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(bells ringing) – [Host] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (upbeat guitar music) – My name is Alexandra Flanigan also known by Sandra. And, I have been in Labs, rather, since 1989. Started out with one Labrador as a breeder to show the dog and ended
up doing field work. So, I had my training, early training with field work. Was able to place a Junior Hunt title on that yellow Labrador in those days and learned a lot from her. And, from there I grew to
two or three more Labradors over the next few years
and again continued to do both the show ring
and doing some field work. In the latter years I’ve
only been able to do like Working Certificates. It’s too rugged for this
old lady to go tromping around in the ponds. That most of the dogs have gone through and got their Working Certificate to show that they still
have that innate ability and, you know, to bring in the ducks, go to the pond, and swim back. The Working Certificate
is only a one-shot trial. You go to a couple of
practices and throw bumpers or live shot birds and
you do a bit of training and then you have a judge,
at a different show, you take the dog and they
judge the dog’s ability to do a land retrieve
and a water retrieve. And, that’s the Working Certificate. It’s just a beginner level. It’s the first rung of the ladder. That’s the fun part about having Labradors is doing the things they were bred to do. We people kind of spoil
ourself with conformation. In our ego we have the prettier dog and getting the championship on ’em, you know show champ for conformation. But, the true fun is taking them out and working them in the field. The breed standard would be the measurements, the coat, the tail, the head, the structure to conform so that they can do the work of retrieving and going
in and out of the water. And, if you go back, the
head should be pleasing, and the ears should not
exceed past their eye, the corner when you pull, so
there’s a balance to the head. The muzzle should equal the
length up into their forehead and into the back of the skull. So, it’s in proportion. The coat on the dog is a double coat. There is an undercoat and an outer coat and that’s what makes
them the true Labrador. And, you really need to
show that to the judge or the judge will find
it in the show ring. But, that’s what’s their insulation and their original job of
pulling the fishing nets in the cold water of
Labrador up in Canada. And, that’s what they were
bred to do and so therefore they have to have that coat. Level top line, tail set
off the back in continuation to the spine, not up like an antenna. It is a rudder in the
water and that’s the form that they will steer by. The webbed feet is another
trait of the Labrador. The standard on height, the girls are about 21 1/2 to 23 inches at the withers, the shoulders. And the boys can go 22 to 25 inches at the shoulders. The history of the Labrador Retriever. It actually originated
in Labrador in Canada. And, there was two breeds, the Greater Labrador, being the Newfie, the lesser being the Labrador Retriever as we know it today, a
little bit smaller today. And, they were discovered by the British while they were using them
on fishing boats in Canada. They took them back to
Britain and actually grew the breed out so
for conformation and show and also sought the value
of hunting with them. Once the British encountered the breed in Canada and saw the function of the water
(duck call squawking) and the retrieving agility, the big sport in Britain is to go hunting for pheasant and therefore they thought this would be a fabulous
dog hunting pheasants, the lord of the manor. It was the people who could afford to have guests and have a fleet of dogs that they actually had kennel
masters that worked these dogs and continued to breed them and hone them to what we have today. And, so even though
they are a Canadian dog, I attribute Britain to
nurturing what we have today. After the British got ahold of this dog and found the attributes that it could do, it started to spread throughout Europe. And, so you find Labradors
in many, many countries with different functions. But the main thing is hunting, the main goal is to hunt. The three most common
dogs that you’ll find at a field training
facility like I’ve gone to would be a Golden Retriever,
a Flat-Coated Retriever, and your Labrador. And, the differences between
them can be very vast. The other retriever who
supersedes all of these guys would be your Chesapeake
Bay Retriever too. They’re also in the mix. The Labrador is built like a boat. The front of the chest
between the shoulders has what we call a keel and that’s what plows through the water. They are probably the
stronger of all of the dogs, probably even Steven with the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. And they can move through
the water quite fast too. But, when they jump in,
they jump in full force like somebody just dropped
the boat into the water. They’re a great house pet, the Labrador because they want to please. That’s their whole goal,
that’s why they make such good therapy dogs, guide dogs, they love people and they’re actually very easily housebroken. They can be a real pest
sometimes because they feel that they are a little dog
and they’re not a little dog. And, so if you jump in bed, you look by and here’s three of
them laying in your bed. And, you’re going but I
have to get in here too. So, they are great. They’re great with children. They’re great with older people too. They just have a sense
about them, a compassion. It’s beautiful to watch. They’re a great dog for a family. The Labrador needs a yard. Apartments, condos,
that’s a no-no on my list as far as where I would
like to put my dogs. I don’t care if it’s a small
yard, but they need a yard. And, if they don’t have
that, they you have to have access to a park where you can get out and walk them and exercise them. But, they love to lay out in the backyard. And, they love the outdoors. They’re just too big a dog
for a condo or an apartment. I’ve only had to take back
