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Adventures of Buttman #14: Superhero Slide!

♫ Na na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Kicking all the butts ♫ Buttman ♫ Punch you in the guts ♫ Buttman ♫ Slap you in the nuts ♫ Buttman ♫ Do the Buttman strut ♫ Buttman ♫ Yeah, yeah (loud farts)
(Annoying Orange laughs) – [Annoying Orange] Hey, yo, it’s AO back here with another game video. We’re back with Buttman and
our invincible pug army. (Annoying Orange laughs) Oh man. Fart Boy, Bazooka Monkey, are
you feelin’ a little left out? That’s rough. (laughs) Hey, why’d you stop guys? Hey, hey, Fart Boy has Snausages
in his underwear. (laughs) Eh, that gets them coming
every time. (laughs) Hey, hey, excuse me, you
can’t run over my dogs! (gun blasts) That’s what you get. That’s what you get for running over the invincible pug army. Hey, excuse me sir, you ran
over some pugs. (laughs) My butt bone!
– Oh crap. – [Annoying Orange] Ah,
puggies, come on guys. I told you they’re invincible. Don’t worry about it,
it’s all good. (laughs) (loud explosion)
That’s what you get. There’s no hitting the
invincible pug army. (loud explosion) Yeah, you get one and you get one. Hey, what the crap! Hey! Pug army, come back here! Invincible pug army, don’t run away. Excuse me, this is an invincible pug army pedestrian zone only. I’m afraid you’re gonna have to– (loud explosion)
Okay, well, I gave you the opportunity to turn around but you just exploded. Honestly, this situation is your fault. Come on buddy, you gotta get up. There we go. (laughs) Looks like you dropped some
of your ketchup packets. Okay guys. Okay I gotta drop you. Oh god! Ah wait, my spleen! Okay puppies. Pug army, we gotta go to doggy daycare. What the, guys, you ran in
all different directions. I’ve only had the invincible pug army for, like, two minutes and you guys are already running in all
kinds of different directions. Where are you going? There you are. I was wondering where you went. What’s that, girl? Fart Boy fell down the well? (laughs) Leave him. He should know better than
not to fall in a well. (laughs) Ah, come on. (laughs) I swear, every time I turn around, you guys are in a different place. Where are you going? Alright, everybody get in the car. (laughs) Oh. Man, taking care of an invincible
pug army is exhausting. (laughs) Where are my sidekicks? Okay, I have to drop off
the pugs at doggy daycare. There you are! What are you doing? We gotta test out the superhero slide. Yeah, it’s a slide that ejects us into the city when there’s trouble. You need to get there fast,
just top of the superhero slide. Alright, let’s get in the Buttmobile. We’re gonna do it. (laughs) Bazooka Monkey, that’s not
how you get in a vehicle. Okay, guys, guys hop in the car, we’re gonna go on the superhero slide. Come on, get it! Okay, hop in the car. No, I’m driving. You got in the driver’s side. What are you doing? Get out. Thank you. Okay, now get in. Thank you, get in. No, no, stop playing musical seats! No, get out. No, get in! I’m telling, Fart Boy! Get out of, okay, now get in the car. There, you don’t even
have to open the door. You can just get. Bazooka Monkey! You’re not driving. Get out! Okay, now get in here. Just get in. No, don’t fight over shotgun. No, get back in here! I told you! (laughs) I need new sidekicks. (laughs) That’s it, no, get in here! (laughs) Ah, get in the car! Okay fine, forget it. If you’re gonna fight over
the seats we’re just going. Ah! (laughs) Fart Boy, you’re ejected. Fine, you’re both staying behind. I’m gonna go fight crime by myself. Can’t even figure out who’s
supposed to sit in what seat. It’s not that hard. Here we go, the superhero slide. Come on, we’re getting to the end. Woo hoo! (laughs) Oh, there’s the blimp, there’s the blimp. The superhero slide leads
directly to the blimp. All roads lead to the blimp! (laughs) I’m gonna get you, blimp. Oh, I’m gon’ get you. You can’t get away from, okay, he got away from me. It’s gonna be a smooth landing. (loud crash) (laughs) Did somebody call Buttman? ‘Cause he’s here. (laughs) And they’re like, “No,
we didn’t call Buttman and can you please replace my garage door, thank you very much.” (laughs) Hey, let’s do some Teen Wolf. Alright, you drive and
I’m gonna Teen Wolf it. I’m just gonna surf on top of the car. Here we go! Surfing. (laughs) – [Buttman] Oh crap. – [Annoying Orange] You said that because your face landed
in doggy doo doo, isn’t it? (laughs) Hey, hey lady! Surprise, minions. (laughs) She didn’t even care. Okay, well now I have a bunch of minions. What are we gonna do, guys? Oh, hey, do you have coffee? Can I’ve some coffee? Oh, no, well I just wanted some coffee. Well, no, you don’t have to, oh. I didn’t do that, he fell on his own and he spilled the coffee. Alright, come on guys, let’s
go back to the super slide. Alright, here we are. Got my minions. Okay, let’s go get a vehicle. I’m gonna get a motorcycle. Alright, where you guys going? Minions? Minions, where you going? Are you gonna hop on? Yeah, we gotta go find Fart
Boy and Bazooka Monkey. I don’t know where they went. I spend most of my time in these episodes searching for my sidekicks. Hey, there’s Fart Boy. What you doing? Just hanging out here, huh? Alright. Hey minion, safety first. There you go. You know what’s up. Okay, you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna spin in
