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Aping Around: Orangutan Scrubs Herself With Stolen Soap Bar

Woman: Can you believe this? 00:10
Man: He stole our soap! 00:11
Woman: He’s eating it at the same time. 00:12
COMM: In Borneo, this opportunistic orangutan gives herself a scrub with a stolen bar of
soap – before licking herself clean. 00:22
Man: He’s having a great time. 00:25
Woman: I want to hug him once it’s clean. 00:33
COMM: Photographer Kevin Su and his friends were on a jungle trek on the Sekonyer River
and had stopped at the entrance to Camp Leaky, a rehabilitation area for orangutans. 00:43
COMM: They watched the apes for a while, and eventually noticed a mother orangutan and
her baby using a bar of soap – which it had stolen from the back of their boat. 00:59
COMM: The soapy simian, which is used to the presence of humans, may have watched the group
washing and was now appearing to mimic their behaviour. 01:08
Woman: Can you believe this? 01:10
Man: He stole our soap! 01:21
COMM: Although it probably hadn’t seen anyone eating the suds – it didn’t seem to be
put off by
the taste.


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