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Atherstone Hunt hounds attack muntjac

Leave that alone! They’ve got a muntjac! Your nothing but barbarians! Oh piss off Oh that’s a normal reaction to an animal just being bitten?


    This helpful book can be abridged for hunt sabs to easily defeat Atherstone🙂😈

  • How they get any enjoyment out of that so called barbaric sport is beyond me ,
    What a bunch of low life individuals 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • these animals are not pests. and even if they are, it was humans that brought them here which has led to them breeding and their population supposedly getting out of control. of course any moral human being would disagree with shooting muntjacs anyway but i think this fact makes it even worse in a way.

  • hey does anyone know how i can join the sabs and help out? and is there any particular age i need to be to take part in disrupting hunts? if im too young then is there anything else i could do as a 15 year old to help? iv got a long summer ahead and i would really like to help in any way possible. i love what you do, hunt saboteurs!

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