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Adorable Cat With A Special Nose Loves Her Dog Best Friend | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Ella the dog is a boxer! So you’d think she’d like to box. But it’s Willow the cat who does the boxing. Right in the face! Ella doesn’t seem to mind. She’s just happy to have a friend. Who loves pipe cleaners! And sleeping and spying on the birds in the backyard. You know, normal best friend stuff! Because these two are definitely Best. Animal. Friends. This little kitten didn’t always have a dog best friend. There was a time when Willow didn’t have any friends. See, Willow is a little different from most kittens. And she grew up outside, without a home of her own. But Willow was determined to find a family. So one day, she took herself to a doorstep and waited.
She was hoping someone would pick her up and love her. And someone did! Her new mom reached down, scooped her up and took her to the vet! Turned out that Willow was pretty healthy. She just looked a little different from other cats. But you know who doesn’t care about that at all? This big monster dog, that’s who! When Willow came home, Ella was there to give her exactly what she needed. A best buddy. Because when you have a dog best friend, everything’s better! Now you might think a dog who does THIS and is SO BIG… might be kinda scary to a little kitten. But not THIS kitten! It’s like Willow believes she’s as big as Ella. Especially when she’s standing on her back! Willow isn’t afraid of Ella at all. She cuddles and wrestles and boxes and bops Ella on the head. It’s worth it to have a friend who cleans your ears. Willow and Ella are so close that it’s like Willow thinks she’s a dog. Or maybe Ella thinks she’s a cat! Like, a BIG cat! But whatever they are, or think they are, Willow and Ella know one thing for sure: A big monster dog can definitely be best buds with a cute little kitten! Even a kitten with a special nose. Ella loves Willow no matter what. And that’s just how it is when you’re Best. Animal. Friends

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