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Bulldog Story: Seamus Hyman

My name is Seamus Hyman, and this is my Bulldog Story. I’m originally from Vicksburg Michigan,
which is down by Kalamazoo Michigan, very very small town. I’m currently in my
junior / senior year, I’ll be graduating in the spring. After I graduate, I hope to
get a job in some sort of film department, be that may, like being a
cinematographer, or an editor, I just want really want a job that translates with
what I’ve learned here at Ferris. We moved back up to Michigan, because originally I
lived in Michigan, before moving to Florida. This was back in 2007, going into
2008, it was just my mom, and two brothers, my dad didn’t come with. So a few months passed by we’d call him, talk to him on the phone. As a kid I didn’t know what
was going on. We got a phone call saying that my dad was dead, and I didn’t know
the cause of death till much later in my life. He killed himself. Growing up, I didn’t fully understand
that, you know, I just couldn’t comprehend it. My mom was very strong about it all,
like she had to raise three boys on her own. So one of the things that helps me
with, like closure and whatnot, is he was in the Navy, and so he was buried in Fort
Custer and so every once in a while I’ll drive up there, and you know, go look at
it. I guess it gives me comfort. How it impacted me was that, I never really understood like why it happened, so that would make me sad or frustrated. And that like people have dads, I never got to really experience my whole like
childhood with him, or my teenage years, so it was very hard,
because I didn’t really have a male role model to look up to. I remember quite a
bit of stuff with my dad. The reason why I really like film, is because him and I
would watch movies together. We’d watch you know, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, all those Clint Eastwood movies… probably not good for a kid to watch, but you know.
What got me interested in this major was I’ve always loved film and video and so
I actually took video making course in high school and I really loved that, and
when I heard about Ferris having this program, I just thought I’d try it out,
and I loved it so far. If I could describe my dream job, it’d be some film
company that produces film that can be put in a theater, that’s what I want, I
don’t care if it like makes a huge box office, I just want to have my name on a
screen, it’s just like “hey I did that,” ya know? If I had the chance to do a spaghetti western I think that’d be really fun, and
really cool to do, in like memory of my dad.

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