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Bulldogs Give Back: Al Deniz

ANDREW THERE’S A TARGET AT BULLARD AND BLACKSTONE IN FRESNO. HUGE BUILDING. CHANCES ARE YOU’VE BEEN THERE. OR, AT THE VERY LEAST, YOU’VE DRIVEN PAST IT. IT’S ALSO RIGHT NEAR AN ENTRANCE TO THE 41. THAT TARGET USED TO BE A MONTGOMERY WARD. WHO REMEMBERS THAT? AL DENIZ DOES. THIS IS “BULLDOGS GIVE BACK.” [C3]BGB AL DENIZ-PKG ANDREW TRACKED OPEN PRECISION CIVIL ENGINEERING. THIESEN DUEKER FINANCIAL CONSULTING GROUP. AND A-S-I ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS BRING YOU…BULLDOGS GIVE BACK… CG AT 10 nats “Prices have just been slashed on thousands of incredible items. At the sale to end all sales. The going- out-of-business final sale. At your neighborhood Montgomery Ward store.” BUSINESSES COME. AND BUSINESSES GO. MONTGOMERY WARD IS A BUSINESS AL DENIZ REMEMBERS WELL. HE OPENED ONE IN FRESNO IN 1971. AL DENIZ CG AT 32 “I hired everybody and I was first man on board. I opened the store so I was on the operating end. I had to control expenses and all that. And basically that was my job…I always wanted to get into the merchandising end because I loved merchandising.” ANDREW AL DENIZ WAS BORN AND RAISED IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. HE TRANSFERRED TO FRESNO AFTER WORKING AT A MONTGOMERY WARD IN EUREKA. AL DENIZ “At the time I took over, Montgomery Ward’s appliance department was 13th in the nation. And the two years I had it I took it up to number two. So as far as being oriented in sales, I’m pretty good at it.” ANDREW SO IT WAS NO SURPRISE HE ALSO TURNED OUT TO BE GOOD AT FUNDRAISING…FOR FRESNO STATE… AL DENIZ “As years went on, I kept on getting more and more involved. I loved doing that type of thing, promoting and selling. I love sports. And I like to back the program and I like other people to back the program.” ANDREW AL DENIZ CERTAINLY LED BY EXAMPLE. IN 2005, HE WAS RECOGNIZED NATIONALLY FOR BEING THE MOST SUCCESSFUL VOLUNTEER FUNDRAISER IN THE COUNTRY. HE WAS KNOWN AS “MISTER BULLDOG.” AL DENIZ “I was really involved in sports in the past, and, of course, I’ve always liked sports ’cause that’s all I’ve done all my life.” ANDREW AL DENIZ PLAYED MULTIPLE SPORTS IN HIGH SCHOOL. MULTIPLE SPORTS IN COLLEGE. AND HE PLAYED BASEBALL WHILE IN THE ARMY. HE’S BEEN MARRIED TO LOUISE FOR 36 YEARS. THE LAST 24 OF WHICH, HE’S BEEN RETIRED. I ASKED HIM…WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING RETIRED? HIS ANSWER? GOING ON VACATION. HE AND LOUISE LIKE TO TAKE CRUISES. UP NEXT ON THE BULLDOG

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