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Brexit, World War II And Britain’s Identity Crisis | AJ+

The United Kingdom has been a hot mess for
a while now. Order. Order. Behave yourself.
Be a good boy. For the past 3 years, the country has been
divided by one word: Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. The playful fun name that’s been given
to a disaster. And if you think you’re confused about
what’s been going on in the UK… Can you explain what the hell is going on
over there? imagine how the Brits are feeling. I can’t do anything. I’m just watching horror, I suppose,
at what’s going on in the country. But there’s a plenty of history behind the current crisis: the connection to World War II, which is still a huge part of Britain’s
national identity, and the fairly recent decline
of the British Empire. Britain’s identity crisis is actually
nothing new. How did the world’s biggest empire deal
with, well, not being an empire anymore? Hint: not that well. Let’s get Brexit done. We’re going to look at how the myths around
Britain in World War II, and the longing for its imperial past,
helped shape the Brexit debate. First things first: The British Empire ruled over several continents
for several hundred years. At its height in 1921, the British Empire
was directly or indirectly ruling over almost half a billion people – treating them like subjects rather than citizens. And the territory was so vast,
it was famously said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” For it is the empire, which includes
one quarter of all the land and of all the peoples of the world, that gives to Britain its position as a first class power. This history of power and, essentially,
a white-supremacist enterprise is a huge part of British national identity. There’s a lot of confidence that many Brits
feel about their place in the world. They see the British Empire as a good thing. It reflects the global role and ambition that
the UK should still have today. But it was something that happened in the
late ‘30s, early ’40s that would cast a shadow on events that would take
place in Britain generations later. There’s one person from WWII who keeps popping
up in British political discourse: “In my office, there’s a bust of Churchill.” Ah, Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Churchill is a surprisingly uncontroversial
figure in the UK, hailed as a national icon for saving his country
from defeat in WWII. He was also an overt white supremacist. Churchill was blamed for the Bengal famine that avoidable catastrophe saw some
3 million Indians die of starvation. He was also blamed for policies that violently suppressed the anti-colonial resistance across the empire. Fifty years after his death, Churchill’s
name is invoked by both sides in the Brexit debate. Churchill is this kind of pugnacious
symbol of a nation, this kind of bulldog figure who’s going to,
willing to face down overwhelming odds. And that’s been a particularly attractive
symbol and attractive myth for Brexit supporters, for Brexiters. But what does Churchill and WWII
have to do with Brexit? Well, the story that’s often told is that
Britain was an island nation that stood alone against Nazi Germany between 1940 and 1941. 1940 is kind of the key. It’s the key point in the Second World War
for Britain, for British people, and actually, increasingly, for English people. And that same rhetoric of an “isolated Britain”
standing against a dominant European power was played out during Brexit. Only this time, it wasn’t Nazi Germany. It was the EU. Here’s the problem though. The image that Churchill helped popularize
of small, island Britain standing alone against a massive European power is not entirely true. I think that it’s ironic that Britain
remembers itself as alone then, because it never was alone. Because it had a huge empire, which all went
to war with Britain. This means soldiers from British colonies
were fighting in a war that didn’t really have anything to do with them. 2.5 million men from the Indian subcontinent
fought in WW2, as did some half a million African soldiers. Author Yasmin Khan once said that Britain
did not fight the Second World War, the British empire did. This idea of 1940 is the kind of high point
of British history, particularly high point of Britain
in the second world war is, it’s much more kind of mythology than history. It’s a kind of a very romanticized view of
the past that leaves an awful lot out, in particular the role of the empire in 1940,
the importance of the empire. Brits talk about a Blitz spirit – when their
cities faced bombardment from German forces. It’s that courage and spirit of keeping
calm and carrying on during tough times that the Brexit movement is tapping into. [The WW2 myth] is a lazy use of the past,
but I think it’s because they have an emotional resonance, for a lot of British people. They recognize that, they recognize Churchill,
they recognize the idea that actually the second World War,
particularly 1940, was a moment when the country
came together and it’s a moment that actually, you know, 1940
in many ways, there is lots to be proud of. After the war, the sun began to finally set
on the British empire. Millions of colonized people were demanding
freedom and self-determination. After the empire collapsed,
two crucial things happened: First, another global power
conclusively took Britain’s place: the United States of America. We shall send you, in ever increasing numbers,
ships, planes, tanks, guns. That is our purpose and our pledge. Secondly, the demographic make-up of Britain
began to change. It needed immigrant labor to rebuild
its economy post WW2. People invited from Caribbean countries
were known as the Windrush generation, named after the ship which arrived with
500 Jamaicans. In the ‘50s and ’ 60s, Britain saw an
influx of Pakistani, Indian and African immigrants. The changing demographics led to the
infamous and inflammatory 1968 “Rivers of Blood” speech by
Conservative MP Enoch Powell. He railed against mass immigration. In this country, in 15 or 20 years time, the Black man will have
the whip hand over the white man. And then, fast-forward to 2004 when Eastern European immigrants began arriving in the UK after their countries joined the EU. We”re welcoming 10 new member states
into the European Union, and today marks a new beginning for Europeans. Britain is definitely having identity crisis. I don’t think it’s being caused by Brexit. People want to go back to a time when they felt “safe” and when they felt that things weren’t changing, and that’s often framed in terms of race and migration. So, Britain’s diminishing world power
