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– You probably know a little bit about me but I wanna give you a little bit more. Check this out, 50 random facts about me. (upbeat music) My full name is Doctor
Mikhail Varshavski D.O. My first kiss happened
in Brooklyn, New York, in front of a bodega. It was raining, it was really cute, I was in middle school. So shout out to Skye. My guilty pleasure song is ♪ Bye, bye, bye bye-bye ♪ – Come on, son! – I’m self-conscious about my big thighs. Man, it’s hard to find a
good-fitting pair of jeans. I’ve had braces twice in my life. In fact, I still do on
the bottom of my teeth. I am near-sighted. I’m least talented at dancing, but I am enthusiastic. That has to count for something. I am most talented at describing
really complicated subjects which makes it a lot
easier to be a good doctor. Favorite sport is basketball. My eventual honeymoon
destination, Santorini, Greece. I’ve only broken one bone in my body, and that’s my left wrist when I thought I was too cool
learning how to snowboard. I was voted class clown in high school. Does that surprise you, though? (blows raspberry) My favorite holiday has to be New Years. In Russia, we celebrate New
Years as if it’s Christmas. My favorite shirt is a
plain black V-neck tee. The weirdest situation I’ve been asked to take a selfie was during a Code Blue. That means that someone’s
heart has stopped, and I’m trying to actively revive them. (scoffs) If I had superpower, my
superpower would be to read minds, because if you can read
minds, nobody can stop you. The last text message I sent was to my dad asking if he liked my appearance on Fox Business this morning. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. My most embarrassing moment happened when I was in Kindergarten back in Russia. I actually went number two in my pants, and the lady made me take off my underwear while she cleaned it, and I had to walk around naked. It was their form of discipline. Boy, don’t do that to your kids. I have one tattoo on my body. It’s right here on my back. It’s actually Latin lettering, and it means Know Thyself. I’m incredibly afraid
of unsecured heights, but I’m determined to conquer that fear. I’m really sensitive to caffeine, so I don’t drink coffee much. If you do see me have a
cup, my heart is racing. My favorite Instagram
follow has to be KingBach. Dude, you’re hilarious, and if you ever wanna make a
YouTube video, I’m so down. Most famous person I ever
met has to be Elton John. Recently met him at
one of his award galas. Really nice guy. My favorite toy as a child had to be my Sega Genesis console. (power rings tinkle) My goal before turning 30 is to make the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Still got three years to go. The one thing that truly grosses me out is watching people drop a
piece of food on the floor in the hospital and then
pick it up and eat it. Ugh! My favorite procedure to
perform in the medical office is a knee injection. There’s so much utility to this procedure. You can help millions of people
that suffer with arthritis. As far as I know, I’m
not allergic to anything. My biggest pet peeve is
unsubstantiated medical claims. Please don’t do that. The most extreme thing that
I’ve always wanted to do is to go skydiving, but I’ve never really
worked up the courage, but maybe you can convince me. My biggest turn-ons are passion, confidence, and soft skin. My biggest turn-offs are
arrogance and bad breath, ugh. Man on Fire is my favorite
movie of all time. Good job, Denzel. The movie that makes me cry is John Q. Again, Denzel, you really know how to get those emotions out of me. – (whispers) I’m always with you. – My cheap meal, and it really is a meal, is cookies and cream milkshake. Ah, I love it. Alaska’s my favorite place
that I’ve visited so far. Breathtaking views and truly great people. The first photo for my camera
roll is actually from 2011. It’s a shot of Roxie as
a little, cute puppy. My favorite patient is actually a couple. They came in because
they were having trouble with some sexual difficulties, but upon helping them out, they were able to conceive
a beautiful baby girl, and now that beautiful baby
girl is my patient, too. My biggest splurge has
to be suits or watches. A man’s gotta stay classy. My favorite car make, Ferrari. Fancy. – Oh, you fancy, huh? – My oldest friend is Alex Sinelnikov, but many know him as alexred. My favorite quote of all time has to be, You’re not who you think you are, You’re not who I think you are, but you are who you think I think you are. So who are you? My favorite album of all
time is the Drive soundtrack. Favorite TV show of all
time has to be Friends. I grew up on that show, and it’s actually part of the
reason I’m a doctor today. – Aren’t you a little cute to be a doctor? – My nickname in Russian
is actually Misha. Misha just means Mike. So it’s not that complicated. I am deathly afraid of scorpions, even though I’m a Scorpio. Depending on my mood or the day, it really is boxers or briefs. The medical ailment I’ve been
diagnosed with is acid reflux. It’s all that eating too close to bedtime. My go-to drink at the bar has
to be gin with some club soda and a sprinkle of lime.
(glass breaks) Low calories, tastes great. Checks all the boxes.
(clicks tongue) There you have it, 50 facts about myself. If you can pick your favorite
fun fact about yourself, leave it down below in the comments. I’ll be sure to respond. And if you haven’t yet,
definitely hit subscribe. – [Cameraman] What was her name? – I (mumbles) her name? No, come on.
[Cameraman] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I don’t drink coffee often. – [Woman] Okay. Yeah, yeah. – The husband was able
to conceive a beau– Why the husband? – [Man] Pick up, pick up! – [Cameraman] Pec flex in there. – There was? It, uh, (laughs).

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