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Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend Beatbox Challenge 🔥 (Part 2) – Trung Bao & Chiwawa

Hey, what’s up y’all? This is Trung Bao and this is Chiwawa and this is… The rules are the same as before I’m going to challenge Trung to repeat my routines and I’m going to change Chiwawa to repeat my routines You can repeat after us as well Let’s get started Okay, I want to start with some percussion first Hmmmmm…nice combo there! Okay, let me try There you go Nice Okay, I’m going to do some percussion as well Listen So fast, do you do like… Okay, I got it I GOT IT YEEA
Right? Nice Okay. I’m wanna do some advanced percussion Oh okay, it’s one huge combo I think I can do this one Nice…okay
Woah, it’s so fast That’s my turn now so I’m going to do a special sound I hear the… *click* ft…in there
Yes Okay
…and the spit snare spit snare, okay I’m not gonna do Chiwawa sound of course I’m gonna do an alternative version Do your best
Let me try Yeah, it sounds pretty close Does it? Yes Some more advanced percussion with… That sounds heavy bdb…and then… bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb It’s like a lot of kind of kicks and… okay Let me try what’s that…what’s that at the end? …I don’t know you made up some sounds It doesn’t make sense that was really good okay you get a score for this one yesss Okay this time I’m going to go fast Are you ready? READY fuhutuf? I’ve been practicing this You better get ready
Okay Get ready! That’s uh…that does feel like a marathon yeah Sweating for real right now next one something like… okay, I think I get it My favorite part… Get ready! I did my best Good job I give you half score for this one okay Let me do my turn Remember about the ending
Whaat? You do like a… okay, let me try this one hands up XD HEYYY It’s very close. I think I got that one Right? More special sound? I will do more heavy sound That was heavy It’s a lot of lip rolls You just keep going I think it was pretty good You get a pattern down okay, I’m going to do one of my original tracks I know this one… [email protected]#[email protected]#@!#$ That part was new, I didn’t know that I get a little crazy when I hear a sick beat yeah, it was very close I got a pattern down, I know for sure yes WOOOOW there you go I can do it now yes, high five! I’m gonna do one of my original tracks Ima ima ima ima ima I’m a big boi I love this routine I love it! Good impression of Trung Bao right here Yeah, it’s more like commedy You know what? I’m the king of the king of the… … king of the jungle Okay I’m also the king of the king of the… …king of the jungle KING OF THE JUNGLEE that was pretty close that is very close I really like your version my turn Okay, I could do that one actually Yours sounds so watery Okay! Let’s get hype that’s a nice ending your rrra is so clean I can’t roll my tongue, it has to be like this roll my tongue drop the bass you know? let me try Chiwawa she can actually do lower chest bass than I do so clean All right, this is gonna be the final stage. It’s gonna be the hardest one so listen carefully GET BIT BY THE VENOM It would be crazy if you can do this one GET BIT BY THE VENOM WHAT!? That was not exactly like my routine but… …what? Okay, like you didn’t have the same double voice… …but you totally just replaced it with your own voice… …and it was so sick! It’s sick…it’s sick… I give you a half score okey Okay. Your turn now What was that?? It’s your turn
whaaat?! Come on! I can do this That was good that was good, huh? yeah, that was very good…beside the last part it was something similar to… That was good
So I get full score for this one, right? That’s it for our today’s… BEATBOX CHALLENGE Don’t forget to follow Chiwawa on all of her social media here… and don’t forget to click like, share and subscribe to see more content from my channel in the future Trung’s…out!… Again?


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