ended up meshing together with immigration that challenged both white British identity and triggered anxieties about jobs and resources. You cannot say anything about the immigrants… but all these Eastern Europeans who are coming in… And guess who got blamed for that? Everyone is talking about the EU,
and you might be thinking, what is it and what does it actually do,
other than be the source of arguments? Here’s a super quick rundown: The EU is a political and economic union of 28 countries (soon to be 27). They trade with the rest of the world as a single bloc, and, most importantly, operate as a single market. This means there is freedom of movement for
goods, people and money. The EU has a cabinet, which proposes
legislation and sets policy on issues like the refugee crisis. But this vast alliance spanning the continent didn’t come out of nowhere. Like modern British national identity,
the EU also has its roots in war. After 1945, world leaders not only wanted to put an end to the bloody wars that had ravaged Europe, they wanted to prevent further conflict in the region. They believed that by creating
an alliance and a single economy, the continent would be better off, with more prosperity. A “united” Europe was also seen as a crucial political and economic alliance against the Soviet Union. Britain didn’t join until 1973. I don’t want to see us in Britain deliberately turn away from the continent in
pursuit of a theoretical freedom. For the UK, joining a European single market meant
a way to avoid economic decline. The new European bloc was doing deals with the Commonwealth and also had American support. Britain didn’t want political isolation
within Western Europe. For the British, really, once you started to see other countries come together, it made more and more sense for them
to be on the inside. And, to be honest, the UK didn’t really have a good alternative, for all the talk about the Commonwealth
as a successor to the empire. It’s a much looser relationship and not one that was going to deliver the same economic benefits. So really the UK fell into the European integration process through lack of a better alternative. Believe it or not, there was actually a referendum
in 1975 on whether the UK should stick around with some surprising supporters. Yeah, the Brits love referendums on Europe. They stuck around, but that didn’t end Britain’s skepticism with the European alliance. The fact is, they have no confidence on money,
no confidence on their economy. No, no, no. That’s British Conservative prime minister
Margaret Thatcher again. While the European Commission was calling for strengthening unions, Thatcher and her government were working hard to disempower them. To an extent, I think Thatcher is definitely remembered, certainly by Brexiters as being anti-EU. And she increasingly became, I think became opposed to to some elements of the EU while she was prime minister. And in 1988, she said this: We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them reimposed at a European level with a European super-state exercising a new dominance from Brussels. And for almost three decades, Eurosceptics have latched onto this monumental speech. There’s always been something that looks like Euroskepticism and the British debates and
actually other countries, but Margaret Thatcher was central in bringing that together. And really that crystallized a lot of opposition, particularly in the UK, towards the project. That opposition eventually led the UK
to make one of its biggest political moves since WW2. In 2016, the Brits faced a tough question: Should I stay or should I go? Then Prime Minister Cameron led the campaign to stay. Let me be clear – leaving Europe would threaten our economic and our national security. But for others, leaving the EU meant… independence, free from the EU’s rules. One of the supporters
was this guy: current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Because I want a better deal for
the people of this country, to save them money and to take back control. To support his position, Johnson invoked World War II rhetoric that painted the EU as another European attempt to take over Britain. In the end, over 17 million voters,
that’s almost 52% of everyone who voted, decided to Leave. Xenophobic rhetoric stood behind the Brexit campaign. This anti-immigrant poster – stoking
fears from the European refugee crisis – was just one example. In a way, that’s tied to self-image and the desire to “take back control,” “take back control,” “take back control.” But by tugging at so-called patriotic heartstrings, it presented what critics call a false pretense
for what post-Brexit could actually look like. References to war and overcoming hardship didn’t stop after the final vote was counted. If you put a country like Britain into a corner,
we don’t crumble. We fight. Staying the course when the going gets tough.
I think any student of history would say that’s more or less
the definition of being British. There’s worries about food shortages, with
the food lobby calling Brexit the “biggest challenge” since the war. Boris Johnson
set up a Brexit committee, popularly named the “war cabinet”, even though the country’s
not even in a war! The second world war was a very positive historical
reference point for, for British politicians. The British tend to look favorably on their
history and draw a positive line into the future that things were very good and they
can be very good again. Brexit means Brexit. Erm, ok, but what does that actually mean? It’s important to note that Scotland and Northern Ireland are not necessarily down to leave the EU. Scotland is considering a second independence vote,
a re-do of their 2014 referendum. Some Scots hope they can gain independence
from Britain and re-join the EU on their own terms. Brexit has also reopened debates about Irish borders and reignited a long-time beef in
the Emerald Isle – formerly a British colony. Within the UK, there is a
stark generational divide, too. Young people overwhelmingly want to stay in the EU. Some are worried Brexit may complicate their access to jobs, higher education and free movement within Europe. And in case you’re wondering, yes,
there was also a racial divide in the Brexit vote. 73% of Black brits voted to remain in the EU, as did 67% of Asian voters. There are also concerns about what white’s Britain’s nostalgia for the empire means for people of color in the country. It seems like no one really knows what Brexit will bring, and that fear and uncertainty is taking a
toll on the Isles. But regardless of what happens
to Britain without the EU, is this the beginning of a new era for British identity? Or does this new era of chaos in Britain show just how hard it is for the country to move on from
its global, imperial past?

