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Bray Wyatt WINS The Universal Title | WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Full Show Review & Results

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take it easy oops I’m gonna start this review by
asking you by asking you a simple question when actually guys one simple
question and I want you guys to answer me in the
comment section down below the last image the last image that we
saw before crown jewel went off the air ladies and gentlemen the last image that
we saw Bray Wyatt the Fein holding up the universal title in victory ladies
and gentlemen were you guys happy were you guys excited or you guys
shocked how did you feel when you seen Bray Wyatt holding up the universal
title in to victory did it feel special did it feel like it
came out of nowhere was a shocking moment to you seeing Bray Wyatt holding
up the universal tide or did it feel special did it feel special to see Bray
Wyatt holding up the universal title in victory did it feel special to me
I didn’t be excited I need to feel happy I felt like whatever I feel like
whatever because WWE has a niche for ruining
things they have a niche for ruining things they have a niche for ruining
spectacles like fucking WrestleMania by putting on a show like this and making
this show feel like a spectacle they have a niche for ruining classic matches
like hell in the cell when the feel when a mankind in the
under tech almost freakin killed themselves in Hell in a Cell match and
the match wasn’t stopped but the birth of fiend Bray Wyatt goes in a Hell in a
Cell match with Stef Rollins and there is a disqualification or there is a
stoppage to the fucking match which kills the concept of Hell in the cell ladies and gentlemen WWE has a niche for
ruining things and at Hell in a Cell WWE ruined Bray Wyatt WWE had one thing to
do that night and that was one to make the fiend Bray Wyatt look strong and
come out in victory as universal champion but the WWE do that that night
no no they did it they made Fein Bray Wyatt look like a fucking pussy in the
middle of that ring they grab a stretcher to try to help him and they
stop the match and don’t give him the universal title that was the night that
everyone was going to feel excited that was the night that everyone was going to
be happy by the outcome that was the night that it was supposed to feel
special but a WWE do that that night the answer is no they ruined they ruined
Bray Wyatt that night so fast forward to tonight crown jewel in the main event of
the night Stef Rollins versus the fiend Bray Wyatt for the universal title for
the universal title ladies and gentlemen don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect a
fiend Bray why to win this match tonight because just because of the WWE title
being on Smackdown live just for that concept below but WWE I mean they have
needs for making you scratch your damn head because of the bonehead decisions
that this company makes the bonehead decisions that these company makes they
do things without thinking about them they just do they do things by not
thinking about them and thinking about them right so the last image that we see
ladies and gentlemen tonight we see the field
Bray Wyatt win the match he beat Steph Rollins he beats mr. burn it down he
becomes our new universal champion folks he becomes our new universal champion
and now the universal title and the WWE title is on smack down life where do we
go from here did this feel special tonight did you
feel excited that the fiend Bray Wyatt won the universal title tonight WWE had
to fix things had to try to fix things because the outrage that they got at
Hell in a Cell by not giving the universal title to prick the fiend Bray
wide the WWE had to fix things there golden boy Stef Rollins is getting booed
out the building every arena he walks into ever since that night ever since
that night ladies Jim so WWE had to try to fix things had to
try to pace things together to have the fiend Bray Wyatt tried to feel special
again and to take the title off of Steph wrong sickest F Rollins on the bottom of
the freakin barrel when it comes to his character right now but still WWE fails
they absolutely fail because tonight ladies and gentlemen the fiend Bray
Wyatt holding up the universal title it did it feel fucking special to me it
really didn’t it really didn’t I am NOT excited I am not happy that the theme
Bray Wyatt won the universal title tonight because he should
happen at hell in the cell this field this title win felt rushed it felt like
it had to be done because of their errors folks from their errors now we
have Universal title and the WWE title on Smackdown live where do we go from
here where do we go from here I’m really intrigued to see what WWE is
going to do from here are they gonna say well no proven brain why he’s all
unpredictable he’s gonna show up where he wants so he can be on Monday Night
Raw and he could be on Smackdown live that’s
what’s gonna happen that’s what’s gonna happen then why the
fuck did we draft him to Smackdown live he should have stayed free agent if
that’s what’s gonna happen because what else is gonna happen to folks it’s
Monday Night Raw not gonna have a world title is Monday Night Raw the dreadful
show that it is not gonna have a world title to make the show even more
dreadful is the hot potato Universal Champion I’m sorry Universal
the hot potato United States Championship is that gonna be the best
title on that show folks like seriously seriously WWE has a niche for ruining
things and when they ruin things they try to fix them again and when they try
to fix things again they end up failing even more ladies and gentlemen tonight
Bray Wyatt’s victory didn’t feel special it didn’t feel exciting people I don’t
know about you folks but I don’t feel happy I don’t I just don’t feel happy I
felt like this just had to be done and it was very obvious that Bray Wyatt was
gonna win this match I just had an itch I had an itch and an itch that he was
gonna win this match folks and it didn’t feel special whatsoever it really did it
and crown jewel did it feel special neither these matches on these on this
card was absolutely fucking awful folks Tyson Fury needs to stay far far away
from a WWE very seriously people Tyson Fury did not make braun strowman look
strong every punch every clothesline every body slam every move that braun
strowman hit Tyson Fury with he did a god-awful job selling this match and
