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Canine IV Catheter Placement

Hi, I’m Megan today we’re going to place an IV catheter in a dog many get started with all my equipment first I’m going to tear some tape we’re pretty particular by the way we tear tape for our IV catheters just so that we know what to expect if we ever need to remove tape and replace it so the first piece I’m going to start by tearing about half an inch to an inch down and wrapping one tab around so it looks like this this is what’s going to this tab is what’s going to slide under the catheter and that’s first piece of tape and it’ll wrap around the leg second piece of tape just make a little notch in it this is also going to slide underneath the hub and wrap around the leg third piece of tape is what’s going to secure the T-Port to the leg I like to make little tabs at the end so it’s easy to remove and then the last piece will be to make a tension loop with our fluid line extension set so I’ve got my tape here ready to go I’m going to prepare my scrub so I’m going to use chlorhexidine scrub I prefer cotton balls and also some alcohol so that’s ready to go I like having some dry gauze in case we get a little bleeding around we want to make sure the leg is clean the tape stays clean I also have a selection of IV catheters a T -Port that’s been flushed with heparinized saline a male adapter plug and now I’m ready to go I’ve got my catheter picked out in this size dog 18 gage catheter is a good choice so I’ve got one of those all of my tape is torn my scrub is ready so I’m going to get started by clipping a nice rectangle of hair over the cephalic vein clear all these little hairs out of the way it’s really easy on this dog to see this kind of accessory vein that runs down along the side there that is not a good choice to place an IV catheter the problem being there’s a lot of times your catheter is going to come out right there here’s her Karpis there’s your catheter you’re going to have all this tape down here it’s going to be on the lateral aspect of her leg it’s probably going to clot easily it’s gonna you know your pump fluid pumps going to give you a problem so try and stay away from that accessory branch of the cephalic vein if you can at all so these two accessory branch and main cephalic come together right here so this vein runs right over the top of her leg you can see me kind of pushing it out of the way that’s where I’m going to go right in there once you’ve identified you want to scrub again I like to use cotton balls a little less trauma to the skin and I’ve got some chlorhexidine scrub and alcohol and I’m going to clean the site at least three times with my scrub and alcohol just want to make sure that the skin gets clean if you need to do it ten times because it’s a really dirty dog there’s nothing wrong with that I like to have some dry gauze available in case I get a little extra bleeding kind of keep things clean so Katherine here is helping out she’s occluding the vein up at the elbow got my catheter I’m going to loosen the seal from the catheter in the stylet there I like to put my thumb alongside the vein you can see it kind of bouncing in there that just helps stabilize right in about the center of where I clipped the hair I’m going to poke see the vein is moving around a little bit just get a nice conservative angle in there once I see blood in my stylet and go ahead and advance my catheter squeezing through that skin Katherine’s going to put some pressure over the vein careful not to touch where the the catheter actually inserts in I’m going to remove the stylet got a tea set here make sure I’ve got a good connection there draw back on the tea set I’ve got good blood flow so I know I’m in the vein then I’m going to flush it’s flushing easily I don’t see anything blowing up so this is a good placement grab my first piece of tape wrap this around the hub of the catheter run around the leg want to make sure that your tape doesn’t get too tight see a little bit of swelling again I’m going to make sure that that tea set is well seated my next piece of tape is going to slide under the hub of the catheter again wrapping around the leg I’m going to wrap the tea set around the top one more piece of tape in there I’m going to flush one more time everything’s flowing nicely close off the tea set male adapter plug and this catheter is ready for use that’s it. you


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