puppies a couple of times where the people have, I call it, failed to get this dog to adapt and both times, one was a condo and one’s an apartment and
they were not truthful with me and I ended up having
to re-home the puppy. But, they just don’t understand
you can’t lock them up in an apartment for
the day and go to work. They need their yard, they need a yard. The ideal owner for a Labrador Retriever would be someone who’s outdoorsy, active, maybe likes to go hike
or even walk every day. They make a great walking companion. The other is if you’ve got children and you’re taking ’em to the park, dog goes with, you know,
and becomes the other child. That’s what they are. They become part of the family. They’re another member. And, they love to be part of
it, involved with the kids. It would be someone that
takes the time to include the dog in a lot of their
activities as much as they can. The grooming needs. That’s a joke (laughs). My favorite thing is someone
says do you have to bathe them and brush them and do the
daily, weekly, whatever? And, I look at ’em and go no because when you’re showing your Labrador, the last thing you want
to do is to rake through and draw that coat out. The double coat has to be there. And, so my favorite thing
to do is a week or two before the show have them swim in the pool and let the chlorine clean their coat out and then take ’em to the
show two weeks later. No brushing, no blowing, no nothing, just let it be clean, let it lay down, and have the two coats right there so that the depth of the coat
can be felt by the judges. The breed temperament on a
Labrador should be very pleasant, gentle, and pleasing. If you have one that growls,
it should be corrected and stopped right away and told this is not acceptable behavior. So, they should be very
pleasing, cuddly, and warm, and very tolerant and that’s why they’re so good with children. Socialization is very
important and it has to be done at the right time where
the window of opportunity, just as you have with children and teaching them different things. With the puppies, the best
opportunity to start the training is when they complete all of their shots. I drill that home because I don’t want the health endangered. As far as training a
Labrador Retriever obedience, I recommend that at six months. Around the same time that
you’re doing the socializing, if you have the right instructor
and the proper information being passed to you it’s a great time to be trained yourself because the teacher is training you on how to train your dog. You’re the middle guy
and so once you learn the repetitions of the
correction or the praise, then you make a great, great
trainer with your puppy. There were many health
issues when I started in Labradors 29 years ago. Fortunately science,
which is in my background, is growing and learning all the time and we have found ways now to DNA, X-ray, do all of the testing to find out some of these. And, one of them was hips and elbows. And, we know that genetically
it’s being passed on. And, so if we can X-ray and certify through the Orthopedic Foundation
our hips and our elbows and get them numbered, and we do it for three or four generations, we know we’re going to produce
healthy and sound dogs. In my puppy pack, the most important thing that I go through with them
is the hips and the elbows and the eyes. Those are the things that
keep that dog viable. That being said, when
I release that puppy, it’s only eight weeks old. And, the scary part is
that the environment they’re going to, I’m
not in charge anymore. And, my biggest concern
is allowing a puppy to jump from a sofa down
or a table and down. If the kids leave it
somewhere and it jumps down, you can damage all of the
cartilages and soft tissue that are holding those bones together are still very, they’re
immature and still growing. And, they need time to mature. And, taking a dog running
and jogging to excess at a young age is a no-no. You’ve got to allow them to grow. They don’t hit puberty till 12 months. And, so in between that time they go home to about 12 months, it
should be house and family and nice walks, swimming,
low impact, low impact. And, allow the dog to grow. Life expectancy is anywhere
from 10 to 12 years. But, some of us are getting
very good at breeding and the average on mine
is running anywhere from 14 to 16. I lost three of them this
last two years at 16. And, I’ve gotten calls from clients and they were just beside themselves. Their dog made it to 14 and
did well, you know, did well. So, that’s kind of a real bonus
is to see us push that out a little bit longer ’cause
they don’t live long enough. You know, they get into
your heart and you think my gosh, how am I going
to exist without this dog? Their life is so short. So, it’s nice to see the longevity. Drummer and he’s a yellow male and he just turned five at Christmas. He is a finished show champion and on top of that he has
his Grand Championship and he also has won, he did last year, win the Southern Cal Specialty. So, he’s won in competition
against all Labradors, not just other breeds of dogs. He also has his Working Certificate and he also now and again, he
does have his Good Citizens, Canine Good Citizen, but I
think he forgets (chuckles). He gets a little rambunctious. And, the other gal, her name is Piper. She is a black female. She just turned eight and she also has her Working Certificate. And, she hasn’t been shown that much and she is from Sweden. She was an import brought to me. Lovely dog, great girl, very, very smart. The breeder in Sweden has 50 years of genetic testing and breeding and a lot of hunting in the line. As I had stated earlier,
29 years I’ve had an affair with this breed. I’ve loved them since I
was growing up in Canada. My father had one when I was 10 years old. Two years ago I actually was president of the Southern Cal Lab Club. And, so now I’m retired. I’m sitting back watching
all of the new people get involved and carry the torch. It’s been a wonderful
journey and I love the breed. And, I love the people. The personality of most of these people that I associate with are
like the dogs, very pleasing. And, so it’s like an
extension of your family.

