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Afghanistan, Pakistan and India: A Deadly Triangle

Question: Well at the very core of the thesis if your piece is Pakistan’s paranoia about India. Could you elaborate a little bit on
where you think that comes from and why is it not reciprocated, at least
in the same way by the Indians? William Dalrymple, Author of “A Deadly Triangle”: At the core of my essays is the idea that we look at the conflict in Afghanistan
through the wrong pair of glasses. It is almost always
perceived as the Taliban against America. The reality is
that behind that puppet show lies the reality of Pakistan funding the Taliban not to spite Karzai, not to spite the
Americans, but entirely and obsessively to avoid being surrounded by India. Question: To what extent do you think religion is at the heart of this in the following
sense: Pakistan was created by Mohammad Ali Jinnah as a homeland for the Muslims of South
Asia, but for the Muslims and yet they end up; A, as a what started off as a secular
state but became of course an Islamic state with this giant neighbor to the south
that has almost as many as some would say perhaps even more Muslims. Does that exacerbate their existential fear of India? William Dalrymple: What is, in a sense, a big surprise other than that a course, I mean Pakistan
looks to India as this frightening neighbor with a
different religion. What is more surprising… (interviewer interupts) With a lot of Muslims in it? William Dalrymple: Of course, but not in generally in positions of power. The
establishment, overwhelmingly in India is is a Hindu establishment for all that there is a large and mildly alienated Muslim, large Muslim minority in India. But, in a sense, what is more surprising is the way that India and Afghanistan have for much of
their %uh the story %uh witnesses 94.7% the independence India a India and
Afghanistan despite 1b majority hindu one being
ninety-nine percent muslim have managed to former close alliance while Pakistan and Afghanistan that
share so much in terms of religion and so much
in terms with this city that the Palestinians are divided between me the two countries that Pakistan that
doesn’t has an extremely and easy relationship there’s a huge
threat now to the Pakistani establishment including
the Pakistani military and it’s not coming from India they’re not the they’re they’re not
worried that the Indians are gonna blow up their cars or assassinate them on the
street they’re worried about what just one saying the former Indian
for foreign minister who you also touched upon in your piece i has called the Afghanistan is Asian a or telephone is a shiner Pakistan is
that a real phenomenon a be are is there eg any hope that there will be a
critical mass %uh influential Pakistanis who will
recognize the that’s that’s a threat they should be
worrying about rather than India the reality is that Pakistan now is in the grip of the major security crisis
with you go around anywhere in Lahore I’ll go around anyway Islamabad there
are concrete barriers to resemble those in Kabul sandbagging placement guards behind
incoming towers separated by sandbagging placements I recently tried to visit a friend who
lived on the edge to the kind to mint a early in the morning you can actually
get to his house because the whole central the whole goes into lockdown during school school arrival time so the the children
of generals colonels brigadiers go to this elite military school could get their safety that being bombed
by suicide bombers in other words the Pakistan military
daily faith in their families the consequences up that backing object had the group’s
idea would seem such a great idea to not only Pakistan but to the CIA and two British in saudi intelligence that we
arm religious extremists to fight the
Soviets as obviously backfired as we all know million ways
911 was was one result but in Pakistan is meant that they have a huge minutes and population who and at what level and when in the
Pakistani leadership and work particularly high level new who was living in that very well
fortified house and about about I its very difficult to say but what you can say is
that Abbottabad is the center of the training of the
Pakistani army therefore at and charts the possibility that is Obama bin Laden could be living
that in the very centre above the Pakistan military
establishment with that anyone in the Pakistani intelligence
community knowing it seems to me on the face of it almost impossible to imagine had to be
someone that you about it how far that high that went
up whether it was mainstream ass i fringe
elements then i Sai I can tell in fact the very few people
kinda but the the idea the fact that it was having a bad the fact that was that the very centre
bags damages absent is a suspicious as you could possibly it
its well thank you so much and also willie
thank you so much for being the inaugural author of the brookings SAS religions beyond thank you terrific
piece and and a lot of people are saying that you
completed now a trilogy I’m just wondering if there won’t be a
volume for it so important inshallah is this I thanks very much

  • We had a muslim president and Hamid Ansari was vice president for more than 15 years, I don't understand when you says muslims are alienated in India?

