Brock Lesnar brutally attacks Rey Mysterio and his son: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

>>Lay.>>Uh-oh.>>There you go. [SOUND]
>>[FOREIGN]>>No, Lesnar.>>Wait a minute.>>With Mysterio. Center of the ring. Come on.>>[NOISE]
>>No call for that.>>[NOISE]
>>No, come on, that’s enough.>>King, you said that,
no way can stop the beast, and one more time, Lesnar F5. And guys, this could be a direct
message to the WWE Universe and also, King, Kofi Kingston.>>It’s like you said, King,
maybe it would have been better for Rey Mysterio to-
>>Wait a minute, guys, look at this.>>No.>>No, wait a minute. Wait a minute.>>Dominick, leave, go. Sit down, Dominick.>>Yes, please, sit down.>>He’s watching his dad being pummeled. At some point,
you have to stand up as a man and fight. [CROSSTALK]
Lesnar just put his hands on Rey Mysterio’s son. He can’t do that. Come on, Lesnar. [CROSSTALK]
He’ll break his back, come on!>>My God! Brock, Brock.>>Looks like a wild man. Come on, Heyman,
get some control over this beast. [SOUND] No!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, look at Rey realizes what’s
happened to his son, Dominick.>>Lesnar.>>No.
>>For God’s sake!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>King, you’re talking about a line being crossed.>>Talk about a line being crossed
>>And look at Mysterio again, up on the shoulders and
>>Dominick is a teenager [NOISE] reprehensible, come on. Yeah, look at you, look. Come on, Heyman, do something. This guy is heartless.>>[NOISE]>>This is [INAUDIBLE] rotten. Who already can stop, come on,
when is enough enough now?>>Somebody stop it.>>Come on, please, no.>>Come on, get it guys,
the kid, stop him.>>Lesnar, a kid.>>See on a feeling
[INAUDIBLE] there will more.>>That’s enough, it’s a teenager.>>Teenager son.>>Stop stop, stop.>>[NOISE]
>>Yeah, finally you said stop.>>[NOISE]
>>No, no, no. No, please, Brock, no more.>>[NOISE]
>>All he cares about is just to inflict pain and
suffering on people.>>That is one of the most
heinous assaults I’ve ever seen. [NOISE]
>>What, are you proud of yourself? [NOISE] No way.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on, Heyman.>>Someone’s got to stop this. They’re completely helpless in there.>>Finn, get out of there.>>Lesnar, please. [NOISE]

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