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8 Facts About Pugs | Dog Advice

Hi everybody and welcome back to
Relax Your Dog. Today’s video is another “Facts about”, a part of our series
as we are going to talk about two facts about Pugs. Pugs are such a gorgeous
little dog such full of character I mean everyone has their own opinion but I
personally think they are such a beautiful and just for me, a characteristic
dog really and sure if you have a pug in your family or you know, someone that
has a pug you’ll know they have the greatest it characters so today with
people talking about eight different facts about a Pugs. Now the first fact
is they’re actually known it to be an ancient breed they are known to have
first been about in China before 400 BC which is mental now the second fact is a
pretty obvious one because this pretty much happens at number days as well and
that is they were and they are treated like royalty
they are basically about the perfect and lap dog I’m sure if you know someone on
your scene it’s someone that has a pup I mean some people might have them got
does a lap dog but the ones that I’ve seen have been literally treated like
royalty they have the best things have the best food have the best beds they’re
just like Richard the life I want to lead now the third fact is that a group
of hogs is known as apron balls so if you’re having a walk and you see three
or more pulls together you can say oh my gosh that is a big one Bob and the next
fact is all about their nose as I’m sure you guys know their nose is sort of
quite pushed back into their face basically and that can actually cause
quite a lot of breathing problems we used to live next door to two pugs
actually and both of them you could hear them comment around the corner because
their breathing was quite to the extent you use almost like there was snoring
constantly and so they can develop quite by reading problems so definitely do
keep that in mind and keep an eye on if you do have a pug and a German word for
pork is mops so that is quite cute I’m not gonna lie now another one all to do
with their faith is that the wrinkles that it can develop where their noses
and sort of run their face that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and
talking like get a cotton bud and clean thoroughly in their vault because skin
conditions can actually do and it can be very very painful for your
dog to do anything from breathing to eating etc so definitely do it make sure
we’ll clean that on a regular basis now again I’m not the one that is also to do
with their sort of noses that they can actually catch colds pretty quickly and
they don’t normally do well in cold and also extremely hot weather as well see
if you have one of these dogs to try and keep them out of the hot weather try and
keep them at the cold weather as much as possible and maybe get them a coat if
you need to and then the last fact which if you have a pug I’m pretty sure you
already know and that is they are pretty lazy dog they can actually sleep up to
14 hours a day which is a long long period of time but that is it for this
week’s video thank you all so so much watching don’t forget to give this video
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like to learn more on what about your dog thank you all so so much watching
and me and Milo here will see you in a few weeks time! Bye!

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