CHALLENGE with Fukrey Boyzzz Girl vs Boy #Funny Aayu and Pihu Show

8 9 10 11 Hi friends Today we are going to do the one minute challenge 1 minute challenge? So little? No this is one minute challenge In this one minute There will be 8 challenges 8 challenges of 1 minute each In which you will have a lot of fun Right Aayu? Should we start? yes But whoever hasn’t subscribed yet, please subscribe If you like our challenge videos, please like the video Should we start? Hmm… Come on Aayu pick up a chit Drink milk Mom it’s easy, we just have to drink milk We can do that Yes Mom will give them a twist in all the challenges The name of the twist is Fukrey Boyzzz twist You can drink milk I will get the milk for both of them Then I wil tell you what the twist is Sister what is this Fukrey twist? Whatever it is, It will be fun Here is the milk for them But Mom what is Fukrey twist? Fukrey twist is that, you have to drink this milk without use your fingers and mouth Without using our mouth Yes But how? How will I know? You don’t have to touch the glass Without touching, whoever drinks more milk will win the game So the time starts Now Mom I have an idea Spoon Get it Challenge has begun, run….. Come fast Hmm.. Aayu smart boy Mom I can’t find the straw The challenge has already started, drink fast Fast, fast Kids, Did you see New way of making kids drink milk (Laughing) Stop In this challenge, Pihu won But I am younger Oh you are younger Should we start the 2nd challenge This is the fukrey dialogue challenge You have to say dialogue of Fukrey boyzzz Yes Mom I have seen Fukrey Boyzzz trailer Hmm.. Yes it will start on the 12th october on Discovery kids Do you know it’s dialogues Yes I know dialogues of Fukrey boyzzz In that You know that Titanic It was a huge ship Do you know how that ship sinked? Like this, like this I don’t think titanic sinked But Aayu definitely sat down No this was a dialogue in that Oh wow.. nice dialogue Now Pihu’s turn Yes Mom I remembered He made a science project in that It’s name was chure’s fan Because chucha made it So did that fan work or not? Mom the fans work for us So can’t we work for the fan once Show me, How will you do it? Like this, like this So did you see? Pihu also became a fan Which fan? Chure’s fan In this challenge Aayu and Pihu both won So both of them got 1-1 point I have 2 points I have 1 point Next challenge Balance a book We can do that We can do that, it’s very easy But with a fukrey twist What twist? Fukrey twist is that you have to balance the book with one leg Come on start Mom this is very hard Aayu did it I’ll try too Aayu lift your leg higher Both of you are going to win this game This isn’t as easy as it looks friends Stop Both of you won in this challenge Yeahh.. I have 3 points You have 2 points Come on, next round Pick up the chit Sit ups yes Aayu and Pihu you do know how to do sit ups right? What’s the fukrey twist in it? The fukrey twist is that I won’t tell you I will show it to you You will bring it It’s here Mom what is it? Fukrey twist is that you have to do sit ups with this balloon between your legs while holding your ears Not while holding our ears, no no No they will have to do it right friends? The balloon should not burst Should not burst, nor drop Where do you keep it? In between your knees Time starts now One Two Yeahh.. I won Aayu won The time isn’t over yet But Aayu did more than Pihu So Aayu won Now the score is equal Now I will pick Write your name That’s so easy Pihu get 1-1 pen for both of you Paper and pen, You have to write your name Okay there will be 1 minute’s time write however many times you can write Fukrey twist is that that you will have to write with your opposite hand Huh with opposite hand? Yes with the opposite hand I have never done it before So there are many things that we have to do first time Time starts now Aayu write a little smaller It will take you longer, if you write bigger Sister wrote 3, write smaller letters fast I will not loose, I know for sure Do it fast, Aayu has no practice of writing with opposite hand at all Even me too But Pihu still wrote so many How many did Aayu wrote? Aayu wrote 20 stop One, two, three Four, five Pihu did it 10 times because I wrote big letters I was telling you to write smaller Pihu’s some letters looks like D Aayu hasn’t written in english Aayu wrote in chinese It looks like you have written chinese Right friends? Mom I can’t write properly with my left hand Even me too No one can Aayu’s younger so he wrote like this I have 4 points Pihu won Next round Me, me me, me Aayu is acting like a goat today Tower of cups? Tower of cup Tower? Okay I will get Aayu’s tower What did Aayu read? Tower… Here are your paper cups What do we have to do? This isn’t a big deal What’s the fukrey twist Fukrey twist Pihu remembered Fukrey twist is that The building that you have to make will be using your mouth Okay let’s start Wait, time starts now Aayu hands at the back Aayu don’t touch your hands Very good Pihu, Aayu fast stop Yeah.. my tower is bigger Aayu constructed 15 and pihu 20 So who won this challenge? me….Pihu Should we start the next challenge Now I will pick Dance Dance challenge Now Aayu and Pihu have to dance for 1 minute It’s very easy Aayu isn’t it easy? Will you dance for 1 minute? yes But they are forgetting something Oh… Fukrey twist is that That you have to dance on Fukrey boyzzz steps And you will get 1 minute to learn that step and then to perform it Okay let us see, it will be fun So here is your dance step Okay I learnt it me to All done? yes Come on now dance Woww….. Clapping Now Pihu and Aayu both won this challenge Even you should make this Fukrey dance step video Tag it on #Fukrapanti dance challenge Should we start the next challenge? One more is left Hmm.. So both of you go and get your 5-5 t-shirts You will have 1 minute’s time That’s the Fukrey twist We will see who can wear more t-shirts on top of one another I will wear them all So friends should we start? Aayu wait Yes Time starts now Fast Aayu Side please Aayu pull down your t shirt first He was hurrying that’s why It looks so fat Mom this one is 5 Mom that is 5 He brought more t-shirt So I will have to wear too stop I wore this one I wore this one No, no, no Pihu wore 5 t shirts and Aayu wore 4 yes How? This one dosen’t counts Your’s 3 and sister’s 4 okay Did you enjoy all of the challenges today? I enjoyed a lot I enjoyed in the dance challenge Aayu which challenge did you enjoy? This one So friends will you be watching? Fukrey Boyzzz cartoon series is coming on Discovery kids from 12th october come on let us see the trialer, it will be fun Now I am going to change my clothes I’ve worn so many of them I am feeling so hot Bye

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