Bulldogs ‘bounced back’ after tough Tennessee battle, head coach Kirby Smart says

I thought our kids played really hard
tonight we didn’t start the way that you’d like to at least not
defense with that offensively. I thought Jacob did a really good job,
I thought Coley called a really nice game, changed things up. Did some good things with Jake and
had a good plan and executed the plan. Plays physical,
I still think a lot areas to improve on. Some stupid, undisciplined penalties, I was proud of our fans tonight for
coming and showing up. So a lot of them out there at the finish. And defensively I thought our guys
fall through some tough times. Yeah that’s the first road game where a
lot of people will think of Vanderbilt but it just wasn’t that kind of atmosphere and
you are resilient on the road. You play hard, you keep coming back. And you play a lot of players and
you’re able to run for 238 yards and they rush for
70, it helps you. And we got a big physical football team. We got to keep getting better. We got to get rid of some of the arrows. So now open it up for questions.>>Coach did you did you feel like the
disparity in time of possession was pretty stark, getting into the second quarter did
you feel like it was just a matter of time that the you could kind of win that war?>>Well I felt like we were wearing them
down and but we were wearing them down in a better style than just having
to run the ball all the time. Jake was doing a good job mixing it up,
I thought Colby did a good job mixing up the calls, they were playing quite a bit
of split second coverage which that’s what they do and usually have good box looks
but we were able to throw the ball and be efficient with it. And we gave up some explosive on defense. [COUGH] And kids bounce back from that. That was tough on them. And maybe they made a really good play
call, against a really good defense. I was proud of those guys.>>What were your

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