that’s what WWE gets for picking a professional boxer that has absolutely
no experience at professional wrestling putting him in a ring with a
professional wrestler now you know why WWE and professional wrestling is
special because they make the product look good and Tyson Fury tonight did not
make the product look good as a matter of fact I see fury made the product look
like an absolute disgrace the same goes for Cain Velasquez that match was awful folks god-awful came Alaska’s it
needs to stay away from a WWE ring as well because those two matches
absolutely bombed absolutely positively bombed folks and those were the two
marquee matches on this show those were the two stars started matches
on this show and thank God they gave these matches out at Saudi Arabia in
jeta on the other side of the fucking planet because of these two matches
would have taken place at WrestleMania it would have been even worse ladies and
gentlemen absolutely even worse these crown jewel greatest Royal Rumbles or
greatest whatever the hell shows they’re called in Saudi Arabia have to go folks
they absolutely have to go because all these matches on these shows mean
absolutely positively nothing absolutely nothing folks crown jewel absolutely
bombed I did not enjoy anything on this show I didn’t enjoy anything on this
show folks team Hogan vs team Flair give me a break
give me a break this tag team turmoil match to crown the fucking best tag team
in the world Yeah right DLC are the best tag team in the world yeah excuse me
while I go in the corner my living room and go throw up because the OSI have
been buried for absolutely two years when you burying them for the last two I’m sorry events but the best tag team
in the world is an AW and their name is the fucking lucha bros for a private
party or the young bucks that’s what the best tag team in the world
not the fucking OC enough of that shit man’s ro
Barry’s Cesaro beyond fucking unburied so it’s almost done in my opinion
absolutely done Natalya vs. Lacey Evans who the women
the first match in Saudi Arabia ooh first time ever
who cares ladies and gentlemen who cares these women could have fucking fought on
the fucking moon and been the fucking first women to ever fucking go to the
moon and have a fucking professional wrestling match and I still don’t care
okay Natalya vs. Lacey Evans again again how many times have these woman’s had a
professional wrestling match and now you want me for it to feel special because
it happened in Saudi Arabia folks you could take a rocket to Pluto and put
these two women on that planet and have that match and the match still wouldn’t
feel special to me so enough of that crap – AJ stars our sombrero career for
the freaking United States title do you care didn’t we see these guys in the
ring for the last two or three weeks already on Monday Night Raw do you care
folks no no no the battle royal the battle royal the winner wins our shot at
the United States title ladies and gentlemen this show is garbage
absolutely garbage it was absolutely garbage okay and the people that praised
this show you guys have to get your brains checked
seriously get your brain checked because this is awful wrestling it is absolutely
awful wrestling if you think that came velázquez versus Brock lesner was a good
professional thing match you are a clown if you think
tights and fury versus the monster among men braun strowman was a good match you
have to go get your brains checked folks because that was not professional
wrestling that was god-awful wrestling god-awful wrestling folks crown Jui was
a bust a bust and Bray Wyatt winning the universal title didn’t feel special I
didn’t feel excited I’m not happy it was just rushed and the title was
just given to him because they had to give the title to him because they
fucked up at Hell in the cell it doesn’t feel special folks this show was
horrible absolutely horrible I was falling asleep on my couch watching this
show because I was so bored and I just did not care about crown jewel
whatsoever didn’t care folks but thank you guys so much for joining me once
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let’s get into this crown jewel review folks we start to show with the pre-show
with the pre-show we have this battle royal and the winner is going to get a
United States title match against AJ Styles later on in the night the final
four in the match were Erick Rowan Luke Harper how
Berto Kirill and Cedric Alexander we had body Murphy in there we had we had some
some we had some good restless in there and the rest were freaking absolute
choppers I actually wanted buddy Murphy to win the match because I think buddy
Murphy vs AJ Styles would have been a fuckin clinic and I can’t wait til we
watch that match one day hopefully if W W gives us the privilege to watch that
match and eBooks it correctly but how about the career ends up winning the
match and I’m like here we go again another rematch that we haven’t ever
seen before birth to career wins the battle royal
and then he goes on to face AJ Styles and loses and loses why would you have
him win the battle royal if you’re not gonna give him the United States style
so you have his momentum go like this and then you have his momentum go like
this I don’t get this company folks I don’t get this company then you ask why
we have no fucking superstars on this show because you get their momentum like
this and then you take their momentum like this WWE Superstars like this they
just can’t go straight to the top because it doesn’t exist anymore folks
it’s like a heartbeat you know beep beep and then they die and they die absolutely ridiculous folks better
career wins the battle royal but then he gets squashed phenomena forearm one two
three and there goes his momentum AJ Styles is still your United States
Champion moving on Brock lesner this is the main show you knew brockless
was gonna go on first because he wants to get the fuck out of Saudi Arabia
he ain’t gonna stick around just like WrestleMania he was the fucking first
match in the show the WWE title cannot main event WrestleMania and the WWE
title cannot main event crowd you what a prestigious title we have folks first we
give the title to a pancake man making a mockery of the title and now the WWE
title cannot main event a show Brock Lester’s like put me out first I want to
give this match over we can get fuck out of Saudi Arabia that’s exactly
