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– [Narrator] Dogumentary
TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (upbeat music) – I’m Brenda. – I’m Kaylee. – And, we own and show
Miniature Pinschers. The Miniature Pinscher’s a great dog. They’re very independent,
confident, proud, playful. They’re very active dogs,
so they’re a lot of fun. The Miniature Pinscher is a
small, compact, sturdy dog with a tight short coat. They weigh from eight to 12 pounds, and their height is between
10 and 12 and a half inches. 11 and a half to 11 inches
being the desired height. (upbeat music) – The Miniature Pinscher
originated in Germany. They’re a mixture of the German Pinscher, the Italian Greyhound, and the Dachshund. They come in red, black and rust, chocolate and rust, and stag. The Miniature Pinschers were imported to the United States, in 1919. They were recognized by AKC in 1925. When they first came, they
were in the Terrier group, as the Pinscher Toy. They were moved to the Toy group in 1930, and they were renamed the
Miniature Pinscher in 1972. – [Brenda] The Miniature
Pinscher is in the Toy group, but it’s very Terrier-like in it’s nature. – The original function
of the Miniature Pinscher was to hunt vermin such as moles, rats, and anything that really moves. – Miniature Pinschers are
still active in their purpose. Fantastic ratters. Miniature Pinschers would
excel in barn hunting, of all the AKC activities
you could do with them. In addition to being
great ratters, they excel in agility, obedience,
and confirmation showing. We were visiting some
friends at a dog show, getting ready to buy another puppy, and Kaylee seen some junior
handlers all in their fancy dresses, and their
little suits with their dogs, and she decided that she
wanted to be a show handler. – I started handling with
Raja, our Boston Terrier. But, it later fell out
because she hated to show. So, we made her our pet, and then we got back into Rottweilers. – [Brenda] Yeah, Kaylee’s
had a pretty extensive handling career in Rottweilers. – After I started handling,
we went to multiple handling classes, and at one of them met Jo and Doreen Waterman. They encouraged me to show other breeds like the Min Pin, and
that’s when I fell in love with the breed. – [Brenda] She started
showing Lil as a special for Richard Wang. – [Kaylee] Both of our
dogs come from his kennel. – Miniature Pinschers are great pets. They’re great lap dogs,
they’re protective, they’re good for apartment living, and they’ll alert you of any strangers that come to your door. They need to be well
socialized as puppies, and if you have them
around small children, you need to be very careful of their size. They tend to wanna pick them up, and they don’t like to be picked up. But, you know, they
make great family pets. They need a lot of activity,
so they’re good for an active family. And, they’re a lot of fun. A good owner of the Miniature Pinscher should be somebody who’s
got a strong personality. They tend to be very dominant
dogs and stubborn, and feisty. They don’t like to follow
the rules very well, and they make up their own games. So, you have to be a
real determined owner, and patient, and willing to work with them in order to be their boss. They’re pretty bossy. – [Kaylee] Yeah, they
can be a bit stubborn, and they will only come
when they want to come. (upbeat music) The best living condition
for a Miniature Pinscher is mostly inside. – If you’re gonna keep them outside, they need to be in a secured area. They tend to escape. The Miniature Pinscher would do well in just about any setting,
as far as apartment living or they do well outside
as long as the weather doesn’t get too cold. They don’t like cold weather. So, they do well indoors. – Part of the reason
why they can’t deal with cold weather is ‘cuz they
have a tight, short coat. Which makes it easy for grooming. It’s often a quick wipe-down
or a short brushing. – The Min Pin has a high prey drive. Which makes it a bit aggressive. They’re temperament is pretty Terrier-ish. Early on you should be
taking them, exposing them to all types of different situations. The children, small children. Children of all ages. So, they tend to be a little nippy when it comes to small children. So, that, you would have to watch out for. But, there again, with
the proper education they would do well in
just about any household. Miniature Pinschers are pretty stubborn, so you need to be very
persistent with their training. They can be trained,
and they’re very smart, but you need to be real
persistent in your abilities. – [Kaylee] The training
consists of a lot of humor and patience. – Min Pins are pretty easy keepers. They tend to like to have
crates, so we crate train ours. They like to huddle up in blankets, and spend most of their time cuddled up in blankets somewhere. They could be pigs when it comes to diet, so you need to make sure
that you don’t overfeed them. A lot of times overweight
is one of their problems. Min Pins have a couple
of common health issues that we are concerned with. They have what we call, Legg-Perthes, Patellar Luxation, they can have heart defects, hyper thyroids. These are all things that we test for. We have their eyes tested and checked. – [Kaylee] They have a pretty considerable life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. Evie’s our red Miniature Pinscher. She’s turning two in July. She is my dork. She sleeps with me, cuddles with me. – [Brenda] She finished her
Championship at nine months. And, her Grand Championship
soon after that. So, she has a couple of group placements, couple of Best In Breeds. Itsy is our black and rust Min Pin, and she has a couple of points
away from her Championship. And, she’ll be three in December. Itsy is such a typical Min Pin. She’s true to the breed’s characteristics. She’s very stubborn, very proud, and she is the boss of everything. We love Miniature Pinschers. They’re an awesome breed to have around. They’re cuddly, they’re
lovable, they’re playful. – [Kaylee] If you’re ever down, they’ll always make you smile. Miniature Pinschers have
great personalities. They are cuddle bugs,
they’re always there, they are there when you need ’em. – [Brenda] We love being
active in the Min Pin clubs, and it’s introduced us to a huge community of Min Pin lovers. And, we’ve made some life
long friends in the breed. (upbeat music)

