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Bulldog A-Frame Trailer Coupler – Standard Coupler – BD028386 Review –

Today were going to take a quick look at the
Bulldog collar lock Coupler with high profile latch part number bd028386. Now Bulldog covers this coupler with a limited
five year warranty. It has a gross trailer capacity of 7,000 pounds. Its designed to be used with two inch trailer
balls and 50 degree A-frame trailers. It also has the standard configuration for
mounting a jack and a large center hole for the body of the jack as well as three slotted
holes for the hardware to secure it. Now this is a weld on coupler so youll just
weld along the edges of the coupler to secure it to your trailers frame. Now were going to over the latching mechanism
and show you how it works. Theres a pin in the latch that keeps it from
being opened unintentionally. Youll need to remove this pin in order to
open the coupler. You can also replace the pin with a coupler
lock that prevents the latch from opening again securing your trailer when traveling
down the road but it also helps protect against theft when storing your trailer for the winter. So first well remove this pin so we can operate
our coupler.

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