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CANDY CHALLENGE #Funny Parents vs Kids #Toffee | Aayu and Pihu Show

Awww… This is huge So huge? Aww means? Aayu open it first We will have to open it Hi friends Today we are going to do my favourite challenge that is Candy challenge Thank you Dad, this time we will eat the candy because you ate all our candy earlier there was none left for us yes, we can do one more thing what? the candy that comes now you feed them to us and we will give you the ones we ate in our childhood yes it will be fun But will you be able to guess the name? Kids will loose, parents will win no we will win no parents will win no we will win today No we will win, should I tell you why? Because kids have eaten more candy Aayu eats more candy than anyone you know that? yes, everyone knows he eats so much candy where did he got this habit from? because Dad used to eat a lot of candy in his childhood yes, I ate a lot of candy Aayu is very similar to his dad hmm.. Should we start? who will put the blindfold first? Me First do stone paper scissor with Dad yes stone paper, scissor yeaah I won First Dad will do the challenge Saw Dad won first? blindfold, this is mom yes, kid yes son say yes, so First you will eat let me open my mouth We will have to say this again and again to Aayu that you have to feed us Oh, stick it on our face What is it? What is this? Guess it Is it made of rubber? Is this jelly Dad we have done a challenge with this one This is that thing that that, that marshmallow yes Mom won the guess Yeaah we got 1 point Mom got you that point No matter who did it we are a team yes but because of me Atleast dont argue now… But we won because of Aayu because he gave us a hint we all a did a challenge what was it called? chubby bunny challenge yes chubby bunny challenge yes, next round not this, this one oh that one which one? take this out are your blindfolds on? even you might not know the name of this one oh don’t see open your mouth Tell the name of this candy eat, eat eat it pulse nooo… taste of marshmallow got ruined ? I have eaten it before you have eaten it? eat some more Laughing What, well, road bump what? Aayu tell the name you have eaten this before? no will you pass then? I’ll pass okay, you pass Pihu show it to me yes, don’t say the name sweet sour sweet-sour pihu has invented a new candy today show me don’t say it’s name don’t say he won’t be able to read it no he knows how to read wait, say know don’t say Aayu don’t say it quiet pass it fast okay, pass it’s name is swaad we used to eat this in our childhood and if you haven’t eaten this before you can ask your parents, if they ever ate this What is this? I didn’t liked it at all This is very sour and has spice come on next round Aayu look look yes this one is ok hmm.. Dad open your mouth what is this? what are you two feeding me? Don’t touch it okay we can’t touch sorry what was this? this is jelly, yes tell the name Do children eat such candies now? Chewy type that paper like marshmallow now this jelly this is that what? what? There is an advertisement what? there is that ad there are so many ads, what ad tell the name that ad in which principal say children to eat principal tells kids to eat candy yes seriously, he says that what can I say? what was the school’s name? Why would someone say school’s name in an ad What was kids name? I’ll pass Even I pass Chupa chups It’s okay we lost this won but we won the last one Put on your blindfolds Aayu is all ready Thank god I didn’t took it out Ma’am look down you closed your eyes like a cat this one, yes What’s good which chocolate is it? Youu must have eaten this What is it, what is it called? This is one of the oldest ones You must have eaten this, definitely you must have liked it too We have eaten this one sister Mango Bite What was that? Yes – No No I have eaten this they are getting confused what was it? There are so many of it in 1 pack yes yes something with P yes yes Dad dad Pop, pop Popi, you are almost there why are you helping them? Popi, popi I always forget I have it in my hand We have eaten that sister right? Yes, yes Yes, what was it? Se they are so excited Popits huh? Popits, yes no wrong it is correct no, say the spelling That isn’t fair now no no that isn’t fair okay it is correct This is poppins 1-1 Okay we have a tie we lost one time next round put on the blindfold Hmm. when it was your chance you were cheating now I will look like this You should also try this time I was the one who guessed the first and I only reminded about the ad in the 2nd one I don’t know what you are doing sitting here? I am the one doing all the work? I am eating the candy We will eat candy only in the candy challenge eat candy Dad open your mouth bite it What are you feeding us? This is jelly this is jelly Sister can we eat some too that’s jelly It is jelly right? I feel like I’ve become a cow A cow keeps on chewing like this This is that Aayu no The sweet that I gave to Mom in sweets challenge chewing gum sweet It tastes like that right? I’ll pass pass, even I pass That’s jelly Is it Gummy? Tell us