  • cshnhvhkkibrdhjpyszvbmoitchnkkkk
    My dog wants to sleep all day and sits on Whoever's lap if she can
    she's chocolate and rust colours

  • I would think the potential patella problems in min pins are caused in the same manner as why patella problems occcur in humans…obesity, especially in combo with Min Pins jumping alot throughout the day putting consistent weight stress on the 'knees' can't be a good thing long term. Yes I own a min pin, but I don't feed it so much, and it's a slimmer dog than the ones even in this vid which look borderline heavy, when I think they should look a tad more 'slim' like their ancestor Greyhound, like mine does. Not accusing these fine owners of overfeeding them, but at the same time maybe put a bit less in their bowls so they don't look so hefty for their size? I totally get it, some will disagree, but some will agree. And no I do not, god forbid, 'starve' my dog…far from it, she's always a very, VERY active and very happy and healthy Dog.

  • Second time i comment on this video, is it just me or do they look more like Chihuahuas?? Mine has a more doberman like face and body, same height but alot more muscular and the face is more doberman.

  • Our 2 love blankets so much. As soon as they see me put one on me they both come running & push their way under the blanket. We have a 2 yr old black & tan (hazel) & a 7 month old one that's brown & tan (Oakley). They are wild, crazy, lovable, protective & so loyal. I will never get another dog bc these 2 are like adding 2 more kids to our family but we love it so much. You can never be sad if they are around bc they will do something goofy. I've owned so many different breeds & these girls are my favorite! They stole our hearts. Worse thing about them is training. They are very stubborn but pick up things fast. We are having issues with potty training the 7 month old. She hates going outside but little by little shes starting to like it.

  • I love min pins. I had a red one named Lily. She died last year at 9 1/2 years old. She was diabetic and her liver failed 🙁 I currently have a black and rust min pin named Eevee and she is boss of the house. She bullies my rat terrie, Menchi, mercilessly but they do get along wonderfully as long as she gets her way. hehheh. A wonderful, playful, loving breed.

  • I have a question! Someone tied up and dumped my beautiful Maya behind a liquor store in the middle of the night. She is part Mini Pinscher part Chihuahua. This video described her perfectly except for the independence part. Maya is extremely attached and even has high seperation anxiety. If I am not around she cries and gets sad. Is there anything specific I can do to alleviate this? Also, every time it's vet time she is in heat or false pregnancy which prevents setting up surgery. Does this breed for some reason go into heat a lot? One more thing, you mentioned a problem with eyes. My Maya "cries" a lot with actual tears and I was wondering if that is something to worry about? Thank you in advance for any advice! I love her and have no doubt she would die for me. ♡

  • Where can I find Brenda and her daughter Kali. I want somebody that checks out the dog the way they said that they do.
    I want a Miniature Pinscher for my farm.

  • My nextdoor neighbors have spastic one and all it does is bark. And it is the most annoying bark you can imagine. Cannot even sit outside when it's out there and forget about exercising. I've tried giving it treats, even people food like roasted turkey. Nope. Just backs up like a little coward and barks even more. Sits by the fence and waits for me to lift a finger then bark bark bark bark. I hate this breed.

  • My wife had a min pin when we got married. I had never owned a dog before in my life so I was hesitant. After spending 5 minutes with him he jumped in my lap and he has been at my side every day for 4 years since. He's my buddy and a true joy on my life. He makes dark days better, and great days amazing.

    He's true to his breed characteristics and is a very stubborn and independent 7 year old.

    I'll own min pins until the day I die. They are a gift to the families that own them.

