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– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (Dog barking) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Lauren Trathen
and my experience with the Beauceron breed currently is that, I am a Beauceron breeder,
handler, and trainer. (flowery music) I’ve been involved with
the Beauceron breed now, for going on five years. The breed standard for Beauceron’s: Their weight should be
proportionate to their body, they are a medium dog in all aspects. For height, the females
in the Beauceron breed are 24 inches to 26 and a half inches, and the males are 25 and a half inches to 27 and a half inches. They should be an overall balanced dog. They can come in either
the black and tan known as the noir et faux, or they can
be in the harlequin color. Which is a gray mixed into the pattern of the black and red of the normal Beauceron. The most specific thing about
the Beauceron breed standard that will identify a
Beauceron is their Bas Rouge, which is the red stockings
that they trademark have on their legs but also,
their double dewclaws which should be fully
formed and firmly attached to their back rear feet. The history of the Beauceron, the very first mentionings of
a Beauceron type description is back in 1578. And than fast forwarding in time, in 1893 was the first time
the Livres Origines Francais, of the French origin book of recognized the first Beauceron was in 1893. (blues music) The original purpose, they
were bred for many, many years to be a driving and herding
dog for cattle or sheep, outside of the Paris region,
in the region of La Bouche. Which is why they were
called Berger de Beauce, shepherd of the Bouche region. They were meant mainly
to herd sheep and cattle, and to also protect the
homestead and guard the family. In later years they were
used in both wars overseas in Europe, sending messages
to the front lines, due to their unwavering
ability to not hesitate on a command from their handler. As far as the clubs are aware
for the Beauceron their are no known mixes that went
into making the Beauceron. We are not entirely sure of its origins. It’s just one of those very old breeds. (blues music) In today’s day and age, the
main breeds that we know of that the Beauceron has gone
into creating would be: the Catahoula Leopard Dog, and also the widely known
Doberman Pinscher as well. (blues music) In today’s day and age
the Beauceron can excel in many, many differnt areas. They are a very versatile working dog. There are many Beauceron’s
out there doing dock diving, herding, trick training,
rally, obedience, weight pull, cana cross, anything that a dog could do, a Beauceron could absolutely do it. In terms of excelling
at any sort of sports, they truly excel in
herding, lure coursing, and definitely obedience work. (blues music) The Beauceron can be a very
good pet for an active person who wants to be very
involved with their dog, who will stimulate their
dog not just physically but also mentally. In terms of that, I believe
a Beauceron can be an amazing pet for a very dedicated owner. (blues music) To keep my Beauceron’s healthy and happy, I make sure to feed them
obviously a quality diet, and we get out and we exercise. But mainly taking my dogs out to herding. And um, you know exercising
their instinct that they have. Training and working them
mentally keeps them not just physically in shape, but
also mentally strong. The food that I feed my
Beauceron and the amount that I would feed a Beauceron
would vary depending on the type of dog I had before me,
and how much exercise I’ve been giving that dog. But generally anywhere
between three and a half to five and a half cups of food. Depending on what quality and
kind of food you’re feeding would be about you would be
giving a Beauceron who’s fairly mentally stimulated and
physically throughout the week. For a Beauceron that is physically
fit in my ideal opinion, I would like to see the last
rib be visible on their dog. A lot of coverage on their hips. And I’d also like to see a lot of nice muscling around the chest. (music) The Beauceron breed is best
suited to live with somebody in their home, with a larger yard. Or someone who has access to
a lot of space and can get their Beauceron out to stretch their legs. (country music) Apartments not out of the
question for a Beauceron, as long as the owner is
dedicated in making sure that the dog gets out and gets exercise. The Beauceron can be very
good for a multidog home. They generally are very tolerant and playful with other dogs. But there have been known
same sex aggression cases. So it really depends on the
individual Beauceron and perhaps the lines they have
come from or the history that, that specific dog has. So you should always be very
careful when introducing your Beauceron to your household. (upbeat music) The temperament of the Beauceron
according to the standard is that they should be
aloof and very confident. They should never back down from a threat. And their appearance
should be frank and alert. The socialization of a
Beauceron and its training is incredibly important. At a young age the Beauceron should be heavily socialized with as
many situations as possible. Including in the day time and at night. It is very important to make
sure that your Beauceron sees as much of the world
as possible before they go through fear periods and
before they reach adolescents. In terms of training,
your Beauceron should receive lifelong training. It should be definitely leash trained, and obedience training. It should be able to accept a stranger that you ask it to accept. It does not have to be
incredibly friendly or lab like, but it should be able
to accept a stranger. The breed is actually rather
difficult to train because they are incredibly intelligent. They will attempt to be
one one step ahead of you, in all of your training. They don’t enjoy repetition,
so you have to keep it fresh for a Beauceron and have
to keep it interesting. A healthy Beauceron should get
anywhere between two to four hours of exercise as an adult. As a young puppy I would
break that up into 30 minute increments throughout the day,
but nothing too strenuous. The life expectancy of the breed is about 13 to 14 years at max. There are some older Beauceron out there, but that’s about the general age. The main health issues
facing the Beauceron is DCM. It’s Dialated Cardiomyopathy. It also affects Doberman Pinschers. It’s a disease of the heart. There’s also hip dysplasia
and osteochondritis. So it’s just mainly the
DCM, the hip dysplasia, and the OCD that we’re mainly
seeing in the breed in terms of health concerns. In the Beauceron breed we
have had couple of cases of Pano in puppies where they grow to fast, a little too quickly. So I would make sure that
you’re not over feeding your Beauceron puppy and that
you’re not giving it a lot of extra stimulants in order
to make it grow very fast. I would keep your Beauceron
puppy at a nice trim weight. Without it being too heavy nor too thin. The cleaning and grooming
requirements for a Beauceron are almost non-existent. They are a wash and wear breed. You could very easily bath
this dog and not need to bath it again for another
month, month and a half. Unless you know, you out encounter a skunk or get incredibly dirty. They really, their coat
takes care of itself. The Beauceron does shed extensively. So at least twice a year, I
would do a blowout on the coat and do a good brushing. But outside of that there’s
not very much maintenance needed for the coat. The ideal owner for a
Beauceron would be somebody who is dedicated, engaged, and active. They’re a very slow maturing breed. So it has to be a very dedicated person, who’s willing to wait for
them through their maturity. Which can take three to four years. A person who has a Golden
Retriever, will have a more mature dog than somebody
who would own a Beauceron. And they would need to be
dedicated to making sure that they go at their dogs pace
and not push their Beauceron too far or too fast. Because they are so slow in maturing, while still being a lot of
dog for a lot of people. The Beauceron can be either be inside or outside someones home. But primarily, they would
like to be so much with their family, they’re not the
type of dog that you should have as a solely outside dog. (country music) Today we went herding at,
ActionK9sports in Escondido. Moagly, is a recently turned
two year old Beauceron that we imported from Hungary, from the Guardiens du Chaso kennel. Where most of his ancestors
have been herding dogs. He’s a more mature dog and is
further along in his career. He’s been herding for
about little over a year. Is much more mature in
his style, slower dog, thinks about what he’s
doing before he does it. And just has a lot of raw talent. (country music) Ocean who I affectionately call Oce, is actually the daughter of the dog in the previous
documentary videos you may. I bred this puppy and she’s shown an amazing talent for herding. We have been herding now for
about a month and a half. We usually don’t start dogs this young, but she’s actually shown a lot of talent. As you can see in the videos, Oce is still a little bit excitable. We’re still learning
how to change directions and stop, and listen to the sheep, and listen to our handler. So she’s definitely a work in progress. All of my memories that
I have of Beauceron’s are incredibly special to me. I have actually been to France
to the National Televas. And I’ve seen 600 Beauceron’s
all in an area together. And being amongst this breed
is incredibly, incredibly heart warming and special to me. The dogs themselves are such characters. They keep you laughing
while also giving you a very general sense of safety. I love this breed with all of my heart. I hope to never be without a Beauceron for the rest of my life
if I can manage it. (country music)

