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Bulldog Bites with Katie O’Connell and Morgan Ross

welcome to Bulldog bites I’m Marissa
Van Alst and we have two very special guests for you this week
Katie O’Connell and Morgan Ross from Ferris State women’s volleyball okay go
for it Katie Do you want me to read read alright if you’re on
a stranded Island who would survive the longest I just like to think I would
because if like a bear came up to Katie she’d be like I don’t know I feel like
do you think I get but I guess the desert island bears don’t really live on
an island so that was a stupid comment anyway next question what is the other
person’s hidden talent really oh I don’t know it’s easy for me you have so many
talents a few moments later three weeks later many months later okay Morgan loves to
sing okay I do like to sing knock knock knock knock on your door no no you can
knock some more I’ll keep knocking right along with you favorite movie to watch
together TV show we watched so many TV shows it could be anything it doesn’t
know see you okay new girl Oh in office okay we haven’t seen the office in a
really long time sugar rush sugar rush is a really fun new show about baking I
like this I like this question what annoys Katie the most about Morgan okay and reveal extensive seating
I put driving or yeah we’re singing I am convinced I’m gonna die in her car
yeah she yeah yeah she says that who do you play not Wayne say hey where should
everyone be Friday night at 7 p.m. those really dramatic ready to reveal right
here watching thanks for watching and tune in next week at Ferris State
Bulldogs calm

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