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Big River Salmon | Epic Labrador Fishing

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the
best places to visit from grouse Moor National Park to the sub Arctic tundra
of northern Labrador the natural wild beauty of this place surrounds you at
every turn largely untouched and unspoiled the fishing is second to none
especially the Atlantic salmon we travel this week in search of these leaving
silver bullets I’m Bill Spicer this is the new fly Fisher Labradors shares a border with quebec on
the mainland of canada it has rich history and breathtaking landscapes big
river camps operates a newly built fishing lodge on Big River in Labrador
the lodge is situated at the first Rapids of the river about five miles
from the North Atlantic Ocean the bonus is this rapid area is the first
obstruction encountered by the Atlantic salmon also see run trout navigate the
five miles of relatively slow flowing river from the ocean the camp offers
breathtaking views and all the comforts of home now notice my rod position when fishing
a hitched fly generally when your runt when you’re swinging streamers you have
a much lower rod position why the rod position high because it wakes the fly
it brings the fly to the surface and skitters across the top and that’s
really important when we’re fishing for Atlantic salmon they seem to like a
hitch fly and skittering on the tops yeah and why we don’t know but that’s
the way they do it a hung fly deeper in the water doesn’t work quite as well as
a hitched fly maybe I know where you are these are
great they’re serious on him you’re on that time he’s on that’s good good now
what happened was we had to strike at first and Humphrey says relax the pool
which means just give them a second to get back in to position and that’s what
he did he settled back down and then the very next cast I I was able to take them
we’ve had extremely cold weather up here well it’s not bad it’s a nice one not
bad yeah good good jumps that’s one thing about Atlantic salmon you get
wonderful jumps out of them fishing is picking up yes sir starting to get tired lots of good spots
on them and right top dead center I call it there we go
whoa fishy there we go now you know holder lump just a little bit so we can
see them there we go nice little girl sir and that one no effort there for
sure no effort there way to go buddy Atlantic salmon is probably one of the
most exciting fish you’re ever gonna go after as you can see they leap and we
just have one leap right back on us here so it looks like we got a fresh run
coming in right now we’re only five miles from the from the coast so these
are all fresh fish and hopefully they’ll get a little more eager the the accommodations and our lodge
here at big river camps is second to none we have we can accommodate up to 20
guests comfortably we have 12 bedrooms each having their own own Suites we have
an up-to-date kitchen with all the modern facilities the dining room again
is quite comfortable for a small or a large group and just in general we have
a couple of fireplaces that come in off the river you can sit down rest read a
book have glass of wine just general relaxation within our Lodge what just
had a rice just had a rice just had a rice now the hardest part is to wait 30
seconds for it to settle back and then put the fly exactly where it was saying
don’t change the amount of line and swing it in there’s a very little fish
Rhaenys great tight yes root tight now this is a bigger fish
is it a bigger one I am feels like it’s bigger okay
might be worth in the current to you normally add could be don’t know it
really see her but that’s how do you react oh pretty good flick legal fish pretty
good boil there I’m not very sure I never get a good look just take him in
here a little bit want to get her to pull up too much yeah
I’ll get her up the other fish there with like to keep one there for a little
bit longer might be getting close could you pop the
net off the back and do you want member no no I’ll let you do it this is a
little bigger fish I’ll lead them to you though okay there we go oh that’s a beauty I get you
to hold that penny please this sure buddy he’s gonna be strong yeah I know
what you don’t don’t squeeze into our knowledge if you do we go oh look at the
markings on this editorial oh nothing – are you yeah absolutely beautiful
beautiful turn them towards the current girl ooh yeah yes get a shot of this
okay I’ll turn morale yeah very strong fish hey he it was just a
different head he completely stopped it it wasn’t anything like the other one
know where I should go there you go absolutely thank you sir
great job the fishing at Big River camp has been
absolutely phenomenal this week today alone I’ve had 10 hookups and have been
successful with a lot of them over the run of the week in the last three and a
half days I’ve had more than 30 hookups and everything from normal-size grills
in the 4 to 5-pound range to 10 and 12 and even larger fish there is a lot of
fish in the river and the guides know where to put the guests so that they
have a fantastic fishing experience the level of service has been great the
guides have been phenomenal what he’s been really good to me he’s been very
patient very giving of his knowledge and a lot of it all take away with me the
service inside has been fantastic they’re very accommodating the food has
been great the accommodators is a few special requests and we’ve been getting
fantastic service they’ve been so good to us various got him looking wrong went wrong
he’s on he’s on got him that was a lot of work for that oh yeah
and he’s on keep tip your rod up there yes sweetheart
keep your tip up tip up nice and all right there you go that’s a nice fish oh
good fish yes sir it’s good fish good fish good fish okay what is he going ashore
yeah come back here man you know what he’s gonna do he’s gonna turn on you go
come on come across on this current and straight it yeah John there’s a very
little fish Rainy’s right tight yes root tight right side history tight sir they
certainly like that Undertaker today absolutely
look at that day Oh controlled release now the point that we were making
earlier about it being a game of patience and inches you can see we start
very very short I probably have eight or nine feet of my actual tip of my line
and nine feet of leader and that fish hit right there close they’re up tight
against there so you can’t automatically cast over there you want to start tight