  • So sad they crop the ears and tail. It’s just the most beautiful thing to se them running with a tail wagging wildly and ears flopping ❤️

  • My min-pin and I have been with one another for 4.5 years now. He has made me a better person. I'm lucky to have him. I love him very much. Thanks for the video! -mM

  • OMG!! I've only had my min pin for a week; he's almost three months and potty training has been very challenging. Any suggestions? I agree he's very stubborn; but loving. Also it's been difficult finding a leash/harness that fits; everything is too big, need recommendations. Thanks

  • I recently lose my best friend "Otto". A golden min pin. I cry so much for him. I miss him so much. Good by my dear friend.

  • I picked on up as a rescue before he was put down and he now lives on a boat with me in The Caribbean. He has balls the size of a golf ball which make people laugh. He wasn't trained very well, but he's coming on well. He's bossy on the beach and refuses to get bullied and used to chase the wild cats and not come back so I just left him there. 5 minutes later he's sitting where the dinghy was so I went and got him. After this happened twice he doesn't do it anymore – the same way one trains any run-away. He's a good little fella but like routine which is good and he is a great boat alarm if anyone gets too close

  • We have a miniature pinscher he’s 10 now And has diabetes has insulin shots and Has got eyes cataract. He’s still very strong and could be playful Also can be very arrgresive at times with people he don’t know poor Messi at least he’s still got a lot of love with me and my son

  • Min pins are the best small dog breed! I sadly lost my best friend yesterday 😞 He was super affectionate, really cuddly, really great with children and set me on a schedule to wake up and workout since he was active. They are difficult to teach and can be stubborn but with a lot patience, effort and time they are so amazing!!! I’m going to miss him so much.

  • Finally a video that's honest about minpins. My dog is so stubborn, but he's also very intelligent and brave. Training is very rough, but I'm not a first time owner of dogs so it's cool.

  • Just lost my Angel (min pin x) a month ago to illness and she passed at home with me in our bed. I laughed and cried through this whole video. When the time is right I will be staying with this breed. Everything shared here in this video is, in my opinion, factual information. My Angel was hunting mice only a few days before she fell critically ill. And, she was proud and did feel shame or embarrassment. She served as my therapy dog for 5.5 years and I will adore her forever 💓

  • I have a min pin called pukkie,great dog but he licks you constantly when you pet him or pick him's a bit annoying sometimes.don't know how to stop it. but we love him and he loves us. greats from belgium

  • Good mini pin owner need to have strong will, patient and playful nature. Even in old age it will still test your patience.
    I have a bitch named Tina aka Goat she is 10yo begining to have silver tone coat. She likes runing ,jumping on high places ,tasting and snifing all new things and doing brave/stupid thinghs. She love hard cheese and bones. I never met so loving and loyal dog. Not ideal for first dog owner.

  • I had the joy of owning one these babies. He was a great dog..I miss him. Named him Zeus..boy did he live up to that name.

  • Just adopted a morbidly obese 8yo min pin that an older couple gave back to the shelter after 10 months of overfeeding because he didn't like their grandchildren. It's really hard to feed him anything now because he's so unhealthy and used to human food that every dog food makes him throw up at least a little bit. I wish they'd looked into the breed a little bit more before taking him on… He's 18 pounds and even normal breathing is difficult for him. He's very shy and always on high alert but incredibly loving and protective once he gets to know you. We also discovered that he hates anything even remotely violent happening to his owners, even if it's playful. He'll even growl and snap at you if you pretend to hit yourself, so I know he really cares about keeping us safe. Love this dog.

  • So, last month I adopted this tiny starving stray from the animal shelter. He was listed as a chi, and had a raging case of kennel cough! Took him straight from the shelter to the vet, who says he's a minpin, and I was like, ok, what's that? So here I am on youtube, trying to find out about this breed of dog, who just today, growled at my 70 pound pit! I guess he's feeling better, but little brother, you're getting the balls chopped next week, so calm down.

  • Had several but only one for a long period of time. He was the most active dog I ever seen he was red with clipped ears and tail. He lived about 15 years before he got hit by a car last February. He was also the best guard dog ever cause he wasn’t scared of anything for his size

  • I don't usually comment but I just had to share my story with my little boy Mickey, so named because he has very large ears. He was originally my sister's dog, who was 16 at the time, but she quickly grew tired of him and I took over his care and training when I was around 10. It's been thirteen years since then, and I adore him (this is saying a lot since I am very much a cat person). He knows how to sit, lay down, jump, dance, and roll over. He will follow me around the house, sit at my feet when I'm at the dining table, and wait outside the bathroom door for me. The part about them covering themselves in blankets is very much true, and I always wonder how he manages to breath when he sleeps under the covers with me but I love it nonetheless. He's like a cuddle buddy who is always there for me. The part about not liking being picked up is partially true. He will nip and bite anyone he isn't familiar with who tires, but often begs for me or my other family members to be picked up. He hardly ever barks unless someone is at the door. He is almost entirely blind now and can't dance or jump much anymore, due to his old age, but I love him regardless. If you're looking for a very affectionate, alert, smart, easily groomed, small, loyal dog, then a Miniature Pinscher is definitely a good fit for you.

