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Still not awake? No, not yet. Damn it. Good morning Did you sleep well? Not so much. Another nightmare? Indeed. No milk. Did you take your pills? Yes Still, I think you look better . Good morning Did you sleep well? To the look of his face, he’s had a nightmare again Am I right son? Always at breakfast… Mathias! Someone is here for you. Mathias! Hoy! What’s up? “Matt” Well buddy, aren’t you happy to see me? What? Don’t you remember? Ahamkara! It is not a name a man can forget! Ahamkara! Starting to remember? “Mathou” (nickname) It’s okay. It’s okay! We will have to get at it anyway We have a lot of work to do. The knife! On the right of the plate! I said on the right! Get your elbows off the table! By god, you are driving me insane! You brat! You are standing like a beggar at this table. So, Mathou We have got to do something, big guy. You aren’t gonna let her be like that. Hey, stop the long face. But what can I do? You know very well what you’ve got to do. And who the hell are you? That question again! You know very well who I am. You have to admit it, buddy. But as I am not mean, I am going to give you a little boost. We will play all together. Uh oh! No elbows on the table! We had our fun. Worth it, do you think? It takes so much time for you to get up. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. Huh, wasn’t there some… strange guy coming in the appartment? There was. The pope. Have your breakfast, you are about to be late at school. What is the matter? What’s happened? Leave it, I am going to take care of her. So, my beauty. It ain’t worth it. Life is beautiful, isn’t it? I’ll show you. I have a present for you. Let’s dance! Let’s dance sweetheart. What the hell is wrong with you? Tell me! I don’t know. It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright. Hell. I saw hell, Ahamkara. I knew a guy who saw hell too. Do you know what he said about it? The only thing that burns in hell is what inside you wants to hang on to life. Memories, feelings… They will burn at last. Little by little. Hell isn’t a punishment. Hell is the freeing of your soul. If you fear death Your demons will take your life. But if you make peace with yourself these demons become angels. They deliver you from the weight of pain and consciousness. It all depends on how you choose to look at it, Mattou. What are you doing? Yeah right. Don’t play dumb with me. I will teach you a lesson. What? I will show you! I ain’t gonna hurt you! I am just going to bash your fucking head. Ooooh! Things got wild! Shit, what is happening now? Nothing to worry about, really. I think that your dad feels a bit tense. Open the door, damnit! Open, for I break your fucking asshole face! Now it’s getting nasty! What can I do? Open to me! You’ve been a bad boy, very bad! And I am going to fix that, don’t you worry. Help me dammit! You need a weapon. But it’s too bad, I have nothing on me. (the dad) : I will kill you. Nah I’m kidding! This! This should do the job. All of this is part of a logical process of elimination! Come on Mathias, it’s time to obey to your father. Be nice! Let him come in! Here you are you brat. You are alone So alone Poor Mathias… So alone. Alone, Mathias. (repeatedly) Die Mathias Die, this would be better for you. Disapear Nobody will miss you Farewell Mattou!

  • C'est la vérité quotidienne de ce que vivent la plupart de nos proches ainsi que de leurs parents impuissants et démunis face à cette souffrance insupportable, infernale…. une porte s'ouvre…mais laquelle ?
    Bravo pour l'expression réaliste de cette vidéo qui donne à chacun des éléments pour mieux comprendre la souffrance de notre proche.

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