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7 Must-Try Foods In St. Louis, Missouri

we are from Los Angeles we don’t do this kind of thing and yeah I am freaking out hey guys we’re going on a st. Louis food tour join us while we try a bunch of the must try foods in the city [Applause] [Music] so the number one thing when we told people are going to st. Louis is that they said we had to have barbecue so we had barbecue we did we went to Pappy smokehouse so bomb this place is packed like a huge line out the door and they’ve got a ton of meats such as chicken beef brisket burnt ends pulled pork and of course st. louis-style ribs [Music] so this late their sweet potato fries fried corn-on-the-cob and old port which has been cooked for 18 hours and over here we’ve got the ribs which I’m very excited about those babies have been tulips for four and a half hours they are on top of a slice of bread and some burnt ends then they also come with fried top perfect plate of barbecue I also doubt Spees with Pappy’s original sauce I don’t know what’s in it but I think the who decides upon the bullhorn and sloppy Betty Cheers [Music] it phones apart in your mouth but the outside is like funky crispy the sauce is really good it’s sweet but not to me everything is just really tender and melts together it’s really nice and the sauce gives it a nice touch in fact I want more next up I’m gonna try the burden switch just it looks like it’s dissolve in my mouth so guys kind of sweet but very delicious so this is fried corn-on-the-cob which I’ve never had before even heard of but I like fried Vegas and I like corn on the cob so I’m ready to try it and Gordon’s a vegetable so it’s not that bad for you right [Music] I think that frying actually brings out the sweetness of the like it all look at the caramelized but then they add some kind of a picture that just really balances it out it doesn’t quite have that like regular another call so it’s almost easier to bite off the cuff which I like I could definitely maybe I love [Music] all right so we’re at Park Avenue coffee we’ve heard a lot about this gooey butter cake they have a bunch of different flavors so we’re gonna go in and try because excited I love butter I love gooey things I like cake put your butter cake there are different stories as to how gooey butter cake was created but whatever was the cake was created by mistake some people say whoever created it switched the ingredient amounts causing the cake to be flat in depth compared to normal cake they have like over 70 on rotation and you can go there every day for over two months and try a different flavor each time I’m down I got turtle espresso chip white chocolate raspberry butterscotch toffee and so many more so I’m gonna be trying the red velvet gooey butter cake which I’m very excited about because I love red velvet cake we’re gonna be trying the traditional gooey butter cake this is the og flavor so you got that good old sugar and butter I’m really excited well it almost has like an undercooked browning texture which I love under the brownie it’s definitely gooey super soft super rich no love there’s almost like a little bit of crunchiness on the very bottom anything I want to pick more but I have to save them I have to save the people inside a bite and then they sell mixes for you to take home or they also ship it across the u.s. just in case you need more for sure I will need money most pizza is a st. louis-style pizza it’s famous here in st. Louis and it was started in 1964 by Marge and Eddie Moe so toasted raviolis is another st. Louis food that we’re famous for the story goes back to a old Italian restaurant on the hill a chef accidentally dropped ravioli in bread crumbs like what am I gonna do with this so you fried it and there it was that’s the story and so it’s like a little pillowy goodness of meat deep fried to perfection you dip it in marinara sauce top it with a little Parmesan cheese bringing a box of it share it with all your friends and it’s the best thing you can ever have your life so we’re at Emo’s trying toasted ravioli for the first time and I mean first time I’ve never had it Kirby’s never had it Julia’s never had it they are golden brown just like Nick says cheers Cheers dip it in some marinara yeah I get a good old school oh it’s like so crispy and crunchy you can hear the crunch when you bite into it III show you hold on I could eat this all on my own it’s so good I like the corners I’m strip crunch you want come try it come here teal oh so good right why is this not a thing everywhere it should be saying Lois got the goods so emos is known for thin crust and provel cheese that’s what makes emo so famous that’s a typical st. louis-style pizza so we make our own shell we make our own sauce and we use the freshest ingredients we might put sausage down or bacon or vegetables and then we just stop it with the wonderful provel cheese and then we do a little sprinkle at the very end of its a mix of oregano and Romano and that finishes it off and it just gives it that extra little flavor at the end that separates us from others so provel is a mixture