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Bulldog Insider: Jeff Tedford gives Scott Bemis a scouting report

00-07 BEMIS QUESTION “I need a coaches opinion on this, can you break me down, break me down as a sports anchor and reporter here, how am I doing coach, I need a coaches breakdown” JEFF TEDFORD “yeah, you’re okay, you could dress a little nicer probably, you’re trying to do to much, you could use a, you could use a cameraman, so that you can just let your abilities flow, but most for the part, you’re looking good and doing a good job” BEMIS “alight, stamp of approval from Coach Tedford, alright ” [D2]Welcome back (Julia & Scott)-2 SHOT JULIA HEY, THAT’S A PRETTY GOOD SCOUTING REPORT! BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE TEDFORD WANTED TO SEE YA IN A TIE, SCOTT… SCOTT adlib JULIA ALRIGHT, TIME NOW FOR OUR “PLAY OF THE WEEK.” nat full 2 sec for stinger WE HEAD TO UTAH FOR “THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT” WHERE FRESNO STATE’S ALL-TIME LEADING SCORER MARVELLE HARRIS PUT ON A SHOW… IN HIS FIRST GAME, HE HAD A GAME HIGH 28 POINTS… IN THEIR SECOND GAME, HE FINISHED WITH A TEAM-HIGH 22 POINTS OFF THE BENCH… HE HAD SOME NIFTY SHOTS… HARRIS HAS PLAYED ON “TEAM ALS” OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS… WHOEVER WINS THE TOURNAMENT TAKES HOME $2 MILLION. BUT UNFORTUNATELY, LAST NIGHT, HIS TEAM WAS ELIMINATED AFTER LOSING BY ONE POINT IN THE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. nat full 2 sec for stinger JULIA OUR “TWEET OF THE WEEK” GOES TO FRESNO STATE’S ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, TERRY TUMEY… HE TWEETED OUT THIS VIDEO OF THE NEW TURF SAYING, “It’s starting to come together! Can’t wait to see everyone at Bulldog Stadium! ” IT’S LOOKIN’ GOOD! WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK.

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