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  • I had a chocolate lab/golden retriever mix. He was the smartest, most athletic and well behaved dog i have ever seen. He only lived to 12 years old but i made his life completely fulfilled. He was amazing to watch catching his frisbee a freak athlete.

  • great dogumentary
    i have a lab- very sweet dog- also the dumbest dog I own. Seriously, he seems well behaved but I think it's just cuz he's so chill- he has been so hard to train and stubborn
    I also have an APBT, Doberman, & Poodle- no problem training any of them
    but the lab- that dog just wants cuddles and sleep
    Oh and the shedding- be prepared! If you get a lab your house will be covered in copious amounts of hair all year round- it never ends- hair everywhere. She mentioned the double coat, but that really doesn't encompass the amount of hair that you're going to encounter.
    But- very sweet and mellow dog. Just dumb 😉

  • THESE LABS ARE NOT FAT. they are naturally stocky and there is a difference. They seem relatively healthy. The black one does seem a bit overweight but on most videos people keep saying they're fat when they are actually perfectly fine..

  • My experience is anecdotal, and technically my dog Sidney is not a pure breed, but she is the sweetest most well natured dog I have ever had. The thing about labs, is that they love food, so you have to be careful about not "loving" them by over feeding them. Also, if Sid is any example, while active in youth, they love to sleep more and more as they get older. Which is fine. Just be prepared for that.

  • If there was any selective breeding that should be focused on would be for them to be with us longer. They pack a ton of life into their years though

  • Grooming with Labrador I must say, they will make massive carpet in your home to the point that it's just no use to comb the hair. It doesn't matter if you just combed it or not it's just going to be a carpet everyday. So yeah grooming, not required, but daily house cleaning, just forget about it. Everything you have will have Labrador hair for the next 10 years.
    If you live in a hot climate place, I think washing the dog once or twice a month, or when you pet the lab your hand will be coated with a thick waxy grease. Oh if you have wooden floor, it's free wax on the spot it usually sleeps haha

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  • Always found the yank naming of the breed funny, in the UK labs generally look more like what yanks call 'american', much thinner and athletic. Don't see many as big as 'english' ones in England

  • p.s. I had my dog in an apartment and I work from home and I walked him 4 30 minute intervals a day and I gave him food puzzles to solve as well as took him to the park – I lost 25 lbs exercising with my lab!!!

  • I am really disappointed in so many of the comments here! Thank God you provide this channel for people to learn about dog breeds! So many comments on her dogs being overweight- they’re English Labs and apparently you don’t understand this? Please people- watch the video with an open mind and don’t act like you know what you’re talking about if you’re ignorant on a breed! Labs have been America’s favorite breed forever and most I see around are from backyard breeders. What you think a Labrador Retriever should look like may not be a breed standard at all. Check yourself and don’t hide behind a screen and keyboard please!!!

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  • I love Labs, I love dogs in general but, they are dogs! NOT humans and I will not allow my dogs to be on my bed for that is where the alpha male sleeps!
    Besides, dogs in general, do not care where they sleep except in regarding pack status.

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  • It was nice to see your passion for your dogs. Though I don’t think not exercising or not letting your puppy run or jump is the right thing to do , My yellow lab has been hiking and running with me in the mountains since he was 4 months old and he still runs 10 kms with me and does not show any signs of any damage. Is this a myth or have I damaged his ligaments.

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  • Bulshit video.hey what is the purpose of thisome video?do u know what u r blabbering? Did u take your happy pills today?

  • Princess the black lab lived to be 13. She was the happiest dog I've ever met and everyone who met her said the same of her. She would've ran through a hundred yards of fire to be with me and still be wagging her tail and want to lick my face! She was the runt of the pack, I could've picked any of the 9 pups, but she actually picked me. All the other puppies were following their dad around the yard but Princess kept coming over to me and followed me everywhere that day. We had to put her down she was in so much pain that she couldn't even stand in the end. This is my tribute to Princess – I'll never forget her. If there is a dog heaven then she made it for sure!