what happened Brock Lester comes in the match he takes on Cain Velasquez this
match was horrible absolutely horrible Cain Velasquez is throwing punches
during hail makers like this is a UFC fight I’m like this is the WWE man this
is the WWE there was one point where he kicked brockless turned balls and then
he kicked him in the head and brockless to hit the deck and then came Velasquez
jumps on him like he’s gonna bash his fucking face and then Brock Lester puts
him in the can and uh in a submission hold her moral and Cain Velasquez taps
out Brock Lester still your WWE Champion after the match he does a beat-down to
Rey Mysterio any hits came to last quiz with f5 on top of a chair ladies and
gentlemen do you care the answer is no Cain Velasquez get the
fuck out of WWE please get out of WWE Brock lesner beats Cain Velasquez moving
on tag team turmoil match to decide the best tag team in the world we have to do
to your house party in this match party in this match we have all Dolph Ziggler
Bobby Roode heavy machinery we have the new day in this match we have the
revival and the Viking raiders and the OC well the fucking bee team are number
one delete eliminated so is a Bobby ruined Dolph Ziggler and heavy machinery
the Viking raiders The OC end up winning this match folks do CR your new best in
the world tag team TLC seriously the OC are the best tag team in the world I
don’t know what’s worse Shane McMahon being the best of the world or the OC
being the best tag team in the world this is absolute joke folks
TLC have been very for the last two fucking years and now you want me to
think that they’re the best tag team in the world
give me a break folks this is typical WWE fashion
I’ll see when the best tag team in the World Cup man’s ro squashes Cesaro yes
let me repeat that Mons ro squashes Cesaro clean mood start off the top rope
and Cesaro loses Cesaro cannot get a bone thrown at him
folks he can’t he can’t this guy has all the potential in the world to be one of
the fucking top stars on this show on these shows but no they just continue to
learn to utilize them and get squashed by bombs like manzara Mons our o beat
Cesaro poor Cesaro horses are moving on Tyson Fury versus braun strowman ladies
and gentlemen Tyson Fury is got off on the WWE ring there was a point in this
mess I tried to set up lightly Undertaker mocking the Undertaker Tyson
Fury did nothing in this match to make braun strowman look strong every punch
every body slam every suplex that braun strowman did Tyson Fury did a god-awful
job at selling its Tyson Fury needs to stay a hundred gazillion feet away from
a WWE ring I never want to see Tyson Fury in a ring again never Tyson Fury
Beach brunch show me because he hits him with a right hook on top of the apron
braun strowman hits the deck outside he gets counted to 10 and Tyson Fury wins
no Tyson Fury wins braun strowman loses to Tyson in theory my god braun strowman
needs 8 i don’t know what roman needs any more folks braun strowman is fucking
beyond burial this guy needs a creative change
he needs a makeover this guy needs the whole fucking package redone because
braun strowman is awful absolutely awful and this was the burial match of braun
strowman braun strowman is dead i never want to hear him say get these hands
again please enough of braun strowman and his fucking dead act
Tyson Fury knocks braun strowman out to oblivion and he gets counted out outside
1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 done absolutely done with braun strowman
moving on AJ Styles versa Hobart the career like I said AJ Styles beats
Alberta career LaCie Evans versus Natalya first time ever matched not
Saudi Arabia the women fights don’t care these women have fought way too many
times and I don’t even care if they fight on the planet Pluto I don’t care
Natalya beats LaCie Evans again for the hundred gazillion million time don’t
care team Holguin vs. team flare team flare Bobby Lashley Nakamura drew
McIntyre Baron Corbin Randy Orton versus rusev ricochet short eg the big dog
Roman reigns Mustafa Ali folks Randy Oran took the pin and loss but
kiss from who the big dog Roman reigns Superman punch spear one two three Randy
orange gets pinned for the laws folks are you fucking kidding me Randy Orton
is a legend he is a legend and you could have picked anyone else to take the
spear or to take this Superman punch you couldn’t have picked Bobby trashley
lastly to take this fucking pinfall you could have not picked Baron Corbin to
take this pinfall folks or not the more or drew McIntyre it had to be Randy
Orton to take this pinfall wow I couldn’t believe this happened folks
Roman reigns has to look strong he look has to look like the old mighty you know
he has to hit the Superman punch and spear to fucking get the win for the
fucking team team Hogan beats team flare this match meant absolutely nothing to
me they just had to make Roman reigns look good and brought and Randy Orton
takes the fucking pit floor folks I was so disgusted in this match that once
again I turn it to the Undertaker my eyes turned behind my info
when I seen Roman reigns hit the fucking spear to pin Randy Orton what a joke folks and the main event of
the night Steph Rattlers versus Bray Wyatt these guys are fighting on top of
the stage Steph Rollins throws Bray Wyatt off the
stage on top of some equipment the equipment goes off this fucking
fireworks and explosions Bray Wyatt comes out of nowhere
puts the mandible claw his two fingers down Steph long as his throat once again
and he pins Steph Rollins one two three to become the universal champion and no
one is excited for it no one felt like this was special it felt rushed it felt
like it needed to happen because they messed up at Hell in a Cell folks the
frame brain wide holding the universal title and crown jewel goes off the air
and now we have the universal title and a WWE title on Smackdown life where does
WWE go from here who fucking knows with this company who fucking knows with this
company we got Survivor Series coming up we’re supposed to do champion vs.
champion right WWE Champion versus the universal champion well are we gonna get
Bray Wyatt versus don’t the vs. are Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series I hope
so I hope so but can you count on WWE to do such a thing you can’t okay you
scratch your head with this company that’s all we do thank you guys so much
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now we’ll see you guys next time thank you guys so much

