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Bulldog Games: Do You Really Know Your Desk Buddy?

– Hey guys, welcome back to another video. Today we’re doing who’s who
but with our desk buddies. (upbeat music) – [Camera Man] First question, who’s most likely to become famous? – Actually no. – [Camera Man] Brandon? – Famous actor. – [Camera Man] Even. – That’s not a picture so
I’m just gonna put that. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to fall while walking? – The thing is we all know the answer to this one don’t we, Buzz? It’s gonna be you because,
I mean theoretically it could be me but everyone
I think would agree with me. – Well I’ve fallen over twice today. (laughing) – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to get embarrassingly drunk at a work party? – Lewis. – Yeah, this has happened like what? Two or three weeks ago? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Quite recent moment. – Yeah I’ll take that. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to fight in public? – Yeah. (laughing) – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to become friends with a celebrity? – I once met Sam Upton at
Nando’s and he gave me a chip. So, I’ll tell you that
makes us friends already. – Yeah I’m gonna go with you I feel like I could, but I
still think you’re more likely. – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely
to become a crazy cat-man? – Mr. Bigglesworth over here. – Just put, like, pictures of my cat. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to win the lottery? – Guess it’s kind of 50/50 really. – Yeah, the odds are mad. – Yeah, 50/50. – 50/50. I don’t buy lottery
tickets and neither do you so it’s really.
– Yeah, true. – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to become a best-selling author? – Joe can’t write so. – Ah, no, no, don’t give me this. – I’ve said I’ve seen
your written reports, you do it and bloody winged it. (laughing) – You were saying that the other day, that you could think you could
say stuff but can’t write it. So, I feel like you would. – Oh, no mate I was having a– – You might do a good audiobook. – I had to make a presentation mate. (laughing) – I’m still gonna go, I’m gonna go for me I still think I could
do a good book I reckon. – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely
to get punched in the face? – That’s fairly straight forward. – Err, yeah. – [Camera Man] Why’s that? – I feel like I have a
habit of annoying people. – Yeah, he does. – Could play into it. – He does. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to get a drunken tattoo? – That would, I haven’t got a tattoo. You’ve got what? – I have no drunken tattoos
but I do have tattoos. – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to have a million followers on social media? – A million? A million fake followers. I’m joking, yeah. – [Camera Man] Who’s more likely to be a stand up comedian? – It’s gotta be me. – No, the thing is Joe, to be a comedian you have to be funny. – No, you do yeah I agree and that’s why. – What’s the key to comedy? – Well, just some jokes with
some good punchlines you know? – No. It’s timing. (laughing) – Look I think we’ve
both got a good chance. – In the comments, who’s
the better comedian? Joe blow or Buzz the mighty? – [Camera Man] Who’s the
most likely to go off on their own on a night out? – I could see you doing it. – Yeah, just like go exploring. – Yeah, I could. – Just go off this way. – [Camera Man] Who’s the most likely to cry in front of a client? (laughing) – Me, why, why me? – Yeah, why would I cry
in front of a client? – Why would I? Yeah, exactly. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to cry at a sad movie? – See, it depends what
kind of movie it is. But, I’ll say– – I cried at Mid90s. – [Camera Man] Because I know Matt cried, you cried seeing Tyler
the Creator the other day. – Okay, well then I guess,
I guess Matthew then. – [Camera Man] Who’s more likely to get in trouble with the boss? – It could be either one of us I’m just going to go for Buzz just ’cause, I don’t know I feel like
you would in some way I feel like we are both quite close. – I’m an angel. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to fail at a simple test? – I crumble under pressure, so. You can put me, oh no you? – Well no, okay? (laughing) – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to develop a habit of snacking? – We snack all day every day. – I ask for snacks all the time. When’s snack time? – When’s the next socially
acceptable time to eat? – [Camera Man] All the time. – I just eaten can I eat again, yeah. – No, you got to wait five minutes. Then you can eat. – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to scream at a horror movie? – Me? – Seen it, I’ve seen it. – Yeah, probably be me then. – [Camera Man] Who’s most likely to play a video game for 48 hours straight? – I dons’t it. – See, I was gonna do this because. – Yeah. – I know we both can easily. I mean I pretty much
did this last weekend. – Yeah, didn’t you say you took last weekend off to play the COD beta? – Not, that was a happy
coincidence actually. – Oh, of course a happy coincidence. (giggling) – Yeah both of us, both of us definitely. – [Camera Man] Who’s more likely to break a world record for
the amount of food eaten? – Also me. Sorry, my phone’s going off. – Yeah, probably. I like to think I can eat a lot of food and then when it comes
to it I can’t actually. – Well Ryan went to mine last night and saw snacks everywhere
so I’m going for that one. – Yeah, four bags of
chocolate buttons wasn’t it? – No, three. – Chocolate buttons. – [Camera Man] The big ones, damn. – That was over a week, that’s the weekends anyway, cut that. Keebs cut it. – [Camera Man] Who’s most
likely to stay in bed all day? – Olly, don’t need these Olly. – Olly isn’t here but. – Olly. – Olly. – Did it today? There he is. – Don’t need his face. – Hi, guys thanks for watching click around here for more. Epic. – [Camera Man] Nice. – I guess that’s all. – [Camera Man] Do you
not want to do anymore? – No.

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