  • I love labs♡ My yellow lab is Carole, 8 years old, and black lab is Alma, 5 years old. I really love to watch my 2 labs are playing with my 2 little girls 🙂

  • The part of adapting to not having a yard is absolute bullshit. I have a Labrador and I live in an apartment. He’s a mellow dog . As a breeder, they need to know which puppy should go to which home. Labradors and any retriever, can adapt to an apartment. Get out to the dog park and you’ll be alright. Some dogs are more hyper than others. So just put what you’re looking for on the table and a breeder should be able to comprehend what you’re looking for.

  • I have an English lab, he’s a bit older (12 years) I got him from the shelter on his 10th birthday. He was a breeding dog and his name is Nancy. He actually looks exactly like the yellow one in this video. He is the sweetest best dog I’ve ever encountered. Always by my side and guarding my bed. When I’m in the kitchen he just lays there, and whenever I go somewhere else outside he never runs off and is glued to me. These dogs are absolutely amazing. I wish everyone would have the pleasure to have one of these amazing dogs in their lives.

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    Hell one day I was in a bad mood i wasn't in the mood to talk to anybody or just want to be left alone by the end of the day when I started to calm down I actually felt guilty because I didn't spend any time with their my dog my Labrador
    i couldn't stop thinking about it until I went over and started petting him and spend some time with them is almost like I neglected an actual child human child so I guess this is my opinion is black Labradors are like drugs you spend one second with it and you're hooked you have to have it

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  • I just got my first lab. She belonged to a guy who was not vaccinating nor deworming her…she was just 35 days old. I had to pay to rescue her. Took her to the vet. He was not very helpful regarding her diet and such…She is 50 days old now.I have only stray native dogs so I am nervous with breed dogs. Any suggestions on diet.?

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  • My all black Labrador was a trained prison dog to keep prisoners in check and kill any pest around the prison along with his sister. The prisoners loved him tho they always fed him prison food. They named him doof which is food backwards. He acts like a totally different doggo around food 😂but one day he growled at one of the guards cause he was messing with him and he told his fellow guards and they were gonna execute doof but all the prisoners personally told the guards if you kill the dog they’d cause hell in the prison. So when a prisoner was out he took the dog with him and took care of him when he met my mothers friend. Later eventually they gave him to us and he as REEALLL fat and spoiled, never ate dog food

  • This is exactly what I needed to watch. Thank you so much for this video. Alexandra Flanigan was a wonderful guest, very insightful, this was a great video. Our lab is exactly 6 months and we just started training ours, so I know we are on track. Thanks again!!!

  • Are they active enough to keep up with me? So I love hiking, running, biking, swimming, etc. I love training dogs and actually do dog agility and obedience. I want a dog that likes to work and play. But, I love the way show labs look. No offense to working labs, but I strongly dislike skinny labs. I like the big, muscular lab. But I heard those dogs are lazy??? Anyways, I know I am late, but plz give an answer thanks!

  • Our first family dog was a yellow lad. We named her Duchess of Dale. She was my best friend ever! We bred her three times and we kept one puppy from each litter. She was my best companion and hunting dog. She developed tumor on her leg that blew up and it smelled very bad. The Vet told us that her vitals were bad and we needed to put her down. I refused to let her go. My wife and I told the Vet that we would need to tell the kids and she gave us instruction on how to care for the wound. After telling the kids we waited a week before returning to the Vet’s to put her down. The technician came in and took her vitals then left. When the Vet came in as we said our last goodbyes she was smiling and told us duchess’s vitals had improved but she would have to loose her leg. Our tears turned into smiles and the Vet took her to surgery right away. Her hunting days were over. Duchess was scheduled to stay with the Vet for two days but she wouldn’t let no one near her. They called me and asked if I would come get her. When she saw me she got up running to me ignoring the pain. She lived another 5 years but lost a tremendous amount of weight but was still able to do the things she’s always done like help carry lite groceries into the house, go up and down the stairs and give hugs and kisses. In 2015 we brought the pack to the vets for their yearly checkup and doc told us it was time. It broke our hearts but we had to end her suffering. On September 15, 2015 the whole family said our goodbyes. We had her cremated and she sits on our mantle above our fireplace with a statue of a Labrador hold a retrieved duck in her mouth. As I’m writing this I have tears in my eyes and tears rolling down the side of my face. I miss her so much and everyday her remaining offspring remind me her especially the youngest,Ranger, who looks and acts just like her. Labrador’s are the best dog in the world by far!

  • I lost my 13 year old yellow lab a week ago. Most devastating thing I've ever gone through. I miss him so much. Was such an amazing dog and so in tune to me and I to him.

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