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  • No because he had to win at hell in the cell. I don't care if he won. I was not happy or however people feel

  • I didn’t care. They should have done it the first time. They ruined it when they DIDNT give it to him at HIAC

  • wwe has killed the fiend bray wyatt. they should the fiend the title in the first place at hell in a cell. crown jewel is garbage an got awful

  • Just like every moment, ppl will cheer it and then ppl will move on. If "The Fiend" is so powerful that he can't be stopped with 20 curb stombs and chair shots and table spots, NO ONE will take him down forever. Now explain to me who will overcome such a character.

  • I hate to say this but this is not gonna last long since when WWE actually cared what the fans want?? Vince is gonna let his precious roman reigns take it from him before the year is over

  • I have to be honest AC, when Bray Wyatt holding the Universal title, I honestly felt NOTHING. Too little too late. Wwe only gave Bray the title because they had to. Bray Wyatt's title reign feels NOTHING to me. The Bray Wyatt The Fiend gimmick was Tainted after HITC. After that, I absolutely do NOT CARE.

  • I didn’t watch Crown Jewel but when I heard about The Fiend Bray Wyatt winning the universal title at crown jewel I was more shocked than anything because I thought fore sure Seth Rollins was going to win but he didn’t. It still doesn’t make up for what happened at Hell in a Cell even with Bray Wyatt winning the title at crown jewel. The bottom line is Vince realized he screwed up and the only reason he put the title on Bray Wyatt was because of all the backlash WWE got after Hell in a Cell. Bray Wyatt should have won the title at Hell in a Cell because that was the time to do it but instead WWE decides to go with the decision to end the Hell in a Cell match in a DQ and it was without a doubt the stupidest decision in the history of Hell in a Cell matches. Now that Bray Wyatt won the title at crown jewel his Title win doesn’t feel as special and i still feel that WWE has ruined Bray Wyatt in the long run because he has been portrayed as a unbeatable monster so my question is how are they going to build up somebody up to the point where they will be a credible opponent for them to beat Bray Wyatt. I don’t think it can be done. I think the only way Bray Wyatt should lose it is by forfeiting the universal title. But look for WWE to make another stupid decision and have somebody beat Bray Wyatt for the title who doesn’t deserve it. I wouldn’t put it past them. Also they might as well put the Fiend back on Raw now since the universal title is a Raw championship.

  • 9:01 its simple. Very soon title will go back to Seth Rollins or Roman. WWE will come up with a story line to make either of them look heroic and claim his title back. Then all the WWE fans can chat "Burn it down" or "Roman Roman Roman"

  • It’s was a good show to me and I told u once befo about Brock Lesnar vs The Fiend at Survival Series🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

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