the name Gummy bear what? OK Come on next round, get ready We have brought really good ones Give me one too Was that swaad a good one? This is probably the most famouse one and the most eatable candy probably When I was little, I used to distribute this candy only on my birthday always Give them a hint everytime last time you said it’s colourful now this time this She wasn’t in my class so it dosen’t matters Laughing What are you saying? My classmates will know that she dosen’t knows that Pihu you weren’t in my class right? I was there Yes It’s very tasty I’ve eaten this You must not have eaten a tastier candy than this It’s my favourite was this your favourite? eclairs? hmm.. you won next get the next one Ooooo Do you think Aayu is a fool? You won’t be able to get this one we won’t? yes, for sure What is this? sugar? what is this sugar? You fed us sugar? You must give candy What is this popping? this is that I know Wait I will tell you there is something popping I know the name of this, be quiet it is popping in my mouth be quiet let me recall it How can I be quiet it’s popping I know it’s name It is still popping Tim tom Give me some more, it’s nice Think of the name I don’t know the name, it’s nice Did you take it’s name what’s the name? Don’t know Sister give me some too Just aminute, keep quiet Listen, you will hear the sound I’ll pass what’s the name? I’ll pass too I was thinking, we will win but we are loosing what’s it written? Po Pops You felt the tickle right? wait wait what did you say? tickle? tickle in the mouth? Aayu this is how you tickle? Fast Okay show show show it to me yes yes show it shutter down Shutter Down Oh give them this one no no no Dhishkaon now don’t give hint about this one give it to us Polo See I didn’t gave a hint Laughing He always pounces on me that I give hints I didn’t do it this time though We have 3 points we have 3 points, you have 1 This is all because of her Friends tell, did he even guessed one I got the point that we have Who told in the chocolate challenge? I was the one who got the idea? He didn’t guessed a single one you didn’t do anything I ate You won’t be able to guess this yes Sister we will eat this too yes we will eat too This is for us too We have eaten this one a lot right sister? I know this one what? This is chewing gum no oh no 1 min orange yes round round is it white in colour? no but this is orange in colour this is mentos yes, no no no it isn’t you did eat mentos But they are orange and white there is red too But it is mentos right? I’ve eaten so much mentos we have eaten so much mentos We ate mentos in that video too that video with Vidyut Jamwal Sir that day we ate so many mentos yes You were having lunch, and we ate that mentos that day next round Now if you are able to guess this one yes even this is probably the oldest candy the oldest one are all of them old This starts with an O yes Hide your wraper or he will see it tell Aayu tell say it You gave it a passs You weren’t able to guess it see Isn’t it nice? aaaa… what aaa? we don’t have 4-5 of those we had 1 only I’ll bring a whole bag of these say it fast Your time is running up 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 okay come on pass It’s name is Parle g Parle g is biscuit, it is kismi bring it fast 1, 2, 3 Mom didn’t put on her blindfold 1, 2, 3 aaa Yes this one I really like this even I like it too It smells nice too You will eat it all Again jelly What flavour is this? This is that this is really sweet The pink small one the name is jelly I’ll pass pass, passs Mom, pass Just jelly Oh God only jelly I did said jelly Just jelly This one is very easy, you’ll be able to tell this yes You eat this Now even we are left with all easy ones you will be able to tell those Gems You were so fast gems okay next I was thinking what is the yellow yellow? How did you know it was yellow? Did you saw? I got the flavour of it How did you know it was yellow? See friends He is such a big cheater How did you know it was yellow? You saw it from the bottom of your mask Now minus 1 No no we should not get minus 1 it’s ok let it be Sorry we won’t do that next time Okay our turn sorry You know this one Dad now They gave us that now we will give them this We can also eat it what? Don’t give us jelly yes don’t give us jelly now Now you won’t get jelly What’s the score now? score is 3-3 open your mouth Dad You don’t have 3 you guessed one more, you have 4 yes yes we have 4 points we got this one we bought it for that challenge these are gems I know tell the whole name these are like gems, these are gems no no there is more to it We did buy this for one challenge hmm.. hmmm.. Monster gems yes am I right? yes we will eat it too We will eat it too I was telling you, we got this for Pizza challenge We will have to hide it better now he keeps on peeking you can see don’t let them see I can see from the side this time Sister Aayu What are you listening? you have to eat this No there was some sound Hajmola Is there any candy that you haven’t eaten? I got the taste It was sweet and sour and it was small small? How do you taste small? thin