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Bulldog Story: Dale Hobart

My name is Dale Hobart and this is my
Bulldog story. I was born raised in Midland and then
the family moved to suburban Chicago. I went off to Arizona State University
following a girlfriend. By the time I got out there that was over with, so that was a
lost cause but I ended up going to finishing an undergraduate degree there
and Arizona State was opening up a brand new law school right when I was
graduating so I would be in the first class going through that and marketing
degree is what I could get and get out. Came back to Michigan met my
wife while I was in school out there. I was desperate. I was putting out
resumes all over the place and one of the places I applied was to Ferris and for some crazy
reason they decided that I would do and so I came up here thinking okay I’ll
come up to Ferris in a couple of years I was going to teach in the legal
assistant program. In a couple years I’ll get a real job someplace else well I’m
still here forty plus years later I spent 12 years in the classroom and it
went came time for us to look at building a new library they went out and
one of the smarter things that this Institution has done is we hired a
library consultant that came in and spent a week on campus talking to
students talking to faculty talking to staff talking to administrators talking
about what was needed, what was wanted in this building and as that process was
going on I’m going wait a minute we’re moving into that building and we’re not
part of the team that’s doing this I said shouldn’t we be and they looked at
me and said yeah it probably should be I got put on the oversight team and just
as we were about to get started the Dean of the library died so we had to learn
an awful lot about libraries and it was a lot of work and I would do
something like that again just like that it was so rewarding and when it was
finished I got up on the balcony overlooking the main floor and you know
those chairs there were those chairs were had wheels on them and that was not
by accident that was by design because we wanted those chairs to move we wanted
groups to form those chairs to move around and stuff and we opened the
library and I’m up overlooking that I had tears in my eyes watching that
happen. It’s an amazing thing when you see something work the way that you wanted it to.
The way that you hoped it would work. Can we talk about opportunity
school for students this is an opportunity place for people that work
here that teach their staff and so I got to change careers multiple times and
stay at the same place how many people get to do that but that’s all kind of
part of how I feel about life. Today is the best day okay and the things you do
today will help make tomorrow the best day and then how bad it is it’s the day
you’re in. I look forward to every day and what’s going to be next and I’m 71
years old and I still want to know trying to figure out what
I’m going to be when I grow up.

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