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Bulldog Story: Ashlyn Childs

I’m Ashlyn Childs and this is my Bulldog Story. I always seem to be the black sheep of the family. My mother was amazingly supportive over
any little big thing that I decided to do. I grew up as the baby. I was the toddler being held while we went to my sisters dance recitals and we went to my
brother’s hockey games and so I definitely think that when I decided to
come to Ferris for welding engineering it was rather a shock. I was encouraged to
do things that my brother and sister had never done before. Welding actually was
kind of something that I tried on a whim and I tried it when I was in middle
school for a two-week camp and I never thought it would lead me here. I thought it was gonna be a cool little you know I’d figure out how to make some things
tinker with some electricity and that’d be it. But I decided I really enjoyed it
and if I wanted to go in a career that I was able to find a stable job that I
enjoyed it’d be welding. Ferris actually is one of the schools that are known for
going into welding theory. Ferris really decides to go very deep into the
engineering aspects which is what I strive for know what I really enjoy. I’ve been on a production line before and being in a factory 12 hours a day is not
something that that suits me and I really enjoy doing something different
and doing something new and being able to come to Ferris and see more of the
business side of welding is phenomenal and that’s why I chose Ferris State. I’ve been swimming my entire life and at first it was indoor competitive once I
was out of high school I realized that swimming could offer me a lot more than
just being in a competitive and ground pool. So I started doing open water swims
and then I decided I like biking I like running why not try triathlons so now
for the past three years I’ve been tinkering in about five or six
triathlons every summer and I think being athletic and being on different
teams and seeing other people and how they decide to be successful within
themselves I think showed me an array of ideas that I could do to become better. As a female welder one of the biggest challenges are sexism. And it’s not necessarily intentional sexism it’s the unintentional it is when male or even female
colleague will say something that they don’t realize can be misconstrued. I’m a unique individual in the field and being unique one could take it as a
setback that I have more obstacles to overcome but by overcoming those
obstacles I’ve learned how to be successful. And if I deal with the
occasional sexism or I deal with the occasional blow to my ego that’s okay
it’s alright because eventually when I am out in the field I will know how to
move past those things and be able to never let it affect me. So if I can move toward solving sexism in the engineering community, I think that’d be
an amazing goal to strive for and at the moment that is what I’m striving for. Being able to stand apart from the crowd is phenomenal if you can use that to
your benefit that’s amazing that’s all you can ask for and non-traditional
students actually have to leg up and if they can prove it then they’re gonna
succeed especially if they work hard and put in the work they have that leg up
and they’ll be able to stand out and that I think that’s pretty phenomenal.

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