  • Sir, india, like europe india is decaying because of radical change in demography. Wherever population of hindus is decreasing, riots and people migration is increasing.

  • As Indian at may follow any religion but when u take a p j abdul kalam every without any doubt get goosebumps and pride in them …. we r lucky to have him …

  • It could be that this WILLIAM DALRYMPLE is a part communist, part MUSALMAN, biased colonialist mind , coupled with racism . He knows it all started with ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY their supreacist, fascist, totalitarian, dogmas colliding with each other , with the result of JIHADS versus CRUSADES ( religious wars) for hundreds of years – JIHADISTS vs CRUSADERS to establish their supremacy, exclusivist theologies, imperialist, colonialist empires by enslaving, subjugating, colonizing, converting and ruling the invaded, conquered people.

    Now, ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY should go back and settle their scores – by waging their wars .
    Do not bring Hindu religion in this DALRYMPLE – you coloniast racist . Fight with your sister religion ISLAM ISTS / JIHADISTS.
    INDIA and Hindus were/are victims and bore the brunt of death and destruction brought on them by JIHADISTS and CRUSADERS for nearly 900 years.

    NOW , theis racist DALRymple is giving a long rope to JIHADISTS . It could be as I said this guy is half MUSALMAN . / JIHADIST waiting for his 72 HOOREES in ISLAMIC JANNA. !!!!!!!!

  • Pakistan is not secular country, life of minorities like hindu and christians are worse, you may watch many videos available on YouTube.massacare of Christians and hindus happen on huge scale.

  • Pakistan is a terrorist country that has done nothing good to any of its neighbour's. majority of them are very dishonest

  • brookings institution should get view from non muslim. he seems lost in islam…i mean he seems pro terrorist pakistan. hindus are always going to be establishment in india as long as they are majority but india is not a hindu state. its a secular state. Anyone think otherwise a moron.

  • A great historian and author of well known books. He is right that Muslims in India have any power of authority. They are far behind in all economic and social indicators of development compared to Hindu majority. Read any well researched studies, not only internationally but by Indian authors….Just a few Muslims got power of authority in India out of billions. It is only a TOKEN. As in Pakistan, Benezir Bhutto became PM and start thinking that women in Pakisntan and Islam has equal right as men is delusional.

  • What's is doing inside with Muslim in India they can't eating mutton the cow scared with Hindo always is banned front of wold everything

  • Americans are one of the stupidiest, myopic, people on earth. Look what they did to Vietnam. It is the greatness of this asian non – muslim culture that despite the massive indiscriminate bombing of Vietnam, for no reason, the Vietnamese do not hold and grudge against the US. All they wanted was their country back and one they got it for them gradually it became forgive and forget.

  • India has huge number of doctors,engineers,lawers,scientists,politicians. Some of them presidents,VP, Judges. This guy has very poor ground level knowledge. Stright from holliwood type.

  • He gives a good reason why Muslims and Christians must be deported all 600 million of them over the age of 5 to the west.
    Pakistan and Afghanistan is India
    Himalayas are the natural borders of Bharat

  • I have never in my 62 years of living in Europe met a brave indian. If
    you mention the word "brave indian" people start howling with laughter
    and yet you will find millions of brave keyboard indian warriors.

  • I have never in my 62 years of living in Europe met a brave indian. If
    you mention the word "brave indian" people start howling with laughter
    and yet you will find millions of brave keyboard indian warriors.

  • Darlymple is another English Pygmy, He has no clue but somehow passes his opinion on other countries.

    India is a HUGE nation and this Idiot thinks he can interpret us – why is Strobe or Brookings asking Darlymple instead of an INDIAN ?

  • Look, what India did in Kashmir I do not think that Pakistan was paranoid. This was what Pakistan has feared all this time.

  • Afgan government is puppet of indain government and jihad is part of Islam is so you pay some respect and and every muslim state it is obligatory when necessary

  • We Indians do not need to satisfy your fantasies that muslims are persecuted in india they are in every field occupying important positions. First learn to respect the minorities in your own country then speak about others .