of Swiss cheddar and provolone it’s three cheese’s blended together and it’s a rich creamy it has a little smoked flavor in it which makes it a little unique characteristic and has a low melting point so unlike mozzarella it has it’s known for a clean bite so when you bite into it it’s just the ingredients everything is just clean it doesn’t have that stretch that you’re used to seeing with mozzarella provel cheese why is it controversial I have no idea it really isn’t I mean you ask anybody here in st. Louis they grew up on it I think it’s just a love/hate if you’re outside of st. Louis never heard of it maybe it’s because people outside of st. Louis don’t like it so when they tried for the first time they have this this mindset that this isn’t gonna be good but once they try it honestly a lot of people I’ve talked to it tastes fantastic our co-worker Brett said he wasn’t a big fan of this but we’re excited to try it do you did you like it I think so yeah I like thin crust pizza the cheese is really phenomenal I don’t just like it but it doesn’t taste like cheese you know I really like the crust it’s very thin and crispy almost like a cracker texture see it’s surprising to me how crispy it is seeing all the toppings I went on the pizza they loaded it on it was meat after meat and cheese there was also sauce and so yeah but look how holds up like on there I’m gonna try just a plain cheese one because I think that will really help get a sense because it’s hard with like all the toppings we get a sense of like the taste and the technique of the cheese that’s true you want to try it here’s what we do no one seems scared so should I not be scared are you cellphone lady that’s my seat you see like look at this like that does not look like whoa like a normal pizza right like this I feel like is a good visual representation of how different it looks so we got a cheese pizza people were saying you have to try the cheese pizza with just the provel cheese alone yeah I already ate some it’s really good so I’m gonna get a good I’m gonna try and this is my favorite because you actually get to taste the cheese and like the texture and the smokiness of it versus like what the toppings that’s kind of hard to tell that is really different from a classic pizza it really tastes like tomato bisque on a crispy thin crust it’s also the kind of thing where you could eat this whole thing because it’s really light yeah it’s not heavy like normal people with the really thick bread and thick cheese it’s like I don’t feel like I’m gonna be super full after that’s like I’m not gonna be dying up in a pizza coma so we just finished shooting and we just started hearing a bunch of like alerts on our phones from all the customers in the shop and I thought it was an Amber Alert but now it’s a beet alert no it’s a tornado alert okay we are from Los Angeles we don’t do this kind of thing and yeah I am freaking out I mean can you see it doesn’t look that bad looks kinda nice nice and pretty this is right it’s hurt very scary do you hear it it’s been going off for literally empower and then the storm is just getting louder there’s a thunderstorm happening it is crazy Kirby is hiding out in the most interior part of this pizza shop she’s stressed out look at her [Music] I really didn’t think that I’d be going down you know in a pizza shop in Missouri you know I just I just didn’t think this what happened to me I didn’t know she just keeps eating her stupid pizza oh yeah sorry it’s really delicious but I’m really stressed out okay is it over my name is Travis Dylan I’m one of the owners my wife and I own the business now I’m Ted Drewes Jr’s son-in-law this is our 90th year we get started with Ted Drewes senior back in 29 and then Ted Drewes jr. and now my wife Kristi that’s his daughter and and I and now I have two sons that work here it is a frozen custard a lot of people don’t know what frozen custard is it’s just cream milk honey eggs and vanilla and some sugar we’ve been lucky to be in st. Louis all these years and we’re known for our concrete’s it’s an extra-thick shape that you can turn upside down we have about 22 different flavors but imagine what the combinations are but we have heath bar we had a strawberry cookie dough brownies tart cherries pineapple blueberries and caramel and this is the Oriole okay I’m gonna mix it here now this is our concrete Oriole and we train all of our new people to be able to mix it thoroughly because it does take a certain effort to make sure it’s mixed thoroughly to the bottom and that should be about right and when we’re finished we turn it upside down and that’s why we call it a concrete and then we also have a sign for the route 66 where a route 66 attractions and then we are one of the few attractions left on route 66 I am a fan that’s so good it almost has like soft-serve texture it’s so creamy and smooth it’s not really anything like ice cream like I don’t know how to know I love the crunch that I have coming from the nuts it’s a crazy hot day right now the Sun is blaring and this is exactly what I needed to cool off it’s the puck I can understand why they’ve