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Agility Training for Dogs : Use Jump Training for Dog Agility Training

Hi! I am Elise Paffrath from Breeze Thru Agility.
I am talking about dog agility training on behalf of Expert I am going to
talk next about jump training. There are a lot of obstacles in the agility course but
there are more jumps than anything else, so it is really important dog becomes comfortable
jumping. I like to start doing jumps by just introducing the dog to bars on the ground
and the jump standards. I am going to put a target at the end and have my dog simply
run through the jump standards and over the bars just to get the idea, Okay. Quick. Good
girl. The next step is put the jumps up a little bit and teach the dog to jump over,
wait, over low jumps going ahead, Okay!, Jump. Good girl. Sit. Jumping becomes much more
complicated when the dogs advance and you teach them other skills and have them jump
full height. A dog jumps the height based on how tall they are at the withers. My dog
Sprite is actually jumping 22 inches when she is fully trained, Come. Okay. Jump. Good
girl. So jump training takes a long time to do really well. It is very important to do
a good job of training your dog to be a comfortable jumper, know when to take off and how to handle
their body in a nice arching fashion over the agility jumps.

  • use a clicker and treats. At first click and treat any interest the dog has in the jump, then move to c/t jumping over the bar, THEN add your motion. If you at first stand still so the dog isolates out the jump itself from you and your movement he will know more what exactly you want… Buy Linda Mecklenburg's book on Jumping from Clean Run…. Good Luck!!!

  • The clicker is a precursor to treats or toys. You click then give a treat or toy. So it should work because the moment you click you give them a treat or toy. The click in itself is not the reward it is just letting the dog know it did what you wanted right and you are going to reward them. You may not be using the clicker the right way or done enough training with the clicker before teaching tricks.

  • Well, I train dogs, and thats exactly how I do it. Start with bars on the ground to get the idea. Even bars on the grounds to introduce the puppies work.

  • I would start teaching that he HAS to jump. Do small jumps at first so that your dog cant go under and use lots of praise and reward.

  • that dog is so well trained!! my dog is really good at jumping (he can go really high) but he has to follow a treat over he doesn't go on command. I'm gonna try to teach him though. 😀

  • my dog crawls under the bars and when i block the gap under it goes around the jump we dont have a agility or any dog sport here but a border collie needs exersice

  • try making the jumps Very short, like 4 in. off the ground first, then gradually make it higher. it took me 2 mo to train my dog from 1 1/2 ft. to 2 ft
    and dont rush it cuz then ur dog wont like Jumping!
    i hope it helped
    if u need anymore help, just ask!

  • my shorkie clears 22 inches she is tiny! dose anyone know what height she would jump in competition? i want to enter her she jumps, tunnels and is leaning the a frame and see-saw quickly! i am training her myself after working at a kennel for 3 years but i never worked with agility i just watched alot! and i think she is almost ready!

  • @nicoreal89 does your dog have a favourite toy/treat is so try that (coaxing over the bars). Also another thing i use with my dog because she does the same thing sometimes , i jump over the bars as well , it sounds stupid but it works very well.

  • @wirbleworldkristy put a blanket or towel over the barjump and it will look like a solid figure and they HAVE to go over it thats what i do with my dogs

  • @Lilcool88 agreed, they used a dog that has the jump command and is familiar with the hurdles so whats the sence in the video?

  • Hmm how about using a dog that doesn't no how to jump next time because my dog wont go over the jumps of the lead :/

  • How do you get the dog to jump off of a leash? My dog can jump 2'6" and she's only 7 months, but this won't help her if I can't b there leading her.

  • Start lower, maybe 8 in or lower, dogs shouldn't be jumping any higher than their withers to start up ("shoulder" bone) if you start lower there should be not enough space to go under. like they are doing in the video, gradually moving it higher from on the ground.

  • I wouldn't jump her very high yet, she's till young. wait until she's a little older before doing proper jumping.

  • my dog can jump and do all these things (most of the things at least she can jump and everything) b but other dogs might distract her any tips?

  • You can tell them to stay, walk to the other side and tell them to come while standing right on the other side.

  • I tried to get my dog to jump threw a hola hoop and he got so scared .. The hola hoop was touching the ground 😂 he is so weird

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