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Barbie Puppy Water Park Playground Toy Review Kids Toys

Hello this is Sandra here with the DisneyCarToys
channel and I am super duper excited to show you this Barbie Puppy Water Park Play
Set. This set comes with this cute Barbie in her swimsuit and two little puppies and a
squirting seahorse. There is a crazy amount of fun things you can do with this play set like
this real water fall. A Farris wheel for your puppies. The puppies can squirt and have a
little fight with Barbie and they can go down the slides so lets open this thing up and
play. Introducing the puppy water park out of the package and as you can see I added a couple
of more dolls. I have oh wait wait for it of it’s Elsa in the pool and Alex on the slide. Do
you see Felicia too; we’ve got everyone here. The pool acts as a main base for the play set
and as you can see it’s plenty big for Elsa and a couple of other dolls, plus the puppies. Elsa’s
favorite thing to do in the pool is kick around and wait a minute did she just kick the puppy.
Uh oh Elsa I wouldn’t kick that puppy if I was you because it’s a little squirter puppy.
If you hold it under water and squeeze it, it fills up with water. Uh oh Elsa look out the puppy
is going to squirt you aww. Oh boy the puppy totally got Elsa’s face. *Barking* And when
the puppy is not squirting or swimming you can place it on the cute little carousel and it
sticks right to the seat here. And it can go round and round and its riding here with Alex and
I’ve never see this before. Alex is totally going upside down. That’s pretty scary for a toddler
and a puppy. But wait there is more if you go up from the carousel there is this little
puppy doghouse water tower. The water tower acts both as a water slide and a waterfall. All
you have to do is fill up the top then pull the pink flag for the water to flow. Oh boy at the
waterfall you can see the puppies soaked. And here is the water flowing through the slide. So
lets grab out puppy and take it out for a little ride. Ready set go, wooo. And wow that was a good
run. Lets do it again but this time I will have Elsa pull the flag. That was a lot of fun
but lets have a little puppy water fight. They are actually both water squirter’s see the brown
one squirts and the white one squirts oh so much fun. Now let’s see what Barbie’s
seahorse can do, it can spray water out of its mouth. And it is kind of interesting contraption.
You press the little button on Barbie’s back and she sucks up water through he foot. Alright
lets see Barbie in action I got her in the pool and then I just have to press her back to
get her water to pump up through her legs to her arm and woo hoo she definitely sprays. Poor
Elsa. Wow this Puppy Park is so awesome I wish I bought it earlier if you enjoyed this
video please give me a like and subscribe and let me know if you would like to see more videos
with this puppy park. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video and click on the
question mark to watch a mystery video. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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