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Chinese cafe with painted dogs that look like Pandas

Chinese cafe paints dogs to look like
giant pandas a Chinese cafe is under fire for painting dogs as pandas to
stand out in a competitive pet cafe market the cafe in the southwestern city
of Chengdu close to the native home of the giant panda also offers a dying
service for people who want to transform their own pets in Japan des
the controversy started when the state-run people’s daily posted a video
of the fluffy Chow Chow dogs on social media it costs one thousand five hundred
Chinese yuan $212 to die a pet each time the owner surnamed 1:7 the video he said
the die which was imported from Japan did not pose a threat to the pets
well-being in the video the painted pandas can be seen roaming around in the
cafe where customers were encouraged to interact with them while they enjoyed
their meals however the gimmick provoked angry
comments from pet lovers on Weibo China’s version of Twitter while they
look adorable dying the pet this way can easy hurts ins one user commented why
did he have to treat the dogs like that and other questions animal activists
have warned that dying animals can cause serious harm in 2018
the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA highlighted a case in which
a dog sustained severe burns when human hair dyes were applied to its body
unnatural Beauty procedures that don’t benefit an animal’s personal health and
well-being should never be performed pedda said in a statement it’s not the
first time pets have been colored to look like other animals in China in 2016
pet shops in southern Guangdong province we’re selling dogs dyed to look like
miniature tigers the People’s Daily reported dug Tiger dogs many reportedly
failed to live more than week after the die was applied


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