Dogs Bone Time | English Bulldogs

엄마가 저희 형제에게 뼈다귀를 하나씩 줬어요 하루 중 제가 가장 좋아하는 시간이죠 앗 잠깐! 내 뼈가 더 큰지, 타미 뼈가 더 큰지 확인해야 되는데! 아 다행이다. 내께 더 크군! 뼈는 커야 제맛이지! 이눔의 뼈 일루와! 아 빨리 내꺼 다 먹고 타미꺼 뺏어먹어야 되는데! 타미놈이 다 먹기 전에 서둘러야해 군이형아놈이 뺏으러 오기 전에 서둘러야해 형아놈은 너무 […]

Top 10 Easy Going Dog Breeds

Known for their gentle disposition, lovable personality and signature wrinkles, the Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds of dog. With a medium-sized body and strong, sturdy build, Bulldogs may not be able to fit in your lap but are content relaxing by your side any hour of the day. Bulldogs require minimal grooming […]

Yale Day of Service 2019 – Boston

[soft music] Lou Brenner>>This is the seventh year that we have hosted the pots and plants event here in Newton, Massachusetts. We bring the children in to creatively paint pots. We fill them with soil and plants and then we bring them to local nursing homes. Today I’m painting some pots for a nursing home. […]