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2013 Scholarship Foundation Promo

I’m Tamsey Evans and I’m a Paralegal Technology
student. As a PCC Student Ambassador, I have appreciated
receiving a full scholarship from the PCC Foundation. Thank you for supporting the scholarship foundation’s
programs and for supporting students like me. Hello, my name is Giovannie Rosado. I’m a VISIONS Scholarship student. I moved here from Puerto Rico to study business
and I hope, someday, to open my own restaurant. Thank you for supporting the foundation of
scholarship programs and a student like me. Hi, I’m Chris Sutton, chair of the PCC Alumni
Board and I’m also a Foundation Board Member. From one Bulldog to another, thank you for
your support and contributions to Pitt Community College. PCC has provided me with many great opportunities
in my professional career and, together, we can continue to provide that same support
for today’s student and tomorrow’s future. Thanks again, Go Bulldogs! Hi, I’m Blake Herring. I’m a Student Ambassador here at Pitt Community
College. I would just like to thank the scholarship
foundation for supporting students like me. Hello, my name is La’Quon Rogers, a student
here at Pitt Community College and a recipient of the VISIONS Scholarship. I am currently enrolled in the Associate of
Arts program and would, one day, like to transfer to the university of my choice to obtain a
doctorate degree. The PCC Foundation is an investment in my
future. I would like to thank you for supporting the
PCC Foundation and students like me. Thank you. Hi, my name is John and I study biotechnology
at Pitt Community College. Also, I am the Vice President of the Student
Government Association and I would like to thank you for supporting students like me. I’m Lacey Barnes and I plan to study radiography
at PCC. As a member of the VISIONS program, I’ve received
a scholarship from the PCC Foundation and the Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation
for two semesters. Thank you for supporting the PCC Foundation
Scholarship Program and thank you for supporting students like me. My name is Perla Benitez and I am a VISIONS
and PCC Foundation Scholarship recipient. I am in pre-nursing and plan to become a labor
and delivery nurse. The PCC Foundation as made my education possible. I want to Thank You for supporting the PCC
Foundation and for supporting students like me. Hi, my name is Lindsay Arnold. I’m studying pre-engineering here at PCC where
I’m also the Student Government Association President and Student Ambassador. I would like to thank the PCC Foundation for
providing scholarships for students like me. Hello I’m John Moore, class of 1972, and I
cannot begin to tell you the impact that Pitt Community College has had on me. You know, one of the things that you and I
can continue to do is support the activities – not only of the foundation board – but Pitt
Community College. Look around you: fire, rescue, law enforcement,
health sciences, sales, administration, construction, almost every aspect of your life and mine
each in every day, in some way, is touched by a graduate from Pitt Community College. So, lets continue to support the efforts over
the foundation and those two incredible words: Go Bulldogs!

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