  • BS. Pakistan is paranoid because of their version of Islamic State which is supremacist, desires to be light of ummah, and has a GlobAl version of Two Nation Theory which gets played in every country Pakistanis immigrate.

  • Pakistan has been taking money from the West for a long time and it has used it to fund jihadis. Everybody knows the ISI is totally infiltrated by the Islamists. That's the reason why Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan under the very noses of the most important military academy in the country. It could be said it is Pakistan's West Point. Nothing less. That fact alone reveals the duplicity of Pakistan and the reason Gral. Zia Ul-haq was murdered.

  • Is it their white guilt that forces them to pretend @1:02 that Pakistan was created out of South-Asia and not British-India?
    Fucking White Imperialist hiding their White British Guilt.

  • May be, India could have deadly weapons, the world could not imagine , as three lethal weapons described in the MAHABHARAT 5000 YEARS AGO, have NOT BEEN USE TILL NOW , it was said that, it could have destroyed an entire army within sixty seconds, so in the mere future, India could be the NIGHTMARE , if any country wish to wage war,remember well before taking hasty steps

  • Haha.. Pakistan funded Taliban!!! You don't know what your govt has been conspiring. CIA and Saudi Arab funded Talibans. They asked Pakistan to train them to fight Soviets. Moron!!! Read the book about US Senator Charlie Wilson of Texas (a movies is also made on it incase you don't like to read).

  • Jinnah created and demanded separate Pakistan for Islamic country while most Muslims remained and refused to move to Pakistan. Pakistan has Sunni, Ahmedya, Shia and Balochi, Sindhi and many others.Punjabi continued to dominate and keep its forces istly from Punjab. Other minorities like Sikhs, Hindus, Christians others continue to be persecuted and treated as slave to pressurize is migration to India or other countries.

  • All these talks seems so false in present scenerio.. Pakistan is Much more stable Security wise and Soon It will Stable Economically InshALLAH

  • The interviewer is asking questions designed with biasness. Indian presence in Afghanistan is threat to Pakistan not Pakistan's establishment.

  • You have written a book on the most serious problem in the world without extensive study.How ridiculous it is! …..Without that, your lack of information is getting worse through the you tube!,,,, Damn!,,,

  • Mr Dalrymple is very well versed he understands South Asia very well. He is right the kashmir conflict has extended into Afghanistan.

  • I am an Afghan, orphaned at the age of 40 days, lost so many family members and saw real time war in my childhood times since the arrival of these fucking war Lords in Kabul. Now I came to know that Pakistan was behind all these miserable times as well as loss of millions of lives in my beautiful country. As an Afghan I lived brave in Pakistan, pakis called me Khan Sahab. And was the strongest kid in my school and college. in coming future Afghans will rule back Pakistan even if one Afghan is left alive. We will get back our soil and Pakistan is a failed state run by Stupid politicians. Your suffering time is very near Pakistan.

  • We west needs Central Asia to launch us in to the seconde half of the 21 century and beyond! The new Westeren Bonansa afther M.E.,befor that Colonian British India.The new one will be Central Asian Turkestan Lands.

  • The idea that the establishment is Hindu and Muslims alienated is BS …

    1. India harbors the most Muslims after Indonesia. So, the creation of Pakistan along the lines of religion is BS. Forget Hindus, our own Muslims find it BS.

    2. Muslims are not minority. Minority incl. Christians and Indics namely Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists alongside Pharsis. They (incl. Shiites) all are getting along splendidly well. Sunni Muslims, if I understand right, are alienated for the most part because they don't want to integrate until India is an Islamic colony again: the rest has to integrate! Hindus had enough of this: Modi's arrival merely confirmed it. And Hindus just doesn't know how to be political activists: they are content with their Bollywood.

    3. Pakistan behaves like India was under them and now chosen to split away when the truth is they are impenitent about the amputation and their own destruction hitherto. One of the most arrogant lots ever seen. Our Muslims from India are annoying in their own ways for sure but are not out of their minds like Pakistanis are. Many Muslims from India find Pakistan and their Muslims a nuisance. Yet they are otherwise similar to Pakistanis in that they are more inclined to be Arabized and Urduized (because Persian reminds them of the invaders and Sanskrit reminds them of being invaded: the former even if not their DNA is loved while the latter is shunned despite their DNA), hijabized and AIMPLBized even if the latter is BS … they were actually very Indian 20 years back but it feels like we are accommodating those that are Muslims (and even Arabs) first and that they are the first citizens while Hindus shall keep being doormats that must bear every change … this is the cause of conflict.

