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– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Shari from Dal Cielo Cane Corso here in Southern California. The Cane Corso is man’s
best friend because they are extremely loyal. They would probably protect
you with their life. They like to go with you everywhere. A lot of fun, just like a family member. I think the Cane Corso
is easy to live with. They’re very well behaved in the house as long as they burn up some energy. Take ’em out, play the them, throw the ball. Take ’em to the park, take ’em anywhere and they’re well behaved in the house. Socialization is extremely important. That’s another good reason to
take ’em everywhere you go. This is Brutalle, he will
be two years old next week. Brutalle’s good characteristics are lot of bone, which I really
like to see on the males. You see a lot of males out
there with not good bone, and they’re a working dog. I like them to be impressive looking but still be able to function and move. Not so big that, you know,
they can’t run and work. Some of his other
qualities are dark pigment. I think he moves well. He has a lot of energy, but
yet he can totally chill and relax as well. The Cane Corso is an ancient
breed originated in Italy. They were pretty much used
on the farms as guardians of the farms, guardians of
the animals, protectors, you know, for strangers. They’re a good working dog. They like having a job. My husband first discovered,
well actually we both first discovered the breed
back in 1990 at a ARBA, which is American Rare
Breed Association show. The Cone Corso obviously
was not recognized by AKC at that time. We were just very impressed
with everything about it. So, from then on primarily
my husband, Andrew, did a lot of research on the breed. So in 1999 we actually
got our first Cone Corso and we’ve just had the breed every since. We are just passionate about the breed. We love the breed. Pretty much everything about ’em. We do breed occasionally. We’re a small hobby breeder. We don’t have a huge
kennel, we don’t produce a lot of dogs. We try to be very careful with
the pedigrees that we choose. You know, we’re always trying as a breeder to better the breed. You always hope you’re producing
better than what you have, I think is the ultimate goal. I primarily do a lot of confirmation. Brutalle is currently
an AKC grand champion. Brutalle as far as AKC
standard goes is a very good representative of the AKC
standard for the Cone Corso. His, I think length of body is correct, lot of substance, lot of bone. I think his head’s very nice. He’s got a square head,
a more square muzzle. His length of muzzle versus
the length of head is correct. Strong powerful mover. The AKC standard for the Cone Corso is up to 27 and a half
inches for the males and up to 25 inches for the females. And the weight should be
proportionate to the height. Acceptable colors for
the Cone Corso are black, black brindle, chestnut
brindle, blue brindle, blue, fawn, red fawn, the
fawn should have a mask. For the fawns it should be a black mask. For formentino it should be a gray mask. He has one leg on his rally novice. He’s completed his trick dog title. He has his CGC. Also his barn hunt. He’s almost got a title in that. We’re continuing his AKC showing he’s actually working
towards his bronze level AKC championship. We’re getting closer to that
and just getting out there, just doing different things. Trying to keep it fun for him
and do different activities and we’ll focus a little more
on the obedience and stuff I think you know, he seems to enjoy that. He loves barn hunt. Barn hunt is one of his
all time favorite things. Going after those little
rats, going through up and down over bails
of hay and he just thinks that’s really fun. I’d have to say though the ball
is probably his best friend. He will chase the ball all day long. Sticks, doesn’t really much matter. You throw anything
anywhere, he’ll go after it. Temperament is probably one
of the number one things for us. You can’t have a dog that
size that you can’t trust. I think the worst thing, they’re very, they get their feelings hurt. They try so hard to please
you and if you yell at them they sometimes will just
be very upset about that. They get their feelings
hurt, you know most people don’t think that. They think, oh big tough
strong dog, you know, but they are sensitive. They really do wanna please you. Brutalle’s physical strengths are, he can’t run all day, you
know most Corsos can’t. For his size I think he does really well. I mean he will play and fetch
as long as you wanna do it. You’re the one that has
to make the call and say, okay that’s enough, you know. He’s a hard worker. He’ll keep playing as long as he can. So like I say we have to
tell him when it’s enough. If you’re considering owning a Cone Corso first of all you really
really wanna do your research. You wanna find a good breeder that’s gonna be supportive
of you through everything. You wanna find preferably a
breeder where you can meet at least one or both of the parents. Check the temperament, you know. Like with any dog if
you know that they have good health scores that helps. Anybody that’s considering a
Cone Corso has to make sure when the dog from the
get go, they have to do a lot of socialization, because by nature they are guardians and they are protective and it’s not the kind of dog you can just stick in the backyard and forget about it. They enjoy people, they
love meeting people, but again socializing them
is extremely important. So, again you have to do your work, you have to train them because
they are big strong dogs and if you don’t train ’em they’re gonna drag you down the street, you know. The Cone Corso’s are very good
at protecting their property. As far as working, I would say guardian. Guarding properties, you
know, that’s gonna be probably their biggest purpose. As far as Brutalle and I moving forward we are continuing
showing AKC confirmation. We do wanna start doing more
other obedience type things, more rally, just trying different events. Get him out there, let him chase some rats and barn hunt, you know he has fun doing all that stuff. So just keeping him
busy, keeping him active. He’s a really fun dog to take places. I really enjoy taking him
out, taking him to the beach, very predictable dog
so you pretty much know what you’re gonna get. (upbeat music)


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