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Bulldogs set for clash with Bowling Green

AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL… LOUISIANA TECH SET TO HIT THE ROAD THIS WEEKEND.. TRAVELING TO BOWLING GREEN TO TAKE ON THE FALCONS… AND TECH COULD BE FACING SOMETHING A LITTLE UNIQUE… A POWER RUN TEAM… THAT LIKES TO PICK UP THE TEMPO… COACH HOLTZ COMPARING WHAT THE BULLDOGS ARE SET TO FACE WHAT YOU MIGHT SEE OUT OF A MILITARY ACADEMY BUT WITH A LITTLE TWIST… 3 Skip Holtz said, “Couple things when you look at them offensively the pride themselves on tempo and try to run 100 plays a game. They also play with very big personnel. Completely different than anything we’ve seen. Theyre going to play with two to three tight ends theyre going to make your dbs and your safeties play linebacker and edge control. They want to run the ball for 400 yards they want to control it. Probably like playing a military school with the wishbone and they play with a lot of tempo.” 3 THE BULLDOGS AND BOWLING GREEN SET TO KICK OFF AT 4:00 ON SATURDAY… 3 CHIEF METEOROLOGIST TODD WARREN WILL BE BACK WITH A

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