  • The black and grey dog must be new color for this breed , I've looked into this breed in the eighties , never seen or heard of that color , one could expect the exploitation of every good breed now adays , man won't leave good enough alone

  • Why Americans got to always clip the ears, living in France and seeing beaucerons all the time I've never seen one cliped

  • Back with a BANG I see 👌There aren’t too many things I love more than to see a dog doing the job it was bred for. I wish all dog owners would take this woman’s lead and understand that a dog with a job and an educated owner/handler is a happy, willing, balanced, and obedient member of the pack/family. I LOVE how she touched on them not making such great “pets” I have a Malinois and would never recommend anyone getting one for the sole purpose of just having a pet that you walk once a day. These working breeds are intelligent to a fault sometimes and if their owner isn’t willing or able to properly train and socialize them they will become more of a loose canon/bomb/Tasmanian devil/a giant ball of endless energy and drive/and most of all they will become ridiculously destructive because they have no way of releasing all that pent up energy and frustration. Great video as ALWAYS!!!! 🙏👏👌

  • Amazing breed. They look stunning. I've always wanted a dog that looks like a Doberman, but has less health issues and lives longer than a Dobie. The Beauceron is perfect! But I'm kinda scared because they need a LOT of exercise and training…

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  • Ocean is looking AMAZING lauren! I am sooo happy to see you on YouTube again! Keep up the amazing work! -Amanda barela

  • They are the common police dog in france second to the Malinois and they originate from the old european shepherding dogs and the mastiffs that came with the romans to france.

  • Most working breeds are "Swiss Army Knife" versitile dogs that learn quickly to do jobs well. But, if you don't have a job or hours of exercise for them, you will end up with a horrid misbehaving life long pet. So just know there are penalties vs. benefits for dog intelligence and high exercise requirements.

