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Bulldogs head to Hawaii with a lot on line

Clearly you still control
your own destiny. How do you frame this up for
the team as far as what’s at stake and what you’re playing for on Saturday night?>>Well, it’s one at a time. We got to take one day at a time and
focus on the job at hand. Yes, we know that we have
Western Division opponents, but, You know,
we’re in no position to be looking ahead. We we need to focus on
one day at a time and improving every day and
you know, going in. Hawaii is always a tough place to play,
they play very well at home. You know, so long trip and all that stuff, but we have to have a great week of
practice and have a good game plan and Hopefully be balanced on offense to
maybe control the ball a little bit. And limit the big plays by them. They may have a lot of big plays and the quarterback is,
I got a good offensive line. But this is just about one day at a time. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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