  • Bengal famine could of been diverted. But chosse not as Japan was knocking on Bengal door. Churchill was aware of this didn't want food resource been taking up by Japan. He was big believer in sacrifice few for many. #history

  • A nation calling for its independence from an economic system of collective bondage isn't somehow invoking imperialism. It's the exact opposite of imperialism.This is tone deaf. It's disengaging from a system that allows collective regime control just like the American Revolution was a disengagement from then English powers of regime control and taxation. We shouldn't applaud the fact that we sent millions of people to their deaths. That's mental.

    The alliance means they are all CO-DEPENDENT, not IN-DEPENDENT. They never got their independence . This is the fundamental PROBLEM. War is wrought by a LACK of independence. This is doublespeak. Too big to fail is a failure. Free markets are the only functional markets. We *Don't* want superstates. We don't want neo-colonialism. We want people to have their independence.

    I didn't realize how Statist AJ was. This was revealing. You guys are working overtime with that mental gymnastics to rationalize this inane argument. No self awareness. This IS THEM moving on from their global imperialist past. The EU is a relic of that past.

    See how these people rationalize colonialism? It's the same argument they're making. They've disguised it, but it's right there. They torture the metaphor and insist you conform to the state. You can't have your own independence. In fact, if you want your independence and don't want to be a part of their empire, it's just because you're racist and not because you value things like independence and freedom. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • We are fighting a war now. Between the haves and have nots. The haves want to destroy the country. Take away workers rights, sale us down the road. The have nots are being manipulated by the haves. The haves control the vast majority of the media. Alot òf have nots, believe this distorted millionaire misinformation. Dont be fooled by the media bias. We have nots, that's YOU👈 as well. Are being taken on a ride to our own demise. Maybe if you read this you'll do some further digging. I hope so, because when you vote, you should be better informed!

