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Bulldog Insider feature: Jaron Bryant

ANDREW LAUGHING NOW. PROBABLY NOT LAUGHING A WEEK AGO. AT LEAST WYLAN FREE’S MOM WAS ABLE TO GIVE HER SON A HUG BEFORE HE LEFT THE STADIUM. BUT THEN SHE HAD TO GET BACK IN THE CAR AND DRIVE TO ALBUQUERQUE. THAT’S TOUGH! JULIA LOPEZ JOINS US NOW. SHE’S THE ONE WHO INTERVIEWED WYLAN FREE THIS WEEK. BUT SHE’S HERE TO TELL US ABOUT ANOTHER BULLDOG DEFENSIVE BACK… JULIA THAT’S RIGHT, ANDREW… JULIA SENIOR DEFENSIVE BACK JARON BRYANT HAS THE SECOND MOST CAREER STARTS ON THIS YEAR’S FRESNO STATE FOOTBALL TEAM… WITH 31. HE’S A SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN, WHO’S HAD SOME PRETTY BIG MOMENTS HERE AS A BULLDOG. 36-41 PAUL LOEFFLER the kick is blocked again dogs might have a chance to return this, it’s bryant again, from the 31 and I don’t think anybody’s gonna catch him. 20, 15, 10, 5 touchdown! Ohhh, jaron bryant his second blocked kick touchdown of the first half, the bulldogs put six more on the board. LAST YEAR AGAINST IDAHO… FRESNO STATE’S JARON BRYANT HAD NOT ONE.. BUT TWO BLOCKED FIELD GOALS FOR A TOUCHDOWN… IN THE SAME QUARTER… BY THE SAME GUY! SOMETHING THAT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. BUT BRYANT DOESN’T WANT ALL THE CREDIT. JARON BRYANT “honestly I just thank my teammates for going up and like actually giving it their all on the field goal block unit, because we teach it day in and day out if you give it your all, we can go get one, we got two that game, I just thank tank and mike walker.” JULIA LOPEZ a lot of people talk about your voice, how deep it is, where does that come from? JARON BRYANT “I couldn’t tell you, my mom and my aunt said it’s been deep ever since I was little. I don’t know, I couldn’t tell you . JARON BRYANT “Oh Jaron Bryant on the pick, he goes down, the 10 the 5, touchdown bulldogs! Best I got .” NOW IF VOICE OVERS DON’T WORK OUT FOR BRYANT DOWN THE ROAD… HE SAYS HIS CALLING IS GOING BACK HOME TO FORTH WORTH, TEXAS AND HELP HIS COMMUNITY. JARON BRYANT “Especially the youth, it’s hard growing up sometimes you don’t have a positive role model in your life or somebody to tell you you can do this, you hear it all the time, the saying, if you don’t have anybody to look up to, who are you going to look up to?” so you have two younger brothers and you were looking after them most of the time, huh? JARON BRYANT I was their father figure growing up, I was their father figure. I mean I’m blessed to be in that role now I know them like the back of my hands. Are they good kids? JARON BRYANT They’re very good kids, it takes a lot of discipline of course cause they’re still young and think they know it all, but they’re good kids. Are they playing football like you, did they follow your footsteps? JARON BRYANT Yes they are, both of them play DB too as a matter of fact, one of them plays safety, the other plays corner on the same side. Who did you look up to when you were a kid? JARON BRYANT Oh, my mother, she went to work every day, she had two jobs was going back to get her associates degree and still supported me and my two younger brothers by herself as a single parent yeah it was hard, sometimes we didn’t have lunch at night or dinner at night, but she still made her ways, all the bills were paid, lights never went out, water was always on that’s just my role model right there, my mom. How would you describe your mom? JARON BRYANT Oh, my mother, she’s just caring, lovable, dedicated, hardworking, just a positive role model, she’s got everything you look for in a mother, a plus, a plus, plus, plus, plus. A lot of pluses. She did good. BRYANT’S FAMILY ONLY GETS TO SEE HIM PLAY IN PERSON ONCE A YEAR… BUT THIS YEAR, THEY’LL GET TO SEE HIM TWICE… ONE WAS AT NEW MEXICO STATE, WHICH IS CLOSE TO TEXAS AND THEY’LL ALSO BE ABLE TO SEE HIM ON “SENIOR DAY” AGAINST NEVADA. JARON BRYANT “The flights from DFW to fresno is like 400 a hundred a ticket, we ain’t got money like that, we not rich like that, we trying to survive but hey we’re gonna on top pretty soon.” Is it tough that they’re not here every game? JARON BRYANT “nah because I know I got them in my heart every day, just like they got me in their heart, no matter we can’t see each other every day, but I know we’re in each other’s heart.” JULIA THE LADY WITH THE HELMET IS

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