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A Dog Act (3/4): Paddy Moriarty, the missing man and the meat pie feud | Australian True Crime

They’ve had all sorts of feuds. I’ve
had trouble with him all along big trouble. To meet Paddy you wouldn’t think
he had an enemy in the world. That’s what makes it all so unusual that
anybody would want to harm him. Like I took him to court over poisoning
the garden. Everything is still on the table, it’s an unsolved homicide,
nothing’s been ruled out at this stage. Well I first ran through in 1978 when I
was hitchhiking up there from Brisbane to Darwin, kept coming back. Here
we are Andrew here’s your favourite drink. Thank you Fran. I try and get down
here three times a year just to find out what’s happening with the civil war and who’s on whose side. Is that too strong? That’s great. Bingo! Yeah well keep you on your toes. I’ve been banned from the pub down here
that many times it’s not funny. Why are you banned from the pub? Oh I got blamed for
doing something I never done, I got blamed for pinching Mar bars and I got
sugar diabetes, now what the bloody hell would I want to pinch Mars bars for?
So I got blamed for pinching stuff down there so I thought nah, jam it. I don’t want nothing to do with you you’re a pack of arseholes, so I just left it at that. When I first came here it was a very close-knit community, everybody
got along really well but over time that drifted away from that for some
reason or other and now we well we don’t really associate like what we used to.
What do you think is at the heart of the disagreements? A lot of things a lot of
things I don’t really feel like saying a lot about it I know why but I don’t
really want to say. Paddy done a bit of shit stirring there and Fran got pissed off or whatever but then again Fran’s a bit of a
troublemaker too don’t worry about that but she’s not a bad person in
her in her own right but it’s just little towns they’re all the same its so-and-so did this. It’s a factional, fascinating environment
the changing of allegiances. Paddy didn’t really have any enemies. The
only one he used to argue with was the lady in the pie shop. Who is his
neighbour. Who’s his neighbor yeah. I stay here on my little four corners on
my little oasis. Here’s the two pies for you darling. I was the first one ever to
make pies in the territory. Buffalo, camel, pork. I mince my own meat here I mince my own pork and chicken. Fran’s had her pies
going for 20 years also. Who would like a pie? Now the pub was making pies and there’s arguments as to who’s got the recipe for the famous Larrimah pies. And they’re a you know
good assortment of parties, camel pies and buffalo pies and crocodile
pies. Everything but dog pies or mag pies. Fran’s has got the worst pies and I’ll fucking tell you that. The feuding is very colourful. All these
petty but very important things in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. They was shit over there. True! I
used to go over there and then the dog wouldn’t eat me pie. Fran’s pies. True words, and these are chunky meat and everything like that here and I tell people, I’ll tell them the truth Bloody oath. When they pull up at my place up the road I tell them fair dinkum. That’s what happens and Fran is the
worst gasbagger in town. I’ve had trouble with him all along. Big trouble. Like last year I took him to court for
poisoning the garden. He threw an old dead kangaroo under my bedroom I’ve had
so many things and it’s all been reported to the police they got it on
record He started stirring shit around town
about what I was doing in the kitchen and how much I was selling my pies for
and I was this and it was that, because he was very jealous you see very jealous
of what I’ve got here and and plus I’m opposition to the pub. Yeah I
knew he was doing that never really took it serious it was more humorous than
anything else maybe we should have taken maybe we should have taken it a bit
more serious. So I stopped him coming here and that’s
when all this trouble started he’s done a pinching stuff, pinching umbrellas
from here and damaged me property and giving me cheek and telling customers
here not to come in putting broken glass under under car
wheels you know over the parking bay because he didn’t he didn’t want them
parking over there and they’d pull up over there in front of his place and
he’d tell them not to come in here that nothing was home made and I
mean I’m not rubbishing the man I’m only telling you it’s all being reported to the
police right through. The disagreements in Larrimah, the feuds as they’ve been called by some and the hatreds that exist there have formed part of your
investigation are they still part of your inquiries or have you been able to
rule them out. Everything is still on the table it’s an unsolved homicide
nothing’s been ruled out at this stage You can go into any roadhouse anywhere and buy a pie there’s no claim to say no well I sell pies you can’t sell cause it
would be like saying I sell soft drinks so you can’t sell soft drinks yeah I
look ridiculous. Paddy’s never been over here and bought a pie he’s never had a
pie here he wouldn’t know what my pies taste like What do you know about the gardener wholives at the tea house do you have any… Never met him I wouldn’t even know
what he looked like I saw him from the waist down once because I was sitting in a car. I’ve heard stories about him he used to be a tent boxer or something. Owen Laurie has never done an interview with anybody why is that? I
don’t know because it’s just the way he is he I don’t know it’s just him you
know I can’t make somebody do something that they don’t want to do you know and
that’s his prerogative I know that he never left here and I know that he
wouldn’t hurt anybody like that I know he’s got a temper but no I don’t know I
really don’t know. The forensics mob went through my house they found nothing they pumped out my septic they didn’t find anything they scraped out my
incinerators they didn’t find anything they poked holes in all the garden they
didn’t find anything the detective went in the shed and found
a couple of hammers and they of course you find hammers in every shed and he put
the torch on the hacksaw and found blood on it of course he said to Owen is this yours and Owen said yes and they took it away we knew it was was some turkey
chicken meat we always cut up our meat for our dogs you know we always keep our
meat frozen you know that in the territory but nothing has been found it
was all put through testing nothing was everything was negative.
Fran Hodgetts has taken down a sign from outside of Larrimah which had taunted her and advertised Sweeney Todd’s pies being sold at her tea house what
investigations have police made about whether or not in fact there was any
truth to that kind of accusation. So we’ve searched the premises in question we’ve forensically examined the location in
question and there’s no evidence to support that theory whatsoever. Did you
actually do any tests on the meat pies? We’ve forensically examined the premises
and there’s nothing to support that theory whatsoever. I think he’s been
taken off somewhere in my opinion either that it’s a bad thing to say but wild
pigs you know wild pigs, dingoes,
somebody knew what they were doing when they got rid of him they figured the
pigs because pigs don’t leave any evidence so I believe, crocodiles and
this plenty of ways to get rid of a body. Among your responsibilities you also
help feed the animals at the back can you give me a sense of what that
involves and what kind of animals you’re dealing with out there? A lot of birds, specialised birds, couple of crocs out there, we got some pythons, wallabies
emus which are always fun. There is a crocodile at the back of the pub what
investigations or what efforts did you go to to try and establish whether there
was any truth to that? So we’ve searched animal enclosures at
the back of the pub we’ve also inspected Sneeky Sam’s enclosure and there was
nothing there to warrant any drastic action to be taken in relation to that I don’t know where he is I don’t know
who done it I don’t know if he’s alive I don’t know if he’s out hiding trying
to get me into trouble which entered my mind I swear on my grandkids on my life that
I don’t pull through this cancer that I know nothing about you you


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