  • Let's not forget the Germans kill English children the French give the keys to the German Italian change side the rest of Europe is is not worth to Bob

  • England regrets ever joining the EU. It wants its independence from them. They don't want to kowtow two France and Germany because that is the bottomline. Make Britain Great Again back to its independent self. Self determination for the Brits, by the Brits, not Merkel.

  • What i have just listened to is correct . But I am 80 yrs old lady living in France for over 50 yr's. I follow World politics very closely several hours a Day. I was for leaving the EU 3 yrs. ago . Because of the dominance of Germany . JUNKER self acclaimed President of the EU Commission . Ex P.M. and M. of Treasury. of Luxembourg for Traffic of influence in finance. His linage is PRUSSIAN. Since Delors refused any attempt of the UK to join the EU. after de Gaulle It was Heath that engaged the country . At that period our ties with Canada Australia ,New Zealand and some smaller countries were positive. The EU forced UK to drop all alliances with these countries which was a disgrace. Our role in EU has always been a third place after Germany and France No Main Post has been held by a Brit. But our financial contribution has been second after Germany. We won the war ? No we lost thousands of fine men from UK and Nations who joined us . We sheltered de Gaulle his Free French.I FEEL SORRY FOR THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD IT IS NOT A BRIGHT PLACE FOR YOU WE MADE TOO MANY MISTAKES.

  • When Churchill sold England out to his Jew buddies and started WW2 for them to fund both sides and profit from, A new era was born. The Jews made billions in profit and every aspect of England s rule was taken over by their puppets, they work slowly, so as not to cause alarm. the flood of migrants and the lead up to today's situation is the slowly unfolding plan. Already, the Jews own and control the English Monarchy( who are very compliant), and they also own and direct the Government. The plan is eventually for the EU to take over England s armed forces and equipment, and in time, to use them in a war, against Russia.The politicians smile and nod, but do not try to effect any change for the better, because as long as this crap goes on, they will be paid the enormous salaries which they enjoy. Some of them do podcasts also and double their income..The English were used then, and are being used now. there is no going back, no returning to any point.

  • 0:25 "Can you explain what the hell is going on over there?" Yes. It's very simple.

    There was a strong movement in Britain for self-determination. To quell that the government decided to hold a binding referendum, knowing that they controlled the narrative and could be certain of the correct outcome which could then be used to quell talk of independence for generations. Amazingly they got that wrong and the British people voted, with the largest mandate in British history, to become a sovereign nation again. Since then the project of the British government has been to give the appearance of attempting to abide by the binding referendum whilst ensuring that they remain in the EU – either by wearing the people down till they eventually have another vote and agree to stay or by making a Brexit deal in which Britain remains in the EU but, as punishment for attempting to escape, is stripped of voting rights and fined.
    Very simple.

  • They Are All Actor’s, and Jokes that Don’t Get Nothin Done. Sound like America, and about all politicians. 😖😖

  • The premise of this video is completely misguided. Leaving the eu is about sovereignty & democracy. If you can't vote out your political leaders you're not living in a democracy. Look at how Van de Leyen was 'appointed', how can she be removed? Hello? Is there any reality going on out there? So much more fun to paint the uk as a xenophobic bunch of idiots stuck in the past….

  • I couldn’t care less about the empire and WW2 is only important insofar as it’s important we remember who fought it, and why.

    Yet I still voted Brexit….because our future is not part of The European Union.

  • Eurocrats just like American corporatists are way too obsessed with there projects and they don't care how many people they leave behind. That's why we are leaving and we are glad to be leaving.

  • Communism has killed far more millions of people than Nazism or Capitalism, but that doesn’t fit your narrative so let’s just forget about it, right?

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  • 1 EU is similar to 1 China.
    British and HK are always think they are advanced species compare with EU and Chinese mainland people.