circles until you barf. Okay, let’s do it. Wee! (laughs) Uh oh. Oh no, this is not gonna end well. Oh minion, you probably are gonna regret getting on this bike with me but while we’re falling, we might as well give you a nickname. How ’bout Dr. Flapjack Farts? Okay? Wow, well that was the best landing ever. Yeah! (laughs) Okay, it’s wasn’t the
fall from a thousand feet that knocked me off the bike, it was running into a train at
five miles an hour. (laughs) Makes sense. Alright, I’m leaving you. (laughs) My ketchup packet. – [Buttman] Oh crap. – [Annoying Orange] He said that because his butt fell in
doggy doo doo. (laughs) Alright, back to the superhero slide. I got my dump truck. I’m gonna fill it with minions because that seems like
it’s the thing to do. Gonna need a few more than that. Yep, that’s pretty good. Gonna need more than that though. Definitely not enough. Gonna have to fill this right to the brim. There you go, that’s
getting a little better. Not even close yet. Okay, there we go. Does that feel good? Nope, needing some more. Yep, that’s better,
that’s probably better. Get some more in there. Okay, that’s about right. (laughs) You can never have too many
minions in a dump truck. True story. (laughs) Okay, I gotta go slow. I don’t want to go too
fast ’cause I don’t want my minions to fall out of my dump truck. Okay, we’re gonna go
kind of slow, minions. Just hold on real tight. Oh no! Oh no, minions! (laughs) Oh. Ew, minion pancakes. (laughs) Who’s hungry? Think we’re gonna have to redo that one. So, let’s just bring
the truck back up here. And… Yeah, (laughs) terrific landing. Excuse me, other minions. Okay, this is better. Okay, now we just gotta
fill this back up again, get a couple of those,
yep, one of those guys. Okay, get a few of those ones. Yep, that’s not enough. Definitely gonna need more than that. Alright, now we’re getting pretty close. Nope, not even close. Gotta get more than that. Yep, that’s, okay, that’s about right. (laughs) Just a double do. Hey, hey, stop moshing in there. If the dump truck’s a rockin’, that probably means there’s minions in it. Okay, this time we gotta go faster. Okay, this seems about right. Oh, no, no, no, no. Oh, (laughs) oh! Um, just to let you know, I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it, those minions
were flat when I got here! (laughs) Escape the scene of the crime. I mean, uh, there was no crime, what are you talking about? (laughs) Oh. Owee! My pancreas! And my ketchup packets. (laughs) Okay, I finally found my sidekicks. Okay, you guys get in those cars. Let’s see, I’m gonna take the Buttmobile. Alright, now let’s all try and go down the slide together, okay? Each in our own vehicles. Yeah, don’t hurry up
or anything, Fart Boy. Fart Boy, get in the vehicle. Come on. (laughs) See, Bazooka Monkey got in the vehicle but he just won’t drive. Bazooka Monkey! It’s the vertical pedal on
the right, Bazooka Monkey. Okay, let me help you here. (laughs) If you’re gonna be a sidekick, you gotta know how to
use the superhero slide. Let’s go. Okay, if danger calls
then we know where to go. (laughs) Bazooka Monkey,
you’re doing it wrong. (laughs) It’s okay, he was already flat. Right, let’s tap out that superhero slide. Come on, we can do this. Oh, okay, well that’s one way to do it. Here we go! Woops, oh no. (laughs) Am I gonna fall back
in the slide? (laughs) (Buttman screams)
Oh, quit screaming, Buttman. It’s gonna be fine. (laughs) Hey, look, that building’s
shaped like an E for extra pulpy. (laughs)
(Buttman screams) Uh oh. Uh oh! Oh! (laughs) Hey, the road sign broke your
fall, you’re fine. (laughs) You lost a little ketchup
but that’s cool. (laughs) Hey lady, can you direct me
to the nearest Mcdonalds? I need more ketchup packets. Hey! What are you doing? (laughs) Automobile massages,
they’re the best. (laughs) What the noodle man! Oh my goodness, it’s one of
these guys, the noodle guys. Oh man, I love these things. They always look so happy. I want one of these for
my sidekicks. (laughs) Wait a second, are you
guys peeing on the window? Wait, what are you doing? Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were peeing on the window. Sir, sir, you forgot your bike! Sir! It’s okay, I’ll bring it to him. Sir, come back, you forgot your bike! I’m a superhero, I’m helping. (laughs) I’m helping. Hey, you know what? I think this bike is equipped with emergency minion breaking. I’m serious, you guys I’m serious, watch. (laughs) It’s the best way to slow down. I’m telling you. There we go, see? Emergency minion breaking. Oh, you wanna go for a ride, lady? Let’s go. Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na, Buttman. Sing it with me, lady. Na na na na na na na na na na, B– Ow! My liver! Sorry, lady, but you’re dead weight. Later. (laughs) Yeah, I probably deserved that. (laughs) Yikes, that a lot of carnage. Couldn’t get any worse, could it? (Minion screams) Spoke too soon. (laughs) Hey, he’s alright, he’s good. Okay.
– Oh my god. – What?
– Are you blind? – [Annoying Orange] No, I’m a Buttman. There’s a big difference. (laughs) Woo!
(Minion screams) Woah, what happened? Well, while Buttman calls
somebody to clean up this mess, I’m gonna sign off. Thank you guys so much for watching. ‘Til next time, later hot potaters. ♫ Na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Na na na na na na na ♫ Buttman ♫ Kicking all the butts


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