  • When it comes to India
    We All are equal n no religion barrier can separate us

    FYI Muslims living in India are way educated successful n respected

  • I am sorry but all these westerners keep forgetting muslims aren't the only minority in India. There are quite a few other religions too. And being of a faith that is much smaller in number than Muslims, I can assure that India actually has one of the most efficient distribution of representation. The only reason there are much more hindus than muslims, sikhs or Christians or other religions that represent politically is because well more than 70% indians are hindu. So idk? Numbers??? Go figure!

  • Guys as far as we in india see..once a muslim man was incharge of our missile program and later become supreme commander of the armed forces. Enough powerful position ???

  • Dsrylomple IS GOON OF YHE FIRST ORDER ALWAYS THINKING/CONJURING UP NEW EXCUSES TO blame Hindus for all that is ailing the world & Pakistan… There is nothing that he will not pull out of his white condescending pretentious ignoramous arse.

  • I am an Indian muslim and I'm so glad my grandfather did not emigrate to that hellhole, unlike the rest of his brothers..

  • Face saving of West, They helped in every way to create 1st Islamic State called Pakistan and then feed the snake of Jehadi Terroism. Even now they are funding Pakistan and they know v well that most of the funding goes directly to support Terroism.

    India and Pakistan have much in common than Afganistan excluding religion .
    It was British who divided pashtoons into 4 areas. All the Pashtoon area belongs to Afganistan only.

  • You guys have very little knowledge about the facts… but you speak with confidence ! Don't spread wrong knowledge. Make a good literature survey before writing your misleading book…

  • Everyone bleeds in Afghanistan

    With Taliban once again resurgent in Afghanistan, and Trump having called off the recent 'peace talks', one is reminded of Robert Michael Gates’ words that he spoke at a press conference in Kabul in March 2010 as the 22nd Secretary of Defense of United States of America. He said:

    “There is still much fighting ahead, and there will assuredly be more dark days….but there is reason to be hopeful that Afghan and coalition forces can rout the hardest elements of the Taliban and establish security for the rest of the population.”

    ‘Rout’, he said. What then, had this scribe asked him in one of his columns at the time!

    Now as the Taliban specter rises yet again over Afghanistan, Robert Michael Gates, still hale and hearty, and his successors need to go to a game of Buzkashi in Afghanistan.

    A time-honored game of the steppe people in Central Asian region, Buzkashi is a wild sport. Skilled riders attempt to grab the carcass of a headless goat from the ground while riding a horse at full gallop. The aim is to get clear of other players and throw it across a goal line or into a target circle.

    From Scythians, Bactrians and Aryans to the later Arachosians, many civilizations of the yore have played the game of Buzkashi for countless centuries over the region with Afghanistan being the prized carcass. In time, from Median and Persian Empires to Alexander the Great, the Seleucids, the Indo-Greeks, the Indians, the Turks and the Mongols, a host of other people appeared on the horizons to join the game on one side or the other. No sooner would one team exit than another would join the pursuit. Called the Great Game in recent times, the blood sport was continued with old fervor by the British, the Soviets, and most recently by the United States and their allies.

    Vested interests then and vested interests now have been the chief aim of the invading teams all along. The invaders and the defenders, though, have been responding to various rallying cries. The leaders of the time sounded these calls from bullhorns of ideologies as diverse as of Pre-Zoroastrian to post-Zoroastrian Iranian to Buddhist to Hindu to Islamic Jihad calls to an out and out appeal to lust for spoils of war to the ‘War on Terror’ of recent past.

    Historically, however, in Afghanistan the winning sides stayed the winners for short spans of time. They came, they won, they sparkled for a brief moment and then faded into the mist of times as if they never were. After a brief revival period of an expectant lull, the game would start afresh. In the recent game, almost at its frayed end now, America and its allies were on one side and most of the rest on the other.