  • US has the same problem. Both Left and Right mythologized FDR and WW2.

    FDR is remembered as the guy who saved Americans from the Great Depression, but not as the guy who abused power, violated rights en masse, and committed the worst human rights violations in US history.

  • Could you be anymore bias? The UK is barely the size of Colorado but they’re supposed to admit all Africa and Asia?
    Most Scots would like to stay in the EU, “they would like”, in no way is Brexit a deal breaker to stand by their referendum decision to remain in the UK.

  • Hey guys I want to watch trump rally’s with people talking over it, making fun. Either live or scripted I don’t care. There has to be a mst3k for politics somewhere

  • Brexit has made us a joke around the world, brexit is a selfish move by some of my fellow country men.we were the country other countries looked up to.there are people who think we can go bck to British empire(nationalist idiots)I voted remain. some how we have been divided to remainers & leavers,just like the USA (Democrat’s & republicans)brexit was only brought about by the Conservative party.david idiot posh twat Cameron was worried about new political party UKIP(nationalists)taking their votes In election.the most conservative MP’s have a problem with the EU.posh twat Cameron when prime minister allowed a referendum.nearly every one in this country didn’t know that much about the EU.brexit at its core is about some conservatives mp’s not licking the here we are 4yrs later in a mess.we joined the EU cos we didn’t like free trade & rules + Tarifs. Britain gets bck more from trade & exports,then the money we put into the EU(TRUE FACT)thanks for readying this long mssg.🇬🇧💚🇪🇺☮️👍

  • Spain empire conquered more lands than the UK. Spain conquered half of North America, all Central and South America, plus a few colonies in Africa and Holland in the XVI century.

  • Americans talk some shite.

    So we want Brexit because we used to be an empire and can't 'get over it'.. ?

    Nothing at all to do with ☻ and friends? Right.. .

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    The fifth of November,

    The Gunpowder treason and plot;

    I know of no reason

    Why the Gunpowder treason

    Should ever be forgot!

    Guy Fawkes and his companions

    Did the scheme contrive,

    To blow the King and Parliament

    All up alive.

    Threescore barrels, laid below,

    To prove old England's overthrow.

  • BS! pro EU BS is ALL this is. From countering ALL of Brit history 9and rewriting battle of britain!) to finally saying brexit is nothing more than xenophobia. BS. Brit is in a WAR, a war to save its culture. FU "AJ+"

  • Watching this as a British person….fam its mad how true it is. I mean generalised in 15min but still this is one well thought out explanation on the greater context of brexit

  • It's about time an accurate history of Britain is told. The Historian forgets to add during the empire the Brits felt safe because they dominate over the people of her colonies now they are on their own to support themselves financially and security they are having an identity crisis now, wake up Brits and adapt like everyone else. one of the reasons for allowing migrants to enter Britain is an easy/excusable means of getting cheap labor.

  • title is missing "an american opinion" about brexit.
    Nazi germany did fought on all fronts, middle east, africa etc. So yes whole empire fought. Lets not forget that some of those resources went to US as hefty payments for "allied help".
    Also Islands and bases were sold to US as well.
    The rise of civil right acts in US by blacks started from black GIs who stayed in UK during ww2 and helped defend against nazis. UK does not have such immigration and race problems as USA have.

    Also, the empire did not fell apart, it transformed and let the people of colonies decide their fate as part of commonwealth.
    People of commonwealth are treated better than EU nationals and people from europe.

    Socialism is something which island of Britain never liked very much. Just like bending morals and human rights

  • Project de-legitimize a democratic process as the voters are to dumb to understand what they voted for as well as being white and racist. This video is either made by the elites or a traitor to the Middle class revolution.

  • The remainers are to blame overall as they've refused to accept the results of two general elections, two euro elections and the referendum.

