8 Things Your Dog Hates About You

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par Whenever you see a dog, you might want to
wrap your arms around him and give him a long hug but it turned out that canines donrquote
t like that so much. In the dogrquote s vocabulary, hugging means dominance or authority which
they might accept only from their owners. In caninerquote s world, A dog would put
his paw on another dog to show his dominance and hugs from humans are perceived in the
same way. In fact, people approaching a dog for a hug is the reason many dog bites occur.
You can tell from a dogrquote s behavior if he likes your hug or not. If he moves away,
licks his lips, pull his ears back or avoids eye contact, then it means he is not comfortable
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A dog dislikes it a lot when he is sniffing something on the way and you pull the leash.
Dogs love to sniff around to detect peculiar smells. You might go out with your dog for
the purpose of exercise but for a dog, it is also a ldblquote Smell Walkrdblquote
. Dogs like to explore the environment which they mainly do through sense of smell. Rushing
your dog during walk without allowing him to sniff is something that a dog hates about
you. par par
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par A dogrquote s smell power is 10,000 to 100,000
times stronger than humans. They can smell anything that a normal human cannot. Stop
exposing your dog to strong fragrances and chemicals. Donrquote t ever spray perfumes
directly on your dog. Strong scents can irritate their nostrils. Vinegar, citrus and ammonia-based
cleaning products are some of the odors which irritate the dogs a lot. par
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Dogs are pack animals and they love to live with their pack leader, which happens to be
you. Leaving them alone for a long period of time can prove devastating for them. They
will easily become bored which will lead to stress and depression. If a normal dog is
left alone at home for a long time, he can develop some negative behaviors such as barking
and chewing. Separation anxiety is more common in dog breeds like Labradors, retrievers and
terriers which occurs after they are left alone.par
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par Eye contact may be a sign of focus or confidence
but for dogs it means something different. Long eye contact makes them confuse and they
donrquote t feel comfortable with it. A dog will take eye contact as a challenge or threat
and they react aggressively to it by barking or biting.par
In dogrquote s dictionary, maintaining eye contact means establishing your dominance
over other pack members. They might accept it from their owners but they donrquote t
like it.par par
Dogs donrquote t like to be dressed up. Some dogs might tolerate but generally they donrquote
t like clothes on their head or feet. If it’s cold outside then use simple, warm and light
clothing. Donrquote t mess them up with heavy and fashioned outfits. If you notice any irritation
on your dogrquote s skin or see them rubbing themselves, then perhaps those clothes are
not good for your dog. par par
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par Dogs donrquote t understand the words we
say but surely they know the way how we say those words. They understand our body language
and can tell when we are scolding them. Yelling at them is counter productive and it makes
them very stressful and upset. They donrquote t understand what they have done wrong and
they feel guilty. If you feel difficulty in teaching something to your dog, change the
words or use some body gestures. par par
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par Leash not only binds you with your dog but
it also works as a type of communication. A dog knows that a loose leash means everything
is alright but a tight leash means there is some problem. A tight leash makes your dog
upset. It tells him to be alert all the time. A tight leash can affect your dogrquote s
behavior a lot and makes him bark on everything passing by. par
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