one thin? like you felt monster gems is big similarly I felt it was thin come on this is very sour don’t eat it no I liked it Don’t give us more jelly no I won’t very good This is very nice I’ll just give them half I will eat the other half I saved some for me This is some toffee yes Say it what is it? I know this one You haven’t guessed a single one I told Monster gems right now I gave the hint I told that one I said the half name I said that one Dad also guessed the mentos yes see they are with me Alpenlibe very good where is my blindfold? Blindfold? okay it’s here Now what I am going to give to them that definitely is the oldest candy ever very very old How many old candies do you have? and it’s name what is it? what’s it’s name? what happened? cheater No sit, sit properly 1, 2, 3 you didn’t saw it now tell orange bite huh? orange bite This one dosen’t have a name you can just say whatever you like we used to say orange candy They are wining every round Mom do something What’s our score? I am the one who is doing all the guessing you aren’t doing anything You only guessed monster gems I guessed mentos too M for mentos and monster gems I guessed alpenlibe and the first one So Mom stay quiet You are in the mood to argue with me today In the last video you remeber what happened in the story What did I do? You know friends that how many scenes he made Open your mouth first What is it? it’s very easy After eating so much sweet, it dosen’t tastes sweet very easy one yes it comes in a small box you take it out from side opening You’ve eaten so much candy what is all this I can’t recall the name Does Mom also eat candy with you Aayu I know the faces you know the faces? isn’t there a small box what is faces? huh? you remember the faces? Don’t get stuck on my words First think there is that small box which has small balls Hajmola ohh from a side opening there is a round cut out Mom is talking so much yes say the name I would have said the name if I knew I don’t know What is this? Yes I’ve seen these yes Tic Tac See this was it Give them this but they will guess it they haven’t left a single candy If they can guess this too then understand that they are the biggest candy eaters if they can guess this one If they guess this one means they have eaten all the candy Keep your head straight kid like this How? how? Now when I’ll feed him No I’ll give it to Aayu he will guess it in an instance vicks yes I didn’t saw and guessed the taste We are loosing because of you Friends tell us, because of whom? because of Aayu yes saw? next round There is a tickle in my nose what’s happening? tickling He is having a tickle in his nose can you see? he’s having a tickle in his nose oye when someone is a cheat they think everyone is a cheater yes You keep peeking like this Sister I want to eat this too me too me too I already gave it to Mom Dad open your mouth chewing gum which one? centre fresh no boomer very good woww.. Dad 1st time, no 2nd no 3rd time correct answer they gave us small bite they ate it they did that because they ate the gum because we don’t let them eat chewing gum kids should not eat much gum but it’s okay once in a while no no, should not eat it often hide away the wrapper from him there is no use of this blindfold we will have to put a helmet on him from the next time and put a face mask too This is very chewy no yes I’ve had this before even I’ve eaten it before is there anything you haven’t tasted they have eaten everything they have eaten everything, coffee bite yes see show show We should not have done this challenge with them last chocolate challenge was good we were the ones eating in it they are wining every round we know they will win Don’t know will we be able to guess the next one oohh This is so big How much big? Which big one? Aayu we won’t give them all we will have to open it Laughing they are laughing on their own give us some too let us open it woww.. are you opening a treasure what treasure are you opening? woww.. Be done with it give it to us too they keep on saying woww.. woww.. friends you tell us at last this is a lolipop which one? what which one? I have a pineapple one mine too Pineapple lolipop no say the name not the flavour but we can only guess the flavour when we eat right friends? I’ll show it mom Lolipop’s company we should open one Don’t do that Aayu will eat the candy only what will we sell then? pass? You keep on eating it pass see what is this? A big lolipop and then more lolipop in it Oh I thought such a huge lolipop these are chupa chups Dad I won’t touch that would be cheating yes don’t touch Pihu open your mouth Aayu open your mouth cotton candy This one was easy this was easy come on Today’s challenge is over and we won we won We have won we lost because of you Mom look at her Whoever likes candy, please like this video He likes it hmmm… and everyone like it for Aayu and share for Pihu we ate loads of sweets you won’t get any sweets for 1 week no, no, that isn’t fair we will eat no not fair You get junk food, one a week and sweets too once a week

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