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Buying a Homeless Dog EVERYTHING He Touches! (before he meets his new mom)

(delightful music) ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I give you everything you want me to ♪ – Aw there you go. Today we are buying a homeless
dog everything he touches and he’s going to meet his new mom. King is getting adopted! (audience cheers) (laughs) Basically how all of this started was I did a video, where we gave a homeless
dog ten thousand dollars with Marlie’s Mutts and
at the end of the video I got to meet King and
he needed a new home. All of you guys said, “you know what, we got to figure out
how to get King a home.” At the same time, I saw Nicole Sky’s video about buying a dog anything he touches and just like, (ding) a light bulb went off. I mean look, look at this guys face. Like how can you not see that senior guy and go we got to help him. ♪ I love you ♪ Wait, so make sure you stick
around to the end of the video ’cause you’re gonna get
to meet his mom with me for the first time ever. I haven’t even met her. But right now, let’s go shopping. Come on buddy. (silly music) Okay so in the last video, I asked you guys to give
30 thousand thumbs up and we were really close. The time we were filming this, but I wanted to go ahead and film it because he’s gonna go to his new home and I may not get to see him again. So I thought you know what, we’re just gonna do it. So thumbs up this video for
me and I think he’s worth it. I think the other video’s
gonna hit the 30 thousand. Alright buddy, you know the drill. (laughs) He goes straight for the bucket of treats. He doesn’t even go for the small bag. Oh, two buckets. Dude, you’re like goin’
for the high priced freeze dried meat. He touched both those buckets. I guess that’s the
problem with doing this, is the bulk items are on the bottom shelf and that’s where he’s touching. (laughs) Okay is he wanting to
go down the aisle now? Okay, go ahead man. (laughs) I’m gonna go broke man! Did he? Alright, he touched both of these I think. Okay, alright. He’s going in the bu- Oh! Yep! He touched that one. Okay. – [Angela] That too. Oh he wants two!
– [Rocky] Multiples, okay. Oh, alright, alright. Oh sorry. Sorry, sorry I got out of control here. Alright, alright. Okay yeah, I think you’ve
done this before huh bud? Last time, not interested
in dental bones at all. Doesn’t care about bad breath. Oh, oop. Did he touch it? I don’t know. Did he touch that one? – [Angela] I don’t know. No, he didn’t touch it.
– I don’t think he touched it. Okay, alright, alright. Be cool here, be cool. No, no, no. – [Camera Woman] Clean up on aisle three. – [Rocky] He’s taking a leak on the.. Alright. You know what, we’ll do whatever it takes. (laughs) Freddie what do you think about that? By the way, I don’t know
if you guys saw Freddie, but he’s essentially famous. He was featured on the DoDo. I’ll link the video down below so you guys can check out his video. Freddie Mercury, you’re famous man. You were on the DoDo. That’s one of the
biggest YouTube channels. You’re famous. – Freddie wants to say
there’s a lot of confusion on whether it’s a girl or a boy, but Freddie Mercury is actually a girl. – Yeah and who doesn’t know that? (laughs) (birds chirping) I don’t think so pal. (laughs) At somewhere I got to draw the line, and touching a bird’s gonna
be one of those lines. (laughs) No, no, no. (dog pants) Nothin’ yet. You going for another? He’s going for another cat tree. I am putting the kibosh on this one. We already got him one cat tree. You guys have some kitty friends right? – Yes. – For all of you in the comments
that were like you know, “you should of spent that
money on better things, don’t you care about dog rescue?” They have cats. – We just rescued cats,
and they love the cat tree. All of the cats use it. – But fair enough, it is kind of weird that we let
him buy a cat tree. (laughs) Okay, this is not a sponsored video. I’m paying for all of this stuff in part because you guys are becoming members, and if you join this channel, anyone else wants to join the channel, it helps me pay for this
and you’re just as much of a part of it as I am. So, feel free. Hit that join button or I’ll put the link down
in the description below. By the way, in case you don’t know, this is Angela and she’s awesome. In fact a lot of people
call her Awesome Angela. (laughs) (mumbles) – Well you’re the poet that’s why. – A lot of people say that
basically, it started now. Oh what’s that? You want a backpack? Okay. But this could come in really handy right? – You could put his treats in this one, the bags in that one. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Rocky] Well I could use those. Okay. Alright. Got those right there. We got to talk a little bit
about your strategy man, ’cause you’re gettin’ more
treats, and more toys, but really could use a
new collar and leash. Is it against the rules
if we kind of lead him? Just lead him to that section? – I don’t think so. We should get a little input. – Yeah I mean we are paying dude. Okay let’s go to the
collar and leash section. Come on. This way. Collars and leashes. Just gonna help you out
just a little here buddy. Come on, come on. Just touch one and then
we’ll get the right one. – [Angela] His tail is touching. Does that count? – [Rocky] Oh, yeah, yeah! I mean you know King the best. What do you think he’d like? – Cactus? – [Rocky] Okay yeah. Why not? Oh, boom, sold. Let’s try it on him. Let’s do it. How’s that feel man? I bet you’ll be able to jump higher and run faster. – [Angela] Almost like a new dog. – [Rocky] Yeah. We did pretty good. I think it’s time to check out. By the way, if you
haven’t’ subscribed yet, for the love of King, subscribe. (laughs) Let’s go buddy. I think what I love about
taking King shopping the most is you have so many dogs
that come out rescue, they’re abandoned, they’re neglected, they never had the opportunity let alone to go to a pet store, but just even someone to
bring ’em home a treat and so just letting him get to wander and pick out treats is a lot of fun. – [Cashier] Can I give him a treat? Is that okay? Super friendly, yeah please. Oh yeah he’d love that. (laughs) What’s that? – You’re so cute! Who’s a good boy? – [Rocky] Oh yeah. There you go! – [Cashier] Good boy! – [Rocky] We didn’t even have
to pay for that one. (laughs) Even better. Alright, he’s gonna make me broke. (laughs) – I can see that. – But he’s worth it. – He’s a dog of fine tastes. – Okay, we got this. I don’t know why, but he picked his own backpack. – Oh nice! – [Rocky] He got all of both items. Okay, $261.81. A lot easier than the 500 last time buddy. Let’s go to your new home. Come on. Let’s go meet your new mom. Okay we are here. We are gonna do it. This is where we’re meeting his new mom. Hey Freddie. Hi buddy. Hi bud. Okay. She’ll be here soon. Hang tight little one. (laughs) Kings mom is here. So, we’re gonna grab King
and let’s go do this. I’m nervous. Okay but, always, always important
just balance emotions with these sort of things ’cause he needs to know that it’s okay. – Yeah. – Let’s do it. Oh, and we took his new
collar and leash off ’cause we want to give that
to his mom so that you know. – It’s nice. – Yeah. Come on bud. (enlightening music) – Hi! Oh! My baby! Oh hello! Hi! You’re gonna come home with me. Oh my God you’re beautiful. – [Rocky] Congratulations! – Thank you! – Yeah! Congratulations! Tell everyone your name. – My name’s Crystal. – [Rocky] How Did you hear about King? – Your video actually. – You rock. Thank you for watching.