    There is only one consistent lesson one learns from the eons long game played over Afghanistan with brief respites. Everyone bled then, everyone bleeds now and everyone will bleed long after the current spell of the game is over whatever the outcome and whatever the American decisions to affect that outcome.

    The Afghans are bleeding because their social fabric is of a society that, though held loosely by a common religion, is interwoven with strong strands of racial animosities. And they will bleed because carrying these enmities they sit on a part of real estate whose geopolitical importance to the Empire builders, present and aspiring, only increases with each passing day. Their attitude, the Afghans will not change, and their geography, they cannot. They will thus remain a battleground on which ideologies, greed and politics of various regional and alien interests will continue to clash till the Afghans decide to bring a change from within.

    The neighbors, Pakistan being the case in point, are bleeding because in their quest for ‘strategic depth’ in Afghanistan, and with a not-so-subtle a nudge from their masters one hastens to add, they reared a breed of foot soldiers on divine diet of hate to defeat the Soviets. And they will bleed because, with the strategic depth now having become a strategic blunder that threatens their very existence, they neither know how to deprogram the zombies nor to explain to them why heaven and its resident hoories were promised as a reward in the fight against the ‘godless’ Russians but not any more when fighting the ‘infidel’ Americans and their local sidekicks.

    For the Americans, however, the situation is especially ironic. Firstly, as a fool returns to his folly, the Americans came back to kill their own creations i.e. the Taliban. Secondly, if turmoil and insecurity indeed were the reasons the Americans initially came to Afghanistan, as they would like the world to believe, it makes no sense to now leave in greater disarray not only that country but also almost the entire surrounding region—not to mention the increasing insecurity of their own country. Yet they cannot stay on for reasons obvious enough to even fresh entrants into the State Department. They stay and fight, they bleed. They quit and run, they bleed. They do neither, they bleed. Talk of double binds!

    The Americans and their allies are bleeding because they tried to conquer a land of which they neither know the culture, nor the custom, nor the religion nor the heady brew that the three things make. They can succeed only if they ruin the Afghans into oblivion, a physical impossibility, or reside here in person, which they cannot forever, or permit them to live under their own laws by establishing within it a cabal that will keep it friendly to them, something already tried and miserably failed at.

    And they will bleed for a whole range of other reasons. They will bleed because they don’t let go of easily where they once implant their handgrip and because of the energy, sapped of which as they already are, required to hold fast onto distant lands inhabited by alien peoples. And if they decide to depart leaving behind a few garrisons and a toady regime, they will bleed not only because of the nerve wracking wariness required to remaining alert to another great power starting a fresh spell of the game but also due to the resources wasted in the continuous long range knee-jerking that false alarms tend to induce from afar.

    All the same, once the present game of Buzkashi is over, with the wasted heroes lowered in to their graves in flag draped caskets, the politicians, the Generals and the Mullahs will promptly wash the blood off their hands with well-worded sorrow. The remaining foot soldiers, called the choppendoz in Buzkashi, will await the call from the bullhorn for the next bleeding round.

    Everyone bleeds in Afghanistan.


  • William Dalrymple does not have the credentials to comment on the subcontinent"s history. He is just a hash historian who likes to wander around and make a mash of floating opinions.

  • The world is missing the biggest point, which is that Pakistan will never bow down to India including Kashmir, you have probably heard this alot but I’m 100%100% percent sure that Pakistan will go after Indians , because Kashmir the commit you are making don’t mean anything things

  • US President Donald Trump Fires NSA John Bolton.
    Black Water Chief and USA Army 4 Star General Died in Afghanistan by Taliban attacks.
    USA Army Fight in Vietnam 30 Years with New Technology and Modern Arms.
    Soviet Union Army Fight in Afghanistan 25 Years with New Technology and Modern Arms
    Both countries Never been Win War.
    USA going to do Wrong same thing Again.
    USA, Israel and India Always Failed.
    Don't worry Allah with us.
    Insha Allah We will Win the War.
    Pakistan Zindabad.🇵🇰
    Pakistan Army Zindabad 🇵🇰🇵🇰 .

  • Mr Darkpimple stays in India and writes against India. Now for a change, let him go to Islamabad, stay there and share his views. They'll pop the pimple in no time.

