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Cheeky monkey wrestles with baby bulldogs in adorable footage

This is the hilarious moment an energetic monkey launched himself across a pet cage and forced a small puppy to wrestle with him The black fluffy monkey called Darwin leans down from the top of the cage and knocks the sleepy pup’s ear  He then propels himself across the animal cage, which is covered in wood shavings, with a loud thud, in the clip shared from Dallas in Texas, on September 21 Darwin the spider monkey yanked at Bambino the English Bulldog’s paw for a wrestling match in their Texas home, in a clip shared on September 21 Bambino was knocked to the ground by Darwin before getting back on her legs and biting at the monkey’s furDarwin then skids across with his hairy dangly legs and looks over to the two English Bulldog’s watching with a baffled expression on their faces The Spider Monkey slides over to them and clutches his small hands around their necks Moments later, Darwin approaches one of the puppies called Bambino in the clip shared by sauceline_bulls Instagram account Darwin propelled himself across the enclosure to the puppies and seconds later decided on pursuing Bambino for the wrestling match The fluffy animal is a Spider Monkey which is known for being a ‘chatterbox’ The monkey breed warn each other of problems for bonding, protecting their young and environment, according to monkeyworld RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Spanky the pet spider monkey mauls a Florida Home Depot Four-month-old baby is killed by a MONKEY after it drops a. Share this article Share While the other bulldog sits back and watches, the spider monkey grips both hands around the grey-and-white speckled Bambino He tightens his grip and tugs for a wrestling match with the seemingly timid puppy, in the footage which has received 1,685 views on Instagram  To steady himself, the monkey stands up to clasp his paws around the dog before being knocked down again and pulling the pup down with him Bambino can be seen trying to chew at Darwin’s fur and the monkey holds on to the side of the cage Trying to steady himself for the wrestle, Darwin stands up and shows his characteristically long tail He then wraps his lanky arms around Bambino and sends the pup to the ground He nibbles at the pup’s paw as she tries to resist his tight clutch, in the clip shared by sauceline_bulls on InstagramSeconds later, the bulldog rolls on to her back and Darwin sprints back across to the other side of the enclosure to tease her He creeps back over to the pup and holds one of her paws, which are reaching up to the sky, and starts nibbling at it Darwin enthusiastically pecks Bambino across her belly as the other pup wakes up and comes to examine the situation Spider Monkey’s are social animals which live in troops and their lanky arms mean they provide tough competition in a wrestling match This characteristic allows them to swing gracefully between trees.  The other puppy watches on as its friend gets put through its paces by Darwin, covering the pair in the cage’s wood shavingsThey are a complex breed which belong to the class of New World Monkey’s and the Spider’s have seven sub-species The breed can be found in white, gold, black, brown, orange, and red colouring.The Spider Monkey, which lives up to 22 years old on average, is known for being a ‘chatterbox’ and warns others of threats or protecting their young through barks, calls or screeches, according to National Geographic The monkey breed is commonly found in tropical rain forests in Central and South America  

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