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Bulldog Adjustable Trailer Coupler – Coupler with Bracket – BDA2565C0317 Review –

Today we’re going to take a quick look at
the Bulldog cast head coupler with wedge latch, part number BDA2565c0317. Now Bulldog covers this coupler with a limited
five year warranty and it has a gross trailer capacity of 14,000 pounds. Included with the coupler, is the piece of
channel that you weld directly to the frame of your trailer. It’s got five different positions that you
can adjust the head to better suit your truck and trailer combination. Each of these holes is spaced two inches apart
center to center. There’s a pair of bolts and nylon lock nuts
that you’ll use to secure the head to the channel. Now the coupler head is designed to work with
2-5/16 trailer balls. It has a wedge latch system we can take a
look at from underneath. There is a wedge here that fits behind the
back of the ball. So, to open that wedge, we’ll take that latch,
pull the trigger release below the handle and lift up on the handle. There’s holes through the handle across our
top mount here where you can stick a coupler lock that will hold the latch open while you’re
hooking up or unhooking your trailer.

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