  • How can we move on when America loses its dominance you guys will be the same most probably split up with the bigger states then with the smaller states that don’t have a strong economy trying to keep the USA alive

  • My Grandparents and my parents remembered rationing, not just food, but clothing, petrol, and many more items. Even if you had ration coupons, some items were still unobtainable. To say that Britain was not alone in 1939 is quite simply ridiculous.
    The rest of Europe had either been taken over, annexed, surrendered, or joined forces with Germany. The next piece of real estate, and the jewel in the crown was Great Britain.
    In 1940, The Battle of Britain was fought over British skies eventually with multinational pilots and squadrons.
    Bombs fell on British soil and British people by the German air force,(Luftwaffe).
    Anyone who makes claims different to this, needs to access a Library on British history.
    Also, Herman Goring was asked at the end of the war, "At what point did he consider Germany lost the war?" Without hesitation he answered, "The Battle of Britain."
    Anyone who made it to Britain and fought on, were under no illusions as to who the bad side was.
    Today, we are in a paper war with European bullies talking about democracy….. To me personally, men are born free and democracy is man made and what we are told with papers attached to it. That's totally different to freedom.
    Neville Chamberlain demonstrated how much a worthless piece of paper can be. As Hitler signed what later became known as The Munich Crises, which was supposed to secure peace between Britain and Germany In reality it never had a hope in hell in achieving that as he then went on to invade other countries and expected Britain to stand by and do nothing.
    Again, Britain has got to be brave and just walk away from a non-freedom of choice Europe now, with endless dates, ultimatums and with meaningless pieces of paper with silly names.
    Our country cannot negotiate with unelected Messrs Barnier, Junker and Verhofstadt…….
    In God's name wake up Britain.

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  • Interesting getting the brexit through the lense of the America perspective, as a Scot you done a pretty good summation.

  • unfortunate syndrom of inflated hubris. they must spring clean their psyche. i don't think the young people are still overtly arrogant. maybe the queen should go. it's a silly thing, the monarchy.

  • I definitely get the point of identity crisis and lack of self governance if the UK remains inside the EU. Seen from a Democratic point of view, the people have more connection with their local government but what if this has nothing any longer to decide? The World is more and more globalised and mixed up in forms of Races so question is where do we want the World to go in general. The Idea of having a Big Block governed under one Parliament sounds good and yet somewhat like a socialist UDSSR 2. A Country without borders is a bit like a house without doors, anyone gains entry as they please. Who wants anybody to gain access into your privacy and space? I am European (german), love the freedom and convenience in many ways the EU provides, in same breath I dislike the loss of my own identity while my country is run over and changing so fast for the worse. I do remember that people didn't have a say when they introduced the Euro, it just happened regardless of other opinions and cost exploded by a 20% overnight. No common person has anything to say about further expansion of the EU, it just keeps happening and people from new EU country's come in numbers to ribe the benefits of our stronger System. When I look now to all this hick hack with Brexit, what do people think? England is going to stay inside the EU, regardless if there was some referendum and a majority voted to leave. The Outcome was an accident and not wanted by the System, this much you know already by now and the biased Media and anti Brexit Propaganda which really took off after the Vote. There is so much scare mongering going on in the media on all fronts, like the Local World collapses after England leaves. Are other country's so much worse off outside the EU? Switzerland, Norway? In the Old days you had to get a Visum and / or working permit to go elsewhere, I didn't think it was this difficult. I am not scared about Brexit but don't mind staying either, common people have no say anyway in real political matters, the referendum is a perfect example. My worries are elsewhere. Why does the European Union is so Corrupt, Why does all these big provider chains have their Tax address in Luxembourg(should be the same tax rate everywhere), Why does media keeps on firing up this left vs right wing coflict? Why is out of a sudden so much pfaff about saving the planet? If it was really this important , they could arrange changes overnight by law and do enforce them. I reckon it's all just stuff to keep us arguing and talking about something while the important geopolitical actions happening in the same time.
    Illegal Wars are everywhere starting up, nobody cares about UN Mandates and justifies there actions in the name of terror fighting. I think many many people have died on this planet utterly pointless in last 25 years due to these aggressive coalition forces of the West. There is so much wrong going on elsewhere on this planet and we keep on talking about this stupid European Union which is run by Lobbyist and their geopolitical interests. In or out, I give a fu**……providers will find ways to bring their stuff to the market and price hikes will happen in near future in any way while this financial system is about to explode.