  • He gives a good reason why Muslims and Christians must be deported all 600 million of them over the age of 5 to the west.
    Pakistan and Afghanistan is India
    Himalayas are the natural borders of Bharat

  • The tip of the iceberg….actually more ice, as glacial ice and snows which feed the major rivers which BOTH India and Pakistan vie for to grow food and as a basic requirement of life. This discussion that does not touch upon this MOST BASIC of human needs is indicative of being intellectually disconnected from life.

  • Sorry to say, it is not India which is peace loving country hurt by Pakisthani terrorism.Western countries like USA, UK who destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan ,middle East are more dangerous countries than what he calls dangerous triangle.wherever western countries interfere, they will bring destruction.

  • Dear indian Muslims you need to know muslim are not allowed to live under the command of non muslim because ALLAH is the biggest power not secularism it is in sharia by the way Islamic system are not develop even in muslim countries like Saudia Pakistan and many more. The system which was given us by our beloved prophet PBUH and His companions sahab R.A which one we are not following that's why we are badly damaged by this Secularism. Nobody will harm you if you are praying but when you want to make the system of sharia Or will raise your voices for this so All secular will go against you. Why these countries are facing cruelty and heavily damaged by America India rusia and Nato because muslim are not in power what is happening in Palestine Barma in Kashmir Yemen Syria Iraq Afghanistan or any one who raises their voice for Islamic laws are destroyed by this secular world. When you are in power you can defeat world powers like Persian and Roman empire but when you are living under the command of non Muslims so you need to follow their laws not yours. Anyone who is saying that muslim are in power in India so they are moving like a chicken without head. Islamic system are much better than secularism even in war you are not allowed to kill women children trees and innocent. Non muslim were living under the command of our Great Prophet PBUH. Not a single example you can give anyone try harm them or even make any problem for them. A very big problem is muslims left Quran their study and following secularism so they are in this bad situation.

  • Pakistan is not scared of India, it does see India as its enemy because our relation has never been on the bright side, second, I live in Pakistan, and I know the level of freedom Pakistan offers, we might be poor compared to India but we are not under a dictatorship or a military regime. Third, the core parliaments of Pakistan work on merit systems (and corruption of course but mostly you get what you work for) the president is required to be a Muslim though, there are Hindus in our military but none that I know of that are higher up cuz they don't qualify for the posts, not because of religion but because of their capabilities and most Hindus prefer to not join the military cuz the country we're most likely to go to war with is a hindu majority country, and pakistan doesn't support terrorism, it has funded afghan talibans through American money and because the US was in a cold war with Russia and both having their interests in the region, so has Saudi Arabia, and a lot of other countries, also to be frank. We have allowed millions upon millions of afghan refugees into Pakistan when Afghanistan was in crisis, The international community doesn't notice this color of Pakistan, and I have a ton of Indian friends who are great people. Personally I would like nothing more than both our countries getting along and not having disputes, but it isn't just Pakistan at fault, some, not all (some) Pakistanis have hostility towards India but it is the same thing in India, as you can clearly see while scrolling the comments. So please I would appreciate it if no Pakistani and Indian disrespects one another

  • Enough Muslims dominate India I hate Muslims Talibansam Muslims destroying unity other reglious races forces conventions demolish millions Hindus temples Pakistan creates hate Hindus Muslims all Taliban Pakistan Gazwae.e hind mother axx Pakistan

  • Those indians who are bashing Pakistan and bragging india about being so secular, I ask you, tell us about muslim lynching, cow vigilanty groups?

  • Hindus are liberal by God given nature of their character which is inbuilt. In their genes. We see quality of the person not religion. If Muslims are poor in India then Hindus outnumber them in this regard. In political representation , India is democratic country, so nobody can blame India if Muslim representation is less. It's people who choose. As a matter of fact, Hindus have had Muslim representatives on various platforms but no Hindu has ever representated a Muslim community even for a small local body.
    Stop lecturing Hindus on secularism. Hindus are secular by dna. It's the Muslims who have to change the mindset

  • Indian hard liner Hindus are violent and majority of them are illiterate , I have watched a video where a man was murdered in day light in front of 100s of people purely because he ate or sold cow meat … really ???? Crazy ignorant stupid people

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