  • I still don't get why people mutilate their animals. They should keep the tails long that's how they're born.

  • See, many people purchase small dogs because they want a lap dog. The Miniature Pinscher is no lap dog. In fact, if you pamper these pooches, they will become domineering tyrants in your home. These dogs are amazing escape artists!

  • Best breed in the world!! Lost both of my boys @ 17 years. They both were the pride and joy of my life. Miss them more than anything. Give them love, they will give you everything and more in return. A very special breed indeed.

  • I had a Chi-pin (Chihuahua / Min-Pin mix) several years ago. Had to be the smartest, most loyal, and obedient dog I have ever seen. But he was a one person dog. Everywhere I went he followed. He passed away at twelve years old. Bad heart. That was ten years ago. I still miss him very much.

  • My Min Pin is just awesome and love him so much. Matt, my min pin is very stubborn but so smart, and he actually taught himself to toss me a toy . Though he has to toss it over his shoulder, it is amazing to watch him do it. A great pet to have, but just remember they are very energetic .

  • I have had both. My min pins – father, mother and daughter were show dogs although we kept them as pets. Smart, protective and loyal.
    My chi was rescued and she was very sweet.
    Both breeds lived to be in their 18/19 and I loved them both equally.

  • Min-Pin and mischief are synonymous. Smart to a fault. Like little angels, running with the devil whispering in their ears.

  • I may be adopting a senior mini pin. They say she’s sweet, a little overweight, but very laid back. I’m excited

  • I brought 2 min pin rat terrier mix, one is black and rust and the other is blonde! And I haven't seen any blonde ones anywhere on here. Have you heard of this?

  • I have one .male.named Pentern.he a parts of our family.but now he R.I.P ..can't think about sad.😭😭😭😭
    Pent…..we love u so much..don't naughty there….ok😢😢😢😢

  • The farts… you forgot to mention they fart more than any dog even bracys… they smell rotten. My dog is horrible with other dogs but she is super sweet. You can only socialize them so much before they get the rabies shot so…

  • Tengo una pincher chocolate q es lo mas mimoso ,zalamero ,y adorable del mundo entero es una p.p.p (perro potencialmente pegajoso).

  • I rescued a mini pincher from my local shelter. His name is Vader his always there for me and picks me up when I’m down. He does have strong personality and is stubborn like a mule! But love him

  • The video was very helpful, thank you! I need it, tomorrow finally I'm gonna have dogs and they're both Min Pin!

  • It’s actually pronounced pin sir not pincher. I have a male minpin and female minpin chihuahua and a shnoodle. And there personal body guard a 90lb rhodesian ridgeback. The male minpin is by far the most funniest of them all not to mention the absolute king of the household especially when he sits under my ridgeback right between his front legs and looks at you as if to say I dare you to give me trouble for tearing your slippers up lol

  • I also have this toy breed and I love him, in fact I created a channel to serve as his video diary, I hope you watch it too.

  • One more thing, I have other dogs in the past, but in this kind of breed, you have to be extra patient before you can achieve the harmony we all like.

  • My Little Feller Roscoe who found me, passed onto the planet Dogstar last September. I Miss him Big-time! I Loved my buddy, we sure were BFFs. Just reminiscing him by watching these Min-Pin vids

  • My mini pin is gonna be 6 months Nxt week .: lol he acts like a big boy and tries to do things that older dog does .. he’s the best tho . Wouldn’t trade him for anything

  • Everything about Min Pin's are great. The only thing our dog hates is car rides. He thinks he's a big dog, and loves to run with them when we board him. Such an affectionate breed. He's all personality. Very, very smart. He waits until we eat dinner at the table to have dinner with us. He runs to his bed when we set the alarm at night. I will always have a Min Pin.

  • I must have the only non-independent, lazy min pin in the world. And she's definitely smaller than that desired length 🤣🤣🤣

  • I just adopted a 2 yr old male. He's super skittish any tips on helping him acclimate to the new environment?

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