  • You got to wake up and smell the shite. Not only you shot yourself in the foot but the ricochet got the medic too. Britain will be a divided entity by 2040 and in economic disaster with no clear long term policy and no means to play back what it already is owed. A country that the industry produces all but nothing, no longer a financial power with an real estate market well over its value and no longer attracting the money laundry Russian mobs and middle-east oil tycoons in need of international image (at least they know the oil money soon to be over and planning ahead) where are they going to make money from ? Truism is on a down slop just tell me how are they making money ? Taxation is already a problem with the lower income people and especially young people not affording to get on the property ladder. History is so clear to isolation and what it brings.

  • Y does this not have more dislikes there is so much wrong with this video. Unbeleivably biased and slanders our greatest ever leader. Shameful


  • It's England more than Britain, that has a problem with Europe. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. If people had heard the rest of Thatcher speech she wanted a Europe that worked together basically what we have now and what the EU agrees with, Oh and Boris was a Remain but you wouldn't want that to get in the way of getting the MP job

  • Boris and his treaty is just another slap in the face for 17.4m people who voted leave. Parliament should be ashamed of their continual efforts to block democracy. People must vote Brexit party at the elections on 12 December. A vote for any other party will put an end to the Hope's of many who want nothing more than to be an independent country.

  • I don't think it's fair to lend responsibility for the Bengal famine to Churchill. He was an undeniable great man who did great things but his actions can definitely be called into question. And to this there is a great irony; people look to him as the epitome of Britishness and that ambiguity is symbolic of Brexit

  • A bloody stupid idea! Voted by jingoistic ex imperialists. Get over yourselves. Empire is finished and now a standing joke

  • Such a shallow analysis! On the question of membership of the EU you just ignore what it actually is, it's advantages and disadvantages. You talk about Thatcher just as a Eurosceptic symbol completely ignoring that she was objectively right. The UK did the right thing keeping the pound that has served them well, while the Eurozone is in a continued decade long crisis. The Eu customs union denies member countries the opportunity to strike trade deals with emerging economies and helps protect entrenched big business interests of european cartels, it is definately not just a market for free movement of goods and people. You are just using demographics in order to show that every brexiteer is a bigoted white guy who longs for the restoration of the empire and that is just disingenuous. Even Corbyn a leftist was a brexiteer he just doesn't have the balls to say it because of how onesided the conversation is

  • Wow did the British forget about the USA, Russia, Canada, China and their empires? And like if any nation was alone it was Mexico, Mexico fought against Hitler since the Spanish Civil War.

  • WW2 Secrets still today, Remember then Nazi's never surrender Only the German Military

  • WW2 Secrets still today, Remember then Nazi's never surrender Only the German Military

  • WW2 Secrets still today, Remember then Nazi's never surrender Only the German Military


  • So, the EU is not unlike the United States in that each Country is not unlike a State in a Union of States? So BREXIT would not be unlike California succeeding from the Union? Got it.



  • Britain in being put in its rightful place. Without the colonies and tax havens these shots cannot sustain them. Brexit is going to be the kick in gonads that these ignorant colonist runts are going to get a rude awakening to .

  • The sun has set and it's never rising again. The glorious days the wet dream of empire is over now seeth for you are nothing but a damp rock in the ocean

  • Well maybe if the eu let just britain rule over tthem, as empire once again, then minded ideologicaldd be OK with the EU, just like with Scotland and Ireland.

  • In 2014, if Scotland succeeded in the referendum, England would never have accepted Scotland into the EU.
    If in 2020, UK does Brexit, Scotland can declare independence from UK and join the EU with no opposition. Northern Ireland would also probably not face opposition when reuniting with Ireland and joining the EU as well.

  • Why african and people of sub continent fought the 2nd world for England . They should have let them lost ,they would have been automatically free. Big mistake losing lots of people in a war which was not there to begin with. World would be have been much better if people of colonial countries would have refused to fight.

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