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92nd Security Forces Squadron Mission Video

I think Security Forces is a cornerstone of
Rapid Global Mobility. You have to have security before you can have
anything else. As K-9 handlers, we’re constantly ready to
deploy within 72 hours and we can attach to sister services and other agencies to enhance
our joint war fighting capabilities. (Flight, attention! Post!) (Defenders-Whoo!) We’re an integral part of Rapid Global Mobility. (Line is ready…Fire!) We qualify individuals on all types of weapons
systems across the wing, to include tenant units that way they can accomplish their mission
in deployed location. Visitors Center contributes by vetting all
visitors onto the base to make sure no unauthorized and unsafe individuals gain access to the
installation. (Here’s your ID’s and you’re good to go!) Being a law enforcement patrol, you’re doing
the same job every single day, but you never know what calls you’re going to get… (Keep your hands up! Walk backwards! Stop!) And that excitement is what really keeps me
motivated every single day. We’re stationed all over the world and due
to the hard working members, here in the mobility section, we’re able to get those defenders
out at a moments notice, properly equipped, ready to go and properly trained. My favorite aspect in Security Forces is definitely
the camaraderie. (Turn away from the sound of my voice!) We definitely have each other’s backs and
whenever we’re in trouble, there’s always someone there to help us out. (Clear! Clear! Clear!) Security Forces conducts integrated defense
wherever it operates so it can protect the nation and support it’s interests at any time
and in any place. (Clear! Clear! Clear! Clear!) And that’s how we contribute to Rapid Global

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