  • Well she don't know colors that's Merle. Because harleyquin is like a black and white great but u go girl. An no way that dog went into the catahula leopard dog cuz it's native to America cuz it was the native Indians of luisiana

  • Origin is the "Beauce" a region in France. From them were the Doberman and Rotweiler bread. "Berger" means shepherd. Dogs with same character and extra claws are the "Briard officially Berger de Brie". Everybody knows Brie cheese from that region. Plus "Picard officially Berger de Picard". All three breeds have the same size. >>>The very first dog ever mentioned and showed in a book was a Beauceron.

  • Zeke when I was seven years old, I used to spend hours in my Encyclopedia looking at dog breeds. Watching your videos takes me back to those days and educates me on breeds that I had no idea about.

  • In French it's not pronounced like that, it's like bosron (the e is skipped) and at the end we don't pronounce the n so /bosrõ/

  • She says they don't need a lot of grooming, just a bath every month… That's funny. The only time a double coated dog needs a bath is after they've rolled in dead things.

  • Might look in to owning one of these in the future, always owned collies / collie crosses looks like one of my kind of breed

  • If I may, this is not "noir et faux" but "noir et feu" wich means black & fire.
    Excellent video, this breed is such lovely one !

  • I found a stray dog which I have been trying to identify. I walk around the neighborhood 2-3 times a week and it was just there one day. It was following me back and forth so I decided to give it some food. Its extremely friendly and I was playing with it for a bit. It doesnt seem to want to follow me all the way home though but I can't blame it. There are alot of dogs in our neighborhood and they dont seem to like new blood around especially the neighbors pitbulls seem to be especially aggressive. I have been slowly trying to narrow it and the Beauceron seems to be the closest. It a grayish white with black smudges same as the one in the video but without the tan. Same size and furry tail. Does anyone know how I can identify the breed?

  • I know the double dew claw is the standard for this breed but I know people remove the dew claws as well. These are beautiful dogs

  • Just found out my rescue is this breed. Happy to have it down now and to have a guide for a direction to hone his training.

  • This women is on point. Apparently she's fluent in French and Arabic. From how she Carrie's a dialog and transitions to different talking points, describes experianxes and relays facts that shes got an IQ that well above the "average" I wouldn't be surprised if she was a MENSA member.

  • I’m a very active individual, love going on runs and walks etc during the week, and on weekends love hiking and being outdoors constantly. But… I work in finance/accounting during the week which often takes me from 9-5. I’ve loved this breed for years and have had my heart set on a boy for a long long time. My only concern would be is if I would be home enough? I could hire a dog walker etc during the days but really want to be in charge and involved HEAVILY in his training and really develop a bond with him. Can any owners, maybe in similar situations, provide any insight on if this is practical?? I’d kill to have Beauceron in my life, but more than anything I’d want him to be happy.

  • Video is unwatchable should of had someone likeable on it this woman is unlikeable this dog is no different than any other herding dog it's a great pet like anydog as long as you treat them right and keep them fit

  • I was matched with a Beauceron on a AKC compatibly test. I love to jog and hike, so I can definitely handle any dogs activity needs. But I just wanted to learn more because I didn’t want look into Breeders just because I think a dog is “so cute”. This video along with my other research is confirming that a Beauceron would be good for my life and my family. I’ll get a workout buddy, an excuse to go pet sheep at the farm… I mean let my munchkin herd lol, a protector, a friend for my brother’s daughter (he has a ChiPit rescue named Sundance). Plus they’re good with kids 😊 I work from home and a lot of my school work is online so I have a lot of spare time. I can’t wait to bring home my baby next year when I’m done preparing for him

  • Bonjour! I live in France and N’Deneb du Perouet is my fifth Beauceron. I would definitely like to confirm what you say about the breed, particularly on the first video I saw of you with Jamais sans toi, but also in this one. One thing I am curious about… I noticed your Beaucerons have their ears trimmed. That has been illegal in France since May 2004, in conformance with the EU regulation on the matter. When you went to the Nationale d’Elevage, you probably noticed that. Trimming the ears was a common practice with sheperds as Beaucerons would not only drive herds of sheep but also defend them against predators amongst which wolves. The ears would be trimmed very short (known as « coupe bergère ») in order to lessen the risk of infection and ultimately death after a fight with such a predator. So it isn’t just a question of esthetics. But I will say the Beauceron will look more deterrent with its ears trimmed than with its ears being natural.
    Deneb (for short) is only 2 years old, very sociable … and is starting working as a visitor to the elderly in Pension homes. Nevertheless, she shows all those fine qualities you describe in your video although you are forgetting one which is of some importance in my part of France: Beaucerons have a very well developed sens of smell. I am currently training Deneb to find truffe mushrooms.
    Keep up the good work! Just let me know how Jamais is doing! Best regards.

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