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7 Life Saving HOME HACKS … | #Budget #Sale #CookWithNisha

what happened Bharti ? di don’t come here.. will get slip I don’t care… Oops… if tap is leaking why don’t you make it fix its not coming from tap…its comes from these washed utensils Ok I order a dish rack for you from Snapdeal this is a multi functional Kitchen draining rack put spoon like this in holder after washing and place cups and plates like this in it and all your problems get solved but didi..isn’t it so expensive?? These basic hack and some products makes our life easy which I am gonna to show in this video and yeah hit 1,00,000 Likes for this so lets get started Mumma give me pickle Nisha give me Chaat Masala didi give me some salt Mumma pls bring spoon so all these get happens with you too?? so you need to buy this Spice and pickle set it comes with four jars in which you keep different pickles or spices.. and the one who need these will take it by themselves will you keep doing fashion all the time??? learn some cooking too otherwise what will you do at yours in laws place not happened this to me if I would’ve listened to my Mumma carefully Dear.. guest are coming so make round and fluffy puris Hello Nisha.. will you help me in making poori.. ok come to my house.. home!!! OK have this puri maker but how to use it just take the dough ball and keep it in the centre like this cover the lid and then press the handle tightly and you’ll get a round puri so teach others to use Garbage bags like this These are Bio degradable bags These bags will degrade within one year on exposure to sunlight just fix this bag in your dust bin so as your dustbin too doesn’t get dirty and throw garbage in this polythene what says dude now… your car got scratched.. Use this to clean your vehicle its too soft that it doesn’t make any scratch and clean your vehicle too good Didi your Kitchen is Small like that of mine but all your stuffs organised so well and in my kitchen all stuffs falls out on me look Bharti I ordered these slim racks then ordered these fridge containers and now I’ve ordered these foldable rack I kept crockeries like this earlier but there might be risk of their damage but with the use of this rack I used this space so well lets have Lunch ain’t willing to have cold meal & wouldn’t get the hot right now but I’ve what’s this This is Electronic Lunch Box just connect it with power and this heated up your food within minute do you keep microwave with you all the time this is not microwave my dear its a special Lunch Box and my sis gifted me this so friends must follow these hacks these hacks will make your life a bit easier


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