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Bullmastiff, Labrador and other dogs wearing Extravagant Leather Dog Collar

This Spiked Leather Collar will make your dog happy, as it is comfortable, beautiful and safe for your pet’s health. Full grain genuine leather is strong, durable and tear proof. It is also very soft and flexible, which means, that the collar will not rub or wear into your pet’s skin. The collar is easy adjustable. There will be no need to buy another one, if your doggy puts on weight or outgrows the item. Just buckle it to another hole and enjoy your joint walks. Carefully polished and blunted spikes are absolutely safe and can’t do any real damage. The steel spikes are hand set and secured with brass rivets. The decoration and hardware have special nickel plating, which makes them rust proof and super shiny. The gear will serve your pet for a long time. The decorative spikes and silver-like hardware are a perfect match, making this Leather Collar gorgeous and posh accessory!


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