and gradually lengthen out fish the whole hole dear that’s not him that’s not him
no that’s different fish yeah Oh get hair good good man actually
that’s a little bigger than I thought it was looking in the water there it’s a
nice fish it’s a beautiful fish there are two distinct rise forms you’ll
encounter when fishing for Atlantic salmon the first is a leaping fish
completely out of the water and landing with a big splash it’s agreed among most
guides that this is a fish on the move and by the time you cast to the rise the
fish has moved ahead in the pool thus not seeing your fly the second rise is
more of a porpoise like rise where the head and the dorsal fin is seen only
this is an active fish and is likely to strike at a fly if the fish strikes at
the fly and is unsuccessful wait a minute or so before casting back at the
run this gives the fish time to settle back there is Adam right in front of the
rock he’s a bit of an angry fish I think that boy seems to be taking them up a
little bit better than the Undertaker their bill but for today son come out a
bit yeah boy that’s a beautiful grill that’s a beautiful piece you can’t beat
this place for numbers of fish I’m telling you I’ve had a great time got
some big fish numbers of fish grills and leaping fish could be he’s over five
pound I think yeah I hope so it doesn’t matter I’m just having a great time yes
sir get his head up if I can he’s still dogging it down as long as they’re
dogging it down you’re not gonna be able to get him in the net you got to get
their head up they’re like sure he’s just a boat there now there I got his
head up drag it towards the net then the net man all he has to do is lift up
there we go buddy great he’s done it bill oh reach and get that we went back
to a blue charm we were here off a hold it if you want we were with the blue
with a Undertaker when we went back to the blue charm because the Undertaker
they were hitting short they were hitting short so when we changed flies
and that does the trick come on buddy turn on yeah yeah nice
little girls and lots of fun to catch the numbers of fish here are
unbelievable it’s got better and better every day I’ve been here and away you go
too good man series every got him yes sir he’s on you
see what he did you can’t did it you know but he did
exactly the same thing as the RF big piece did yeah I start moving around a
pool yep I don’t think it’s the same fish boy
he’s not me look small hundred water but he yeah good so yeah good one yeah that
is excellent intruder grabbed my net for me please sir thank you all right no no yes come on a little bit longer
he sees that net they don’t like it Wow good man good man
whoo that’s a fat one he’s not very long but he’s fat he’s really fit that guy’s
yeah there’s your flaw sir bill you want to grab your nip there bill
I sure will oh well dear is radula it’s hockey ads all right it’s all good
the occasional time they slip out of your fingers to do hey ready if are there is yeah knew he was coming wha
we’re a grill cease you’ve got a lot of spunk another one of them nice chunky
ones yeah yeah well I don’t believe this this guy’s close to my backing I don’t
believe in this like he had me right down to my hair combs now there you
won’t gonna keep up with them okay
start and weekend oh yes sir that’s a big fish whoa Anna
just as the who drops out Oh pop hook popped out just now now don’t patch up
the engine just to hold that okay buddy look at that look at that point now that
is a chunky chunky Grylls you better believe it’s a salmon I call that a
salmon yeah that’s that’s more just one more time and yeah yeah absolutely yeah
I think he’s gonna be just fine I think so – I’m waiting room the kick
tell em I’m late just that I mean just that I’m gonna
straighten himself up under the holiday I’m pretty sure Gary know yep there we
go excellent excellent excellent I am having such a good time here the numbers
of fish are unbelievable they’re just so many here this is the prime week and I’m
having a ball and now for something completely different
our cameraman gets to fish regulations dictate that the set up be
floating lines only the leader I used was nine feet long and completely
unweighted the fly has to be a non weighted artificial fly with a single
hook the equipment necessary is a nine foot number eight or number nine stiff
action rod with a matching real large Arbor is recommended but not necessary
as a spindle drill will work just fine large Arbor does give you the luxury of
winding in line faster what is more important is a smooth dependable drag
the flies needed for Big River our standard wet flies such as green
Highlanders blue Charms upside-down blue charm thunder and lightning Undertaker’s
and silver tips have these in sizes from number four through to size 12 don’t
forget to bring a supply of bombers and various colors and sizes there are bonus
sea run brook trout in the area caches measured in pounds are common
arrangements can be made with guides to travel where the brook trout fishing is
amazing good morning we go how about the same
spot is that other one yeah they’ll all tick right there yeah let’s walk the dog
again yeah that’s a nicer 50 yeah he looks
like he’s a bigger sorry grill maybe closer to Oh Simon Simon pert yeah it’s
a little big bigger no yeah you know it’s not huge but it’s not you it was a
bigger size girls here we go good man good man
boy he’s a good size well nothing yeah no in that a nice fish that’s a man hold
up a little bit longer this so we can see it how think he was this was a
little thicker on this one nice fish good and strong good and strong now you
got to take as much time as necessary to release these fish good good ah sir thank you very much
farewell I’m sorry rose welcome I want to thank Big River Lodge for
inviting us this week this has been an unbelievable week of Atlantic salmon
fishing huge numbers big fish everybody’s satisfied here I want to
thank my friend here for guiding me and teaching me the finer points of Atlantic
salmon fishing listen to your guide for more information on this show and others
in our series visits on the net at the new fly Fisher danke from all of us here
at the new fly Fisher thanks for joining us tight lines we’ll see you next time
hi I’m mark Melnick from the new fly Fisher television show if you enjoyed
that video do me a favor hit that like button and subscribe today also we’re
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