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Beware of Dog App

Here is a smart way to deter home
burglars. When you travel or at work This is what could happen. Most burglars
ring your doorbell first to see anyone is home If nobody answers, the burglars see
opportunity. Beware of dog is a simple app to protect your home 24/7 simply place your stay home phone near
the door and put a dog on duty in the app. barking dog is the top deterent
for home burglars right after armed homeowners but your dog is not always home, or you
don’t have one! With beware of dog app you can use your unused phone again and
let it be your guardian now! your sweet home is protected 24/7 Download the app today! level up your
home security. Wait a second, There is more! You can schedule your dog’s duty in the
app. Even better! When you are having a party Beware of Dog app could work as your
doorbell, use your own sound to make it fun! Download it today boost your home
security for free!


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