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Bulldog Francês, o que aconteceu! Mascote do Canal | by BiBi e STARK

Look what STARK did in my slipper. Making a Havaiana advertisement there … Look at the guy, what STARK Oh … Haha Look … rssss Look at the crime lord here … Ok … It’s the altor of crime, okay daughter. I’m never going to play here again We show how … We are thinking of doing
Five things about this bulldog Hi daughter I’m huãããããããããããããã Rsssssssss Here oh … Huhuhuhuhuhu Rssssssssssssssssssssssss Haaaaaaaa Stop old man Five things about this, this little thing here This ca … No, you just look the face of … Oh, look, look here. HummhummHumm HummhummHumm Rsssssss He does not stop biting. Stop old man Rsssssss, Ok… Five things, five [Miserávi settlement], my God oh There [STARK is biting me] Gabrielli cracking with laughter … rsssss Then I’ll go, see what you’ll think about it And if anyone wants to give some
Tip, something is all right, right, daughter. He bit our bed … Ok … I’m even crying from laughing Let’s sleep on the floor because he has eaten the whole bed [Gabrielli] Rsssss I’ll show you, I’ll show you when I do … Ok daughter when agent does
Five things about STARK We’ll show it, huh … haha My God, under the bed … He chewed the bed, a bed we have He gnawed up my dog … ??? He chewed the mattress all over, he’s gnawing
The foot of the bed, in one day agent … I fell the night of the bed … rssss I did not even understand what I said ,,,, rssss There [the STARK continues biting me] rssss Ok … [Gabrielli] continuous laughing … rssss You have no concept … STARK still continues to bite me … rsss Then STARK does not stop biting me.
And Gabrieli just laughing … rsss Stop !!! [Gabrielli] is up in pain
In the belly of so much laughter … rsss Stoopppp!!! ah!!! stop Look, look… Take a good look at For crime, look … stoooppppp Rssssss,,,ah Stop!!! I’ll have to… Look what he does, look at her This here one, it’s nothing is a little flap,
It’s nothing what he does in the slipper My slipper it does not do anything There guy [feeling bite pain] rsss Look, I do not know if I can see.
But look at my arm here. My GOD is ground, this here is nothing,
Already healed 90%, he ground with my arm I do not have a dog, we have a cat, daughter. I do not know… It seems that we have a cat-dog A dog cat is there Goodbye until the next video Tchau, tchau…

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