– I never even heard of you. – What! – I swear to God. You were on my recommended for you list. – So here’s what I love about this. You drive across the country right? – I do. – She’s got a truck. You commented on YouTube and you said, “hey do you think he’d be okay traveling?” ‘Cause not all dogs by the way, would be good traveling. – They’re really not. – The thing about King is like, he’s super chill. – But you’re the one I
talked to on the phone right? You’re the one who told
me he loves to ride and I’m like let’s do this. – So here’s a dog that you are saving, and he went from who knows what. Abandonment, no one caring about him, to now,
– Not no more. he’s going to get to see the country. – Yeah. We’ll go home to Maine in March, – Okay Maine is home. Where are you off to next? – Borden. – What I love is that you
can tell he’s at peace. I mean, look at him. – I know. – He just knows, like your his mom. – [Crystal] Is that your truck? Is that your truck? Do you see it? – [Camera Woman] Are you gonna
let him ride in the front? – Oh yeah. – Can we go see it? – Yeah. – Come on King! – [Crystal] Wanna go see? ♪ I love you. ♪ ♪ I give you everything you want me to ♪ ♪ Think about it ♪ ♪ If I could ♪ ♪ I’d bring down the moon ♪ ♪ And give that too ♪ – My name’s Crystal and I am
definitely Kings new mommy. – [Rocky] Aw I love it. So awesome. – [Camera Woman] How do you feel Angela? – I feel good. King’s super stoked. He went up to the lady immediately and just loved her so it’s super cool. – We got to give King all
the stuff that he bought. Hopefully this will kind of
help with their new life. ♪ I love you ♪
(truck horns) ♪ I give you everything ♪
– [Rocky] Woo! ♪ You want me to ♪ – Ugh. I’m sad, I’m happy. I know even ten times more for you. – Yeah. – Is the right thing. But you know what, Freddie Mercury is here with me, and if you don’t know
Freddie Mercury let me, I mean what, okay so tell me her story. What out you two together?
– So she was found near Hesperia. She was found underneath a car. I don’t know how she survived ’cause she has a bunch of uniformity’s. Someone brought her into the shelter and then the shelter
contacted Marley’s Mutts. – Who knows what she went through before she got to this point. – She had two rows of teeth and she had to get 17 teeth taken out. An entire row of teeth. – When you saw, when they
called Marley’s Mutts and you saw Freddie Mercury, you just knew like right away. You’re like “I’m going I don’t care.” – Oh yeah. I was like what is that walking around in the video? We have to go help it. – Everyone passed her up
and said not worth it, lost cause. That’s what’s so cool about Angela and about Marley’s Mutts and Zack, and everything they do. They go above and beyond. I just love this dog. As soon as you went to get him, I was like, “we got to do a dogs day out.” If you haven’t seen my show Dogs Day Out, I’ll link it up here,
you can check it out. Basically I take a dog out on the best day they’ve every had, and then we work to help them get adopted. Can we do a Dogs Day out
with Freddie Mercury? – I don’t know how exciting that would be, but I have a good idea.
(laughs) – Well, and she is adopted. – She is. I adopted her. – Okay but you have a good idea. – I have an idea. – Okay. – What if, Freddie hosted Dogs Day Out and brought one of her friends with her? – I like this. So it’s like, Dogs Day Out
with Freddie and Friend. – Yes. – Okay that’s really cool. Let’s do this. I want everyone to go
follow Freddie Mercury. What’s her Instagram? – It’s @ready_freddie_. – Or you can just go to
my Instagram @RockyKanaka and I’ll put Freddie Mercury on there. But there, let’s announce
the next Dogs Day out though. – Yeah. – Okay. Go follow us on Instagram. Check out the next Dogs Day Out. We want you along on that journey because we’re gonna need ideas, we’re gonna need your help. I mean, you guys get credit. You’re the ones that help
King get into a loving home. And so, let’s do the
same for Freddie Mercury and her friend. Yeah. Okay.


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