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bulldog builds 1 19

hello again this week we’re going to see
how the students made out making that brake line for the truck we’ve got a lot
of Jeep footage to share with you this week our banquet is two weeks from today
May 23rd and that’s when we plan to unveil the Jeep to the public for the
first time hopefully you can make it out we have a fundraising dinner that starts
at 6:30 and the banquet begins at 7:00 you’re not going to want to miss it it’s
a great celebration of all the hard work the students have been doing this year
along with thank yous to all of the sponsors and people that helped us do
what we do hope to see you there both fittings started? That’s amazing here we are about to put a little bit of
color on our Jeep tub but we’re not gonna let you watch that portion we’d like to again thank Advance Auto &
Car Quest for supplying parts for our build.
most recently brake rotors calipers and pads as well as the rear hose and a new
battery we’re setting the sway bar link to 10
degrees you’re just cutting the molding off see
if it wants to pull out which it doesn’t why would it huh but this is
just the molding that covers between the glass and the body just want to cut it
off real nice try not to scratch but you’re gonna
paint everything yes but we never want to scratch we try not to scratch things
because as you know if it’s not professionally done scratches will cause
rusts over you always want to keep your body away from the blade
because I’ve seen guys really do some damage to themselves so you just stay
away from it you can pull it towards you as long as you’re a good ways away from
it a lot of people want you to do it this way because if you slip you’re not
gonna do any damage to yourself but if you’re you you believe it or not you
have more control doing it this way but you know it’s much it’s better if you
push it like this okay that way if you slip everything’s you just screw
something else up instead of yourself all right now now we have the bottom of
that molding wraps around the glass okay so you want to give yourself you want to
cut that free from the glass okay try to keep it from moving against this push right here want to
take it to the edge where you’ve started you always want to go to
nice and slow because when it’s done it’s done and you’re coming out and there you go we would like to thank Covercraft for
donating our seat covers which are easy to install and they’re comfortable
too next time on Bulldog builds the students
will start putting the sound barrier on our jeep tub then we’ll start putting
all of the interior back in and we’ll see what other things the students are
working on around the shop see you next week you

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