been around for 90 years and I can understand why the lion was around the corner Wow there’s a really good all right what sticks guys Gus is whoa Gus its pretzel shop yes so this pretzel shop has been around for literally almost 100 years it’s celebrating its 100th year anniversary next year it’s been in the family for four generations there’s four generations because is and we’re gonna go try their famous wrestle Sookie are we gonna meet Gus yeah let’s go me good do it me nuts gussy up Gus up the car hi my name is Gus kevie the third I’m a fourth generation pretzel maker here in st. Louis it’s a family business here with my for my father and my mother all the time every day we make this twist and the sticks it is said that the sticks are a st. Louis tradition so the vendors back in the day where he wanted to show what they were selling so we they came up with like a stick style pretzel so it’s hot by the bag and all the customers could see what they were selling so it was kind of like a marketing tool to get people to buy their pretzels it all started out in 1920 my great grandpa Frank lost his eye in a riveting accident was during the Depression so no one would hire him you know the factories and stuff she had a way to make some money so we started making pretzels he did everything by hand he had my grandmother Marcella she worked in the business and she married my grandpa Gus senior who took over the business from my great grandpa Frank raised seven children through the business everybody worked here and then in 1980 my father took the business over 2007 after I graduate I came into the business and they’ve been here ever since but I think US isn’t a feeling for st. like in a st. Louis sense I think it’s just history you know it’s just part of st. Louis’s history it’s fun people coming in here they’re looking just for a snack and a little entertainment what’s it’s kind of a stop in the city and how you come to get pretzels to go to the zoo or you come in to get pretzels to go to the ballgame usually when you’re picking up pretzels you’re gonna do something fun it’s in the start of making memories we originally started out with the just regular salted pretzels just classic salted pretzel but people like sweet things a little flavor with their pretzels so we came up with a garlic butter pretzel and a cinnamon sugar pretzel we do those in the twists and we also do them in a pretzel and so it’s a little bite-size pieces of pretzel we’re coming up on our hundred year anniversary and I just think us is this is just tradition I mean we’ve 400 years people have memories on a daily basis we get people coming in telling stories about how their grandpa brought them in here are how they bought pretzels off the street from some of our vendors I just think it has to do a lot of people’s memories and it’s just kind of the culture of st. Louis is just you know pretzels and baseball and and beer kind of sort of thing all right guys so we are trying a Gerber sandwich ya know which is a classic st. Louis sandwich it was started here at room is deli so this is the original one that we’re trying today it’s basically French bread with a provel like cheese on top and ham and then sprinkles Rica oh but on the bread its smothered in garlic butter which I’m really excited for yeah – and yes he goes with the side because it served open-face like this this is one sandwich by the way one sandwich yeah should we dig in yes let’s do it I think I like it the cheese looks so that’s all like bubbly nice [Music] that’s so good and I haven’t even gone to the ham yet but like the car is enough just to be delicious same everyone nods like a tangy sharpness this is a very cheesy I love the contrast and textures you have the bread which is toasted and really crispy the ham which is just I don’t know how to describe damn forget that the cheese is soft and melty and then once you put the pickles on top it’s really crunchy and cold I know you love the hot and cool contrast so if you like that you’ll love it so it’s a Honey Creek pizza loaf cheese which is a provel like cheese but I feel like on the sandwich it works perfectly because sometimes when you get melted cheese on a sandwich have your toppings end up falling off and they take a bite because they’re stuck to the cheese but with like a profile like cheese it’s such a clean bite it’s really easy to eat like it looks like a messy sandwich it’s not messy actually that’s true yeah I could eat this one to go could eat this in the car driving kind of controversial I’m not the biggest fan of cheese but this provel like cheese is really good cuz it’s like I feel like it’s lighter than most cheeses which I am always down for yeah we ate so many good things while in st. Louis I’m still full me too but I still want more we had st. Louis barbecue gooey butter cake st. louis-style pizza which was good for the record I liked it me too there was also toasted ravioli also good frozen custard I want more sane right now pretzels and a Gerber sandwich the